Tamara Lich, the woman who dared to defy Trudeau, to appear in Ottawa Courthouse on Tuesday, July 5

By Madeline Weld:

It isn’t getting much publicity, but a full-day bail hearing for Tamara Lich is set for Tuesday, July 5, 2022, at the Ottawa Courthouse, starting at 9 a.m. Lich was one of the organizers and fundraisers for the Freedom Convoy 2022 protest. She spent the Canada Day long weekend in jail following her Monday, June 27, arrest in Medicine Hat, Alberta, on a Canada-wide arrest warrant for allegedly having breached bail conditions in May. She will remain in jail until her hearing on Tuesday. 

One wonders if her arrest just in time for Canada Day for an alleged offence committed in May and a “Canada-wide” warrant for someone not in hiding from police are a message to Trudeau’s political opponents. These opponents remain a thorn in his side by their continued opposition to his mandates. It’s difficult not be struck by the vast difference in the treatment meted out to Lich and the leniency afforded to David Alexander Zegarac. The contrast that should awaken even the most complacent Canadian to our country’s gentle slide into tyranny. 

Lich had never committed an act of violence yet was denied bail on February 22 following her February 17 arrest on charges of mischief, subsequent to Trudeau’s evocation of the Emergencies Act to crush the Freedom Convoy. Trudeau-appointed Judge, Julie Bourgeois, said Lich’s continued detention was necessary for the “safety and protection of the public.”  Although the Convoy had by then dispersed, Lich remained in jail until her bail review hearing on March 2, when she was brought to court in leg shackles, which the judge asked to be removed. Lich was released on bail on March 7, under “outrageous” conditions that the president of the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms said violated her Charter rights.  Her most recent arrest was for violating those bail conditions by attending the JCCF’s Freedom Award gala in Toronto on June 16, where she was the recipient of the Freedom Award.  Although she had obtained permission to travel to Ontario (from Alberta) to attend the event, the Crown alleges that because she was seen speaking with Tom Marazzo, a spokesman at the Convoy protests, she had violated her bail conditions.    

On the evening of February 4, a few weeks before Lich’s first arrest, David Alexander Zegarac, an Antifa-supporting punk rock musician  deliberately rammed his Jeep Patriot into a Freedom Convoy march in Winnipeg, injuring four people. He then fled in his vehicle, committing many traffic violations until stopped by police 40 minutes later, who arrested him “after a struggle.” Yet, although Zegarac had committed serious violence and had advocated for violence in his lyrics, he was released on $10,000 bail the day after his arrest. What was that about the “safety and protection of the public” again?  Where was the court’s concern about the “safety and protection of the public” in that instance?

It seems that protesting Prime Minister Trudeau’s mandates is a more serious offence than deliberately driving into people with an SUV.  Perhaps that applies only if when the victims of vehicular assault  belong to a pesky “fringe minority” who hold “unacceptable views.”   

Tamara’s all-day bail hearing will be held on Tuesday, July 5th, at the Ottawa Courthouse, 161 Elgin St., Room 4, starting at 9 a.m.

If you are able to attend and show support for this courageous woman, please do so. 

The Courthouse is located on the east side of Elgin, between Laurier Ave. W. and Lisgar St., about four blocks south of the War Memorial. 

About the altercation at the War memorial yesterday…

This is an honest report. Other material I have seen have imputed motive and made assumptions unfairly.

As it happens, I was just down the street from this when it happened by maybe 70 yards. One police car went screaming past and turned the corner to join the other police who were dealing with the individuals you see being knocked down and arrested.

I could smell a strong chemical smell. Some people told me that police maced someone, and maybe that is what I smelled. Or it could have been car exhaust from the police car that went screeching past if the police use some special fuel additive to make it screech past like that.

Unrelated: Today, July 1, there was a nice moment as we happened to be leaving the park where some of the protestors were who had not been intimidated out of attending by state disinformation. This truck pulled out of the parking lot.

Gotta love the sticker on his window.

Soldier to Dissident: Twenty-Year Military Hero Jeff Evely Banned From Canada’s Capital

This is quite a story. I really enjoyed doing this interview. Please see the full story at: RAIR Foundation USA

Jeff was a speaker at the Rolling Thunder event on April 30th in Ottawa. That speech is below.

Ezra Levant speaks with Tamara Lich’s lawyer on the curious timing of her newest arrest

This is an important video, which is to say, the information in it is of importance and value. The fact that Tamara was wanted on a Canada-Wide warrant for political issues shows how Trudeau has corrupted the criminal justice system. There are several important reveals in this video.


Protestors at Parliament Hill excited about James Topp arrival

A fun short interview with a protestor still here from the Freedom Convoy in February, pumped about James Topp’s arrival on June 30th

For the details, please check out RAIR Foundation.

NOTE: The itinerary is changing as police, and far left wing extremist Ottawa Mayor, Jim Watson, makes it increasingly difficult to have a gathering of actual patriotic Canadians.

So watch this space and RAIR Foundation for updates. The poster at that link may not be still the plan.

A little personal indulgence: Freedom Convoy, Trucks for hope

Trudeau’s faux mandate-slackening was quite a depressing thing for me. Like his father’s application of the Metric system, it was a signal that what was a right and an integral part of our culture, history and laws, are subject to fiat and convertible to privilege.

