Maxime Bernier’s “Conspiracy Theory”

Maxime Bernier tweeted this:

Of course Mr. Morgan is wrong. These things are not flaws. They are aspects of human culture. Not in any way flaws. Socialism seeks to obliterate all culture with the dialectic tool of “multiculturalism”. This must by necessity destroy all cultures, just like having people who identify as British driving on the left side of the road in Canada or the US will obliterate traffic.


Important clip about fascist tactics being used against Maxime Bernier

Government election rigging in Canada


Maxime Bernier tweet questioning Liberal party plans for Canada’s role as UN adjunct

This Is Very Important Canada! Sign Petition & Pass It On Please!

Petition link:

While at it, have a look at Maxime Bernier’s request for donations to help balance theTrudeau government’s subsidies or outright funding of “media the government can trust” with billions in tax dollars.

Normally I am not much into petitions or contributing to political parties or media organizations. But Trudeau really is doing one thing after another which can have no effect but to turn Canada into a kind of borderless ‘sharia lite’ state with a kind of Chinese style rule of social credits guaranteeing forced social conformity to far leftist goals with special preference for Islam.

Think that episode of The Black Mirror, (on Netflix) where every transaction is rated on social media and the consequences of a bad transaction have a real and immediate impact on your life, with no due process. In other words, no tolerance and no diversity, which should be obvious by now, is the real goals of the left

But in this case Ill sign and when and how I can, I contribute.

These are not ordinary times and not ordinary concerns and it makes us perhaps regret the scale of the language we have used in the past to talk about consequences of minor policy shifts with which we did not agree.

Those words, that hyperbole, could come in handy now when its all true.

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Video found on Steeper33’s worthy video channel. x

Maxime Bernier spoke in Gatineau Quebec to an overfilled room

And people were very receptive to him.

Look out for the Huffington Post article on the event. It should be a good example of what journalism is, in the hands of leftists vs. what the actual event is.

This is the entire speech, except I edited out the French portions.

Thank you to the dedicated volunteers who went out and got this footage.