Mark Friesen speaking at the PPC event, July 1st at Strathcona Park

Mark Friesen has been an activist for some time. I interviewed him at Nate’s Restaurant when he was here with the first Trucker’s Convoy in 2019 when an extraordinary thing happened. Two of his fellow travellers came into the restaurant and explained that the livestream to Facebook had been shut down, not just from his people but from everyone connected to the convoy. It was at that moment we began to realize just how fascist Canada was becoming, that they would conspire with social media to make sure no message not in harmony with the Trudopian pseudo-reality could be transmitted.

The top video was from July 1st with the Maxime bernier Crowd. Below that, the earlier interview with Mark.

Here is the 2019 interview from the first Convoy. Basically part of the Yellow Vest movement.

Sean Taylor speaks at PPC picnic, July 1, Strathcona Park Ottawa

Quite a few PPC candidates spoke at the Stratchcona event despite the Ottawa government acting in bad faith and withdrawing the permit at the last moment. And that, after the permit itself was issued with conditions that would require a specially equipped Delorian to fulfill.

They will all be posted as quickly as possible, but this speaker was particularily good and we wanted to make it available as quickly as possible.

For details, please see RAIR Foundation.

Interview with Maxime Bernier about his court case against the Trudeau travel bans on the unvaxxed

Maxime is doing exactly what needs to be done. Making the courts fix this problem by removing the illegal power Trudeau used to create these restrictions in the first place.

Please check out the story details at:

Legal Battle: Maxime Bernier Fights To Stop Trudeau From Reinstating ‘Unconstitutional Vaccine Mandates’ (Exclusive Interview)


Maxime Bernier speaks to his followers in Ottawa, explains important law suit against the Trudeau government

Please read the story details here, and the speech transcript as well.

The Margaret Thatcher Clip he references


Interview with Brad Bishop on his experience voting for Maxime Bernier, and how they tried to stop him at the polls

This interview was done several days before the election during the advanced voting. For technical reasons, I wasn’t able to post it till now. But here it is.

Interview with Canadian man who had to fight at the poll for them to include his candidate as a choice

This is a great example of how the Trudeau Liberals, and the other identical parties all are managing to cheat at the polls in the current Canadian election. This interview is part of a thread of Canadian election related stories and videos over at RAIR

Good turn out at protest to allow Maxime Bernier to speak at leadership ‘debate’

Tonight is one of the leadership ‘debates’ for the Canadian election. I put ‘debates’ in scare quotes because all the parties have the exact same values and views about everything except the one guy they managed to arrange not to speak. Maxime Bernier. The only one not on board the mandatory vaxx train, the Carbon tax and soon, lockdowns and generally transforming us into a communist society.

So it was nice to see something like three to five hundred people out there protesting the lack of Max at the ‘debate’.

Trudeau denies entry to Rebel reporters despite COURT ORDER to do so

For those following the Canadian spiral dive into authoritarianism, you may have seen how a federal court two days ago found in favour of the Rebel and ordered that their reporters be allowed to cover the leadership debates.

Please read these four Tweets by Ezra and ask yourself a few questions.

Here are some of mine:

Where are the other parties on this purely authoritarian and dishonest abuse of power?

Where is the legacy media, paid off by Trudeau in fact, in terms of freedom of speech and diversity of opinion?

There is a protest scheduled outside the debate venue in Hull/Gatineau tonight in front of the Museum of Civilization by Maxime Bernier’s party as he was also excluded from the debate despite polling a lot higher than 2 of the parties, The Green Party and the Bloq Quebecois at 6:30. Perhaps the protest should be bigger than that now.

Maxime Bernier’s “Conspiracy Theory”

Maxime Bernier tweeted this:

Of course Mr. Morgan is wrong. These things are not flaws. They are aspects of human culture. Not in any way flaws. Socialism seeks to obliterate all culture with the dialectic tool of “multiculturalism”. This must by necessity destroy all cultures, just like having people who identify as British driving on the left side of the road in Canada or the US will obliterate traffic.


Important clip about fascist tactics being used against Maxime Bernier

Government election rigging in Canada