As the Merkel government tries to turn the murder investigation into a condemnation of the AfD…

From MissPiggy who translated this clip:

“So the reason this video is so important is because the German government and their propaganda media are using the case as a narrative to attack the AfD and to curb the speech and rights of the “radical right” (guess they define what is radical or right) . Heike Maas was saying that children should not only skip school for “Fridays for future” to fight climate change, but there should be a Thursday (Donnerstag in German) for Democracy to fight “right wing radicalism”. Horst Seehofer also said he wanted to look into taking the rights of “right wing radicals” away.”

Taking the rights of ‘Right wing radicals away’. Well that goes with an earlier story about 3 years in jail for desecrating an EU symbol I guess.

Dr. Bilyana Martinovski on censorship and rape stats in Sweden

I recognize that this is two videos of 30 minutes each. But in this instance I feel those who put in the time will feel it was worth it.

This woman makes powerful points with direct knowledge of the victims. So please do try and watch these, and especially before the election in Sweden on Sunday. Perhaps you may know someone to whom you can send this link?

Here is the FULL interview with a Rotherham rape victim done by Michael Hansen, a short segment of which, appears in his excellent film, Killing Europe. Available to be seen free here:

And titled in Swedish:

And here is a related story:

Swedish Doctor Fired After Posting Anti-Migrant Comments on Social Media

A doctor in the Swedish county of Västernorrland has been fired after being accused of spreading “Nazi” messages on his social media accounts by his employers.

The doctor, who worked as a surgeon and has denied that he is a Nazi, has not been identified but was said to have been terminated from his position after the anti-migrant social media posts came to light, Swedish broadcaster SVT reports.


Only two examples of “Nazi” posts were presented by the Swedish state broadcaster including one which refers to a story from the Swedish alternative news website Friatider that reported on a Swedish politician calling for the European Union to “drive over” the objections of countries who refused to take in migrants.

A Question for California businesses, and their communist overlords

We have established that a man can compete in a women’s sporting event by claiming to identify as a female.

Also in cycling.

And we have seen many other examples where men, pretending to be women, sometimes by getting an extreme surgical makeover and sometimes not even bothering, have dominated women’s sports for some time now.

Many nations, the UK included, legally mandate companies, government orgs, and the general public to pretend along with them or face serious consequences.

Here is my personal favorite example going back to 2008, from the Daily Mail. Its also more proof, as if any was needed outside our day to day experience, that there is no such thing as multiculturalism.


So why can California companies who now are forced to have a woman on the board of directors, not just have one of the men claim to identify as a woman and hey presto! Problem solved? Or will all of a sudden biological reality suddenly matter and they will have to have a pair of ovaries?

Of course the real solution is to leave California and set up shop where merit is the only guiding principle, and let California crash like all communist countries do for the same reason they do. But in the meantime, lets see if California can even recognize their own petard when they are being hoisted by it.

Trans gender driving instructor Emma Sherdley from Holmfirth who works for Laugh n Pass Driving school Trans gender driving instructor Emma Sherdley has had compliants from a customer who wants a ‘real’ woment to teach his wife to drive.