Interview with trucker who was arrested over 16 months after the Freedom Convoy

Interview with Harold Jonker after he left court on the morning of May 10th, where he had to appear to be finger printed and given a court date on charges detailed in the interview.

Story at RAIR Foundation

Retired Police Officer Vincent Gircys Testimony | Toronto Day 3 | National Citizens Inquiry

This veteran police officer details the events leading up to the Freedom Convoy and what happened to him, including a fine of ten thousand dollars for attending a Church Service. Watch this to understand the real nature of the Canadian state as an authoritarian polity. This is also and important video.

Veteran CBC Journalist explains how Canadian media went from news to anti-independent-thought propaganda

We posted this video a few days ago as part of a multi-item Daily Links post. Going over the material again, it’s important enough put out there once more in case anyone who visits this site hasn’t watched it. This is not hyperbole or rhetoric. This is a detailed explanation with examples of exactly how and when main stream media in Canada began to lie instead of inform, and how they cover it up with phoney organizations with the right sounding names. The lies are all to a purpose. So not random in any way.

As students of communist methodology, I’m sure some or all of us can come up with a word to describe exactly what it is, that CBC, Global, CTV and most legacy media including most newspapers do now. But for the moment, let’s look at the details of how they did it.

It’s hard to emphasize enough how important this presentation is. Even the part about Ivermectin, how it worked to save lives, and how CBC went after the doctors who used it instead of the doctors who forbade it, makes this worth your time.

Our gratitude to this man, former veteran Canadian journalist Rodney Palmer, should be sincere and deeply felt.

The video is one hour and twelve minutes. His presentation is the first forty seven minutes. After that is a Q&A

If there is a single takeaway, it is that the entire response to the Freedom Convoy was a calculated false flag by known CBC and government propagandists.

As it happens, we interviewed a man that was next to the Nazi flag bearer. He had a story ready for the people near him during his brief false flag moment at the Chateau Laurier.

Here is a link to podcasts by Marianne Klowak. Time permitting, the particular one referenced in the interview above will be posted as well.


Documentary: Unacceptable Views

The theatrical release was closer to 3 hours. This one is closer to 1:45.

Videos and speeches from protest at CBC & celebration of anniversary of Freedom Convoy

Please read the article and see all the videos at RAIR Foundation. Below, one of the speeches at CBC by Ari:

It was reported the next morning by attendees of the protest, that police waged a sort of charm offensive at the CBC protest, being very friendly and affable but asking everyone for their names, phone numbers, organizer names and social media groups by how they came to organize. This would of course give them everything they wanted about the attendees. It might be good to be aware that police are going well beyond their legal rights using these kinds of methods to surveil anyone who might be discontent with the increasingly Orwellian state of Canadagrad.

Tonight is the first ever Freedom Day Eve for Canada

Today is the first anniversary of the evening before the Freedom Convoy officially started in Ottawa, which was on January 29th

In fact, there was already many people in front of the Hill and around the area of Parliament even a few days in advance. But on the evening before the 29th, the atmosphere was set. Hope. Pride. Connection between Canadians and while it included all people from whatever subgroup they identified with, I think the connection between people from Quebec and all other provinces was never stronger than it was those three weeks.

There is nothing like a tyrant to unite all his victims.

Below a few of the videos we shot on January 28th. I wonder if this inspires the same powerful feelings of love, hope and connection that it brings to me when I watch them, and certainly when i was there shooting these videos.

One thing is for sure. Someday, the forces of genuine liberalism might win. Freedom and individual rights and the right and ability to maintain those rights within boundaries like national borders could be restored. Of course with that, must come the right for individuals to protect themselves from criminals and even governments with the use of force, and force multipliers.

But Freedom day, and Freedom Day Eve, must always be maintained by the people and never government. The fight against tyranny is a fight against a state that has run amok. And if freedom is to be preserved, it must be preserved by remembering and understanding the rights of the individual and what threatens those rights. And when governments take over celebrations, rituals and culture, you get what we have today.

