Trudeau denies entry to Rebel reporters despite COURT ORDER to do so

For those following the Canadian spiral dive into authoritarianism, you may have seen how a federal court two days ago found in favour of the Rebel and ordered that their reporters be allowed to cover the leadership debates.

Please read these four Tweets by Ezra and ask yourself a few questions.

Here are some of mine:

Where are the other parties on this purely authoritarian and dishonest abuse of power?

Where is the legacy media, paid off by Trudeau in fact, in terms of freedom of speech and diversity of opinion?

There is a protest scheduled outside the debate venue in Hull/Gatineau tonight in front of the Museum of Civilization by Maxime Bernier’s party as he was also excluded from the debate despite polling a lot higher than 2 of the parties, The Green Party and the Bloq Quebecois at 6:30. Perhaps the protest should be bigger than that now.

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