UK: New legislation for COVID 19 Control of Disease Act

Simon Platt made this comment:

Some mistakes here.

It’s not a new law. It dates from, er, 1984. We all – nearly all – missed it before now.

If what this fellow cites is accurate, it won’t lead to mandatory vaccination. First, you don’t give vaccines to people who already have the disease. Secondly, I would argue that vaccines are not medication. But I don’t know the legal position.

That doesn’t mean it’s not a bad law, or that we need not be on our guard for something even worse. But we shouldn’t be distracted by this.

What in the world is actually going on?

Agree with her thesis or not, the fact that police, who in many countries like Canada and Germany, have a government monopoly on the use of force, have now run roughshod over their constitutions and taken on ultimate powers to determine people’s movements, purchases and even what we have to say about all this is undeniable.

Leftist governor of Virginia declares state of emergency: Interview with Matt bracken and Brad Johnson

Below are three videos. The press conference by the Virginia governor, which grants profound powers to police and prepares for something so serious it is initself a provocation to those that fear a tyrannical government, and an interview from today with Brad Johnson, as well as one with Infowars’ Matt bracken on this set of events and the coming “boogaloo”.

Gates of Vienna has an excellent article explaining the history of the two Virginias and the Ironic nature of the offer to any county wishing to escape the tyrannical rule of Richmond, and (re)join up with West Virginia to keep their constitutional rights as American citizens.


Stunning example of the new French authoritarianism

This is extraordinary. France is truly a police state and the laws are arbitrary and made up to please Macron as needs be. Make sure you have the captions on and turn on the auto translate and set it to English. The translation is unusually good. I may do a hard coded version anyway for posterity.

Australia joins Iran and China as nations that don’t trust their electorate with information

I just got word that all of, Jihadwatch, and Blazing Catfur cannot be accessed in Australia.

Neither can the White House site to gather info on people who have been deplatformed.

This is one dark dark day for Western thought and democracy.

Australia should be treated with contempt, defiance and shame.

This site has suggested many times that readers get and use a VPN at all times. Its maybe 5$ a month or less if you buy blocks of months. Often less than $3.00 a month.

Nord is a good one as is AIR VPN but there are lots. Find one, learn to use it and you will not have these problems.

IMPORTANT UPDATE on the Arrests in Denmark today

Election was called in Denmark 2 days ago on Monday.

Today, Wednesday the 8th of may is when the arrests took place, one of which, Jeppe Juhl, was a man running for the New Conservative party of Denmark.

A major newspaper in Denmark, Ekstra Bladet, ran a straw poll to see who would win the upcoming election and Rasmus Paludan polled at 24%, the highest amount of any party in Denmark.

Snaphanen, one of the arrested and a 67 year old, Danish Blogger, was taken away by SIX police officers in handcuffs for sharing the video of the Scandinavian girls who had been decapitated by muslims in Morocco.

Jeppe Juhl, who was also arrested for sharing the video, said he had never even seen it let alone shared it, and they had arrested him also in connection for his work with New Speak, at least two years ago.

Thank you Tania G for the insights onto these events in. Denmark today, which show the real totalitarian, anti-democratic beliefs of the current Danish Prime Minister.

For the root story on this, please click here.


The thing that is rotten in Denmark, has now broken the surface

From Gates of Vienna:

Crackdown on Islam-Critics in Denmark

I woke up this morning to find this comment by a Dane posted on last night’s news feed:

I thought you may want to know; not sure where to post this, so here it is anyway: This morning, Steen from “Snaphanen” in Copenhagen, Denmark was picked up by six police officers and taken in for questioning in handcuffs, and his computers, hard drives etc. seized. Allegedly for linking to links from other links to links eventually leading to a video of a beheading.

Shakespeare was right. There IS something rotten in the state of Denmark.


I took a quick look at Steen’s Steen’s blog. He has posted — using a borrowed computer — about what happened. He’s not the only one who was rounded up this morning; evidently this was a big day for cracking down on “Islamophobes” in Denmark.

In Denmark! I thought Denmark was different, but evidently not.