(Some Canadians might remember that when Trudeau implemented the Metric system, he made it an imprisonable criminal offence to measure goods and do commercial traffic in the Imperial system)

In other words, while as free people we always had the right to come and go within and without our own nations, now they have become whims of the state, the right of movement to be doled out based on how well we adhere to government diktats or more likely, conform to the evolving state ideology of communism/progressivism/socialism/woke.

I remember something Ronald Raegan said when a high ranking American official defected to the Soviet Union. An exceedingly rare event compared to the other way around, but nonetheless it happened at least once. When asked about it by a reporter, Raegan answered: (From memory) The United States is a free country. People may move to wherever they wish. This man may find the Soviet Union is not so generous.” Something very much like that.

Last night I felt i needed to do something just for me to deal with the closing darkness of authoritarianism, even when it lets slack the leash, as it reminds us that yes, there is now a leash. So I made this video. Please watch and enjoy, or skip it as a triviality.

First clip from Friday night in Ottawa: The Trucks return briefly

As I’m sure you can all understand, going out to collect news and edit and so on, takes a lot of time. Which means posting can be light on other matters when there are local events. But I hope you all feel it was worth the wait. Meanwhile the Reader’s Links post is as it always is, an excellent elbow in the bathwater of world events.

We will attempt a series of posts with videos from this past weekend in Ottawa, and all will link back to RAIR Foundation’s article, which is very good on the explanation of who what why when and where these events took place. As far as I can tell, its actually the best out there so far. She really did a superb job.

This clip is from Friday night when for a brief shiny moment, some of the trucks and quite a few people from the Freedom Convoy managed to reappear in Ottawa and remind us all that the totalitarian measures that Trudeau implemented on all who will not accept a repeated armful of experimental mRNA juice, (that we now know contains an actual synthetic RNA substitute for a natural one, that does not break down like the natural one does) are subjected to.

If those who do not take the injection are stupid, then allow them to leave Canada and Canada will be smarter.

If those who do not take the injection are dangerous to those who have, then let them leave Canada and Canada will be safer.

If those who do not take the injection are diseased, then let them leave Canada and Canada will be healthier.

And most important, if those who do not take the injection are recalcitrant, then let them leave and Canada will be more obedient and ask fewer questions.

When I was a child, there was a grade 8 teacher that had a sign on our classroom wall. It read:

“There are two kinds of people who are useless to society. Those who can do nothing that they are told, and those who can no nothing else.”

Below, a compilation clip of some of what happened in Ottawa on Friday night. Please enjoy.

Below, some of the protestors, and just some, walking from the barricaded section of Wellington in front of the Parliament Buildings, towards Rideau street, where unbeknownst to me at the time, many trucks had returned as you can see in the clip above.

Restoring the clips of the UN planes in North Bay

During, and right before the fascist, jack-booted assault on peaceful protestors on and around Parliament Hill in February, there were a couple of clips that seemed to indicate that the sudden swell of unmarked militarized ‘police’ that suddenly appeared in Downtown Ottawa, might be from two UN aircraft that were spotted in a North Bay airport.

The clips have disappeared from their original platform, so I thought I would restore them and add a few clips of the curious police and the MASSIVE amount of busses and other vehicles plugging Ottawa roads that brought all these olive garbed, state thugs downtown.

A photo from the Ottawa Trucker protest

Still going through some of the photos I took over the three weeks of the Trucker protest. As I do, it becomes crystal clear to me that the reason Trudeau came down so hard on them, with the jackboots of a tyrant using an illegally ordered “Emergency Measures Act”, was not to end the protest. That was peaceful, interfered with no one outside of some noise, and would have generated millions upon millions in revenue for local business if the politicians hadn’t ordered them to shutter.

No. The reason Trudeau and Ottawa Mayor, Jim Watson sent in a highly agressive and militarized police to force-eject the protestors, was to crush all hope.

If anyone hasn’t read Madeline’s post about this at RAIR, it’s really worth the read.

The European condemnation of Trudeau and a look at the EMA and crushing dissent in Canada

RAIR Foundation features a guest post by Madeline Weld on the Trucker’s Protest, the illegality of the Emergency Measures Act, the total lack of justification for it, and the European Members of Parliament that condemned Trudeau for the dictator he is. Please click through and read it. Below are two of the videos from the dance parties that was a constant every day during the three weeks of the most peaceful and on point protest in Canada’s History. Frankly maybe anywhere.

Why Canadians do not, and should not, trust government or law enforcement

The language was also deceptive. Notice that the inserted police chief managed to wedge in the word, “Occupation” with reference to the protest in Ottawa. By that definition, ANY and EVERY protest is an “occupation”.

But the trucker protest was different in that they did not deny the use of the space to anyone. Which makes it less like an occupation than one where the protestors have a picket line and will not let people cross it into the space being protested, if they are not assisting the agenda of the protestors.

Many years ago in Ottawa, we used to have two major newspapers. A leftist/Liberal one, The Ottawa Citizen, and a conservative Conservative one, The Ottawa Journal.

The union for the Journal went on strike for many months. Possibly even years. They would not allow other workers onto the site, Eventually, management went to work the presses and do all the union jobs for a while, but eventually the paper closed altogether, costing all the jobs for the union.

Looking back on this event, and even as a child it made no sense that a union would close the plant that gave all its workers jobs, one cannot help but wonder if it was a political action against a non-leftist and influential publication, rather than an actual worker’s grievance. But that, was much more of an occupation, as they denied access to any other workers, and at one point, IIRC, even management. The Trucker’s protest was a 3 week party and denied entrance no no one.