I hope that every year, Freedom day and Freedom Day eve, is always celebrated by the people. And serves as a reminder to government that there are limits to what they can make us do, and stop us from doing.

CTV video of the Confederate Flag guy from the Freedom Convoy

One of our own actually confronted this guy on day one of the protest, trying to explain to him what a stupid idea that was, and why he shouldn’t do it. Even so, he has said right from the start, to him, the flag is The Rebel flag. He sees it the way Lynyrd Skynyrd does. A sign of rebelion against the totalitarians. Fair enough then.

This isn’t the first MSM on this guy in the past couple of months. So it’s interesting that suddenly he is getting this attention. Maybe the MSM finds $600M from Trudeau just isn’t enough to preserve the narrative?

A video from the ‘final’ Ottawa People’s Commission’ on the freedom convoy…

Or as they call it, “The occupation”.

For those that have not seen the documentary on the first round of hearings, here it is below. It is worth seeing for context. For those who have seen it, go to the video below where another woman managed to get in front of the Star Chamber judges by claiming a bias against the Truckers and protest, but in fact wanted to let them know how many people, even who lived right in the midst of it actually felt. A view that is anathema to them, and their “lived experience” of ‘witnesses’ who saw the protest only on CBC and knew it must be a violent Klan rally, even before it started.

That was from the first round. And now, from the newest hearings set in Vanier on December 10th, 2022. Danielle sets the record straight.

Alberta MLA calls out Trudeau’s and extremist actions against the people of Canada and our liberties

(If anyone knows where a version of this is that doesn’t have all the watermarks and text on it, and is the proper aspect ratio, please post the link in the comments)

I would remind the MLA that during the BLM protests, a large number of major crimes did occur. Burning and looting and so on. We have lots of video, primarily from Montreal, but elsewhere in Canada and most certainly in the USA where killings were also done in the name of the Marxist organization, BLM. NONE of that took place during the Freedom Convoy.


Durham Police Constable Who Voiced Support for Freedom Convoy Demoted for Three Months

(And I’m quite sure all the police who took a knee to the corrupt and violent Marxist organization, Black Lives Matter, also received similar demotions and punishments. Just putting it out there before anyone starts justifying this punishment because you know, she was in uniform and blah blah blah.)

Durham Regional Police Constable Erin Howard has been demoted for three months after facing six disciplinary charges for voicing her support of the Ottawa Freedom Convoy protest and speaking out against pandemic-related mandates while in uniform.

Christine speaks on her documentary about the “People’s Commission on the Occupation”

Last week, we posted a short documentary about a far left extremist attempt to smear the Freedom Convoy, and for less than noble reasons. After its release, the main creator of the short documentary, Christine, was asked to be a guest on a lengthy, but very interesting analysis of both the documentary itself, but also the “People’s Commission” as well as the real commission on the Emergency use act.

Below, the new interview by Maverick news with Christine. About an hour in personally, so far it is really very good and very interesting.

Left wing activism in Ottawa, and its attempt to smear the Freedom Convoy and its supporters

While the official hearings took place under the auspices of examining Trudeau’s use of the Emergency Measures act, leftist activists held another set of hearings with the intention of demonizing the Freedom Convoy in Ottawa starting in September. Please read a lot of the important story details at US based, RAIR Foundation. There is a lot more to say about this, so perhaps this post will be updated at some point later on, or a new one will be created with additional information.

We have seen a lot of material from this commission showing bias even more clearly at a special hearing they eventually did hold, well after the initial one below for people who supported the Freedom Convoy at a later hearing, subsequent to the one explained in this short documentary. Hopefully that will be presented sometime soon, although you can watch the entire session as presented now at this YouTube link.

Check out how the even handed non-biased panel treated those in favour of the convoy at both hearings. Compare it to how they treated people that opposed it. More to come on this over time.

It should be added that the phrase, “lived experience” is in fact a communist dog-whistle for dialectic replacement of reality with the correct set of feelings about an issue.

Please see the video below:


Taking the country back: A new holiday for Canada and maybe after, the World

Clearly we cannot expect the elites to act in the interests of the public. The Catholic Church under Francis appears to be undermining all the precepts of that institution. They are doing so with a similar kind of humiliating set of deceptions and controls as are the political leaders. Both the Church and the State appear to be forcing a kind of Biblical apocalypse to take place. Note the order of the Four Horsemen from Revelations 6:7 which describes in this order, Plague, War, Famine and Death. This would appear to be a cycle one could cause. After a plague, one could start a war if one doesn’t naturally start as it would after a plague, which would likely cause a famine, or one could be engineered and then of course, a lot of death.

It occurs that perhaps, we need to retake the intellectual commons back as ours, which they were always meant to be.

Christmas is pretty much removed from Christianity, and often negated using the now all too familiar of the dialectic, ‘offensiveness to non-Christians’. Easter is more intact but mocked like it was in the Soviet Union. We can see what is happening with national holiday celebrations. Especially during the “2 weeks to flatten the curve”.

Why not start an annual Holiday on January 29th, the day the Freedom Convoy officially started.

The orthodox, or really dedicated, could celebrate Freedom day eve on the 28th by gathering at the local legislature and reminding the elite where the real power lies. All that takes is a lot of people who will not accept lies or obey unlawful orders and restrictions on their basic liberties. The video below is from Ottawa on the night before the Freedom Convoy was to begin. Actually we have other clips from the night before this, TWO days before the Convoy officially began, where already people had gathered at Parliament Hill in extreme cold and stood out on the sidewalks to let the Trudeau government know we were on to it.

People could take the day off work. Use a sick or vacation day, or just explain that its an actual religious/national holiday for you, and while you do not expect to be paid for it, you demand to be allowed not to work that day, and will fight back against any punishment levied against you should they try. I’m sure we could crowd fund a class action against government and employers who would not let you take that day off.

Eventually they would have to simply accept that we have created our own national holiday. And given the effects around the world, and even now in real time as I type, in Brazil, MILLIONS are lining the streets and countless trucks are shutting the country down till they allow a free and fair election.

The fix is in in Brazil. But maybe it won’t stick. Maybe, the Truckers and Amer-Indians in Brazil and all who are fighting back might force a fair election. And if that happens, maybe Americans, Canadians, the British can do the same.

Freedom Day. January 29 every year. A people’s holiday till they find a way to slime it away from us and make it a tool of tyrants. Then we start again.


When the proof of the real nature of the Freedom Convoy is overwhelming, what do you think govt and law will determine?

8,456 views • Nov 15, 2022

As the inquiry into Justin Trudeau’s use of the Emergencies Act continues on, Jen, the creator of the joins me to talk about why she created this amazing archive of largest peaceful protest in Canadian history. Visit the website here:


Raging Dissident, Jeremy MacKenzie testimony from EMA hearings of November 4th, 2022

For those who don’t know, Jeremy used to have a great podcast as The Raging Dissident, I think principally on Bitchute, or people moved his videos there, in which he ranted very entertainingly about the state of Canada. After the Freedom Convoy they Jan 6ed him. They accused him of terrorism for making up a meme. A joke country called “Diagalon” because it would have diagonal borders from Alaska through Canada to Texas and would be for the freedom minded.

The VP was a cocaine addicted space traveling goat.

He has been held in prison for months now with no trial. I am told by one of his followers that he has spent a large amount of time in solitary confinement. This actually is torture and is used as such in prisons for prisoners who are a real threat to safety to others. But more recently, a tool to be used to break political prisoners. They had Tommy Robinson in solitary for a lot of his sentence.

The following is his compelled appearance at Canada’s version of the January 6th hearings, except it is staged as an attempt to find out if Trudeau was justified in using the Emergency Measures Act to send state thugs to smash heads at the Freedom Convoy. Of course, in order to do that, you have to in reality, put everyone involved in any way on trial to show it was necessary. See how that works?

This video takes them right to the break where his testimony ends.

Jeremy MacKenzie is testifying from prison.