This is the closest to home the repression has hit. Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff was prosecuted and convicted, but she was never arrested, nor did she have her computers seized. This is the first time a good friend of mine has been handcuffed and taken away to help police with their enquiries.

I spent many enjoyable hours in Steen’s company on several occasions a few years ago. He put me up in his apartment and introduced me to a number of Danish dissidents, including Lars Hedegaard. Steen is a superb photographer — that was his primary pursuit before he took up Islamophobia. He took the photo at the top of this post in happier days, when I was in Denmark back in 2009, enjoying a meal at a restaurant with a group of Scandinavian dissidents. You can see me sitting at the far end of the table.

[Please read the rest at GoV]


Spokesman for the Yellow Vests in France, arrested by the state

This is a developing story and so far, the material I have on it is not super clear.

This, along with another highly dubious arrest in France, has taken a fair amount of time and discussions with three translators to make sense of it. It is a simple story and an important one, but not easy to get sense on what is out there so far. So please expect corrections and additions to this post as more information comes in, or more clarity is available.

The first issue, is the arrest of someone widely reported to be a spokesperson for the Yellow Vests in France. The presumption is that these are not licensed protests. You can see how people are reacting at what I think is the Police station, or possibly the home of the arrested, Eric Drouet.

There is an explanatory video I am hoping our translator can look at soon and perhaps we can bring a better explanation. The speaker is one of the top 2 or 3 counter-jihad citizen-journalists in France and highly authoritative on these issues. He himself is a target of the state for being critical of the past and present highly Marxist regimes.

The second arrest is of a man who was part of a crowd. There is video of what I am about too describe but there is, I am told by all three translators who looked at it, four actually, that there is no point in subtitling it.

You have a public official who is speaking to a crowd of YVPs (Yellow Vest Protestors) and he is obfuscating and stonewalling and generally pissing everyone off by failing to say anything of substance to the extent that all 4 translators say there is simply nothing there to translate.

At a certain point, one of the people in the crowd, who is as frustrated as the rest, can be heard clearly saying, “Guillotine!” for which he was arrested and faces up to 6 years in prison for this remark.

It is somewhat hard to know how this can be considered a threat as one would have to run home, build a guillotine, get it back there and get the guy into the thing before any real damage can be done. I suspect it would take some time to build as well. Nonetheless, six years in jail. They may as well have threatened him with dropping a piano on his head or a safe or an anvil. They would be equally difficult to set up to be effective, but yes, I get that France has a history with a guillotine.

To see this video please go to this article:

Please also keep an eye on the comments under this post. Thanks to the amazing talent pool we have at this site, we can be nearly guaranteed of updates and corrections and related events and information as the evening passes.

Also we may have a translated video on the first arrest tonight.

Thank you M, Ava Lon, Sassy, FreeZoxee and MissPiggy and all who contributed to clarity on this post. These arrests may not work out like the state hopes it will, and when you see the translated segments of French leader, Macron, you may understand why. He is not a sympathetic character, nor is he one of the people in any way at all.

In Hollywood they are reputed to say: “What you really need in this business is sincerity. Once you can fake that you have it made”.

Emanuel Macron cannot fake sincerity. I hope to bring evidence of that to you soon.


Update 1 thanks to Richard:

#2 M



Another disturbing arrest for non-crimes in the UK

Here is a video on the event, the analysis within which, I do not fully agree. But the arrests are Orwellian and I mean that both literally and as a best case scenario at this point.

It should be mentioned that Katie Hopkins claims she was told,  that the fire started because migrants were illegally, (in the real sense, not the modern sense) preparing Ramadan feasts over actual fires in their apartments and the government covered that up with a story about an exploding refrigerator.

This makes the arrests far more sinister. Not only must we treat the fire as a sacred thing, but any attempt to view it differently…

It is time they officially changed the name of the place to Air Strip One.

Here is the actual news story, which utterly escaped me till PC posted the video above to the Reader’s Links.

Paul Weston asks some very important questions concerning the Govt. treatment of Tommy Robinson

No matter who Tommy is, and no matter what he has or has not done, his treatment by the state in terms of the procedure which jailed him recently, and his treