Anti-Immigrant Sentiment In Greece Is Growing Steadily Worse

Business Insider:

Golden Dawn has been in the news before, most notably when one of its representatives repeatedly slapped a female opposition party representative on live TV after throwing water in the face of another female opponent a moment earlier. Now, they are in the news again, this time for attacks by their supporters on military bases where immigrants, who have been arrested and detained by the government under the Xenios Zeus program, are being held, according to the Greek Reporter.

The news highlights one worrying trend in Greece — In the past year, Greece’s Golden Dawn party’s rise in popularity, along with a rise in violence against immigrants, have followed each other step by step. The stories about violence against immigrants are alarming, sometimes gruesome, and growing in number.

With a five year long recession only being exacerbated by austerity measures, resentment against the rest of Europe (especially Germany) has been accompanied by resentment against immigrants, who are portrayed as taking the resources, jobs, and opportunity meant for Greeks. The Golden Dawn party has capitalized on this phenomena, surpassing the 3% threshold in Greece’s Parliamentary elections needed for representation.

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16 Replies to “Anti-Immigrant Sentiment In Greece Is Growing Steadily Worse”

  1. I hope the economy goes into the shitter in every European country for a decade or two, long enough to clear the infection out of the system.

  2. Cam it is a given that the worlds economy is going to collapse, when it does there will be civil wars around the world that will spread to the nations who have managed to avoid violence.

  3. The anti shitlamic sentiment is growing around the world the UK has it Greece certainly has it (meanwhile Australia is getting more and more boats and the bleedin heart leftists cant wait to get them in the country) and the situation is going to get worse while governments sit on their fat asses and pretend its all a nightmare and soon it will go away.
    Its going to go away, when the last screaming mustard turns into pink mist and then we can live in peace (sic)

  4. “…immigrants, who are portrayed as taking the resources, jobs, and opportunity…”. Preposterous. Contemporary immigrants don’t come to Europe for JOBS. They come to Europe to enjoy lifelong WELFARE, in their generations.

  5. This is the sad consequence of promoting the tribalism of newcomers as social capital, while forcing the indigenous to pay for it.

    Watching barbarians to be rewarded for their violent behavior was educational in a very destructive way.

  6. What everyone forgets is that the ordinary indigenous,of the European countries have to live with the consequences of the decisions made by the elites. The elites have armed bodyguards, while the rest of us are unarmed and left to fend for ourselves as the ragheads overtake our communities and culture. When our countries are brokewhy are we expected to suffer when the ragheads can come and live off the fat of the land? The raghead countries are very, very rich from oil exports why can’t they take care of their own? I thought the religion of PEDOPHILES was built on charity and sex expolitation. I do not condone violence, but compared to what Christians are suffering in the raghead head countries Greeks are rather considerate.

  7. Quote:”after throwing water in the face of another female opponent a moment earlier”

    If it had been a Muzz, this would have been acid……

  8. Maybe the Greeks remember that about two-hundred years ago, these pretenders to Western civilization enslaved their children, raped their women and made their lives so desperate that they turned to armed resistance against them.
    Maybe the Greeks have a historical memory.
    And maybe that’s a good thing.

  9. eib you and understanding are both right, the self proclaimed elite have created a nightmare for the citizens they have disarmed, those citizens are remembering the stories their families have told them and are deciding that they have to remove the invaders before the Europeans become slaves.

    The left deliberately stopped teaching history so the people wouldn’t know that the leftist policies have always failed, they stopped teaching patriotism because they wanted to create a socialist government for the entire world. In their ignorance they have created the economic and demographic nightmare we are now living in and reality is slapping the ordinary people in the face, forcing them to wake up and decide if they are going to regain their freedom or remain slaves.

  10. If the mustards can become (illegally) armed then so can you. When laws put your life & freedoms at risk then they are meant to be broken. Politicians (the supposed elite) are our employees not our rulers.

  11. Richard: The left deliberately stopped teaching history … end.

    What they did was replace history with historiography.
    They dignify their own understanding, prefer to work with historiographical context instead of historical context.
    If you believe that history has an objective existence, then you teach and write in terms of
    1. primary sources, and
    2. historical context.

    If you espouse the new post-modern religion, then you teach and write in terms of
    1. secondary sources, and
    2. historiographical context.
    The use of primary sources becomes, in essence, subordinate to their interpretation or what they may suggest on their own.

  12. Rather, the use and interpretation of primary sources is subordinate to the interpretation of the historian.
    Historiography really should be a separate discipline. It’s insertion in history should be incidental and controlled.

  13. I know it was deliberate, they wanted to teach the young kids that the west was evil, the problem is that it is taking much longer then they thought to destroy the west that way.

  14. This Golden Dawn party does seem radical. I am sure the austerity measures are hurting as I met a guy from Greece at my work. He had come over to get a job in the UK. He was a great guy but I do not know what happened to him. In any case this party does seem to be going down the wrong path of hatred of Jews. I respect what the Jews have accomplished in Isreal with high birth rates and high Jewish immigration and excellent Agriculture, Industrial and Defense strategies which will see an even more vibrant country in the future with an even higher GDP and Jewish Population in the future forcasts by the IMF and other international financial bodies who like to predict the future. So my point is that a country can not be taken down no matter what as long as solid core of hard working people exist. I think this is the case with Greece. As long as Greece gets back to work and strives to free itself of its enemies such as muslims it will and can follow the Isreal example which is also surrounded by muslim enemies.

  15. Don read the post about Obama selling out Israel, they are planning on a middle east without Israel, I know this seems radical but if Obama can keep the US from helping for 30 to 60 days Israel will run out of ammo for their infantry weapons, artillery and tanks. They will probably be out of missiles and bombs before that, they will be forced into the position where using nuclear weapons is their only choice. So don’t bet on Israel being even stronger in the future, in fact the future of the entire world is up for grabs right now, the best guess anyone can make is that the worlds political map will look very different in the coming centuries.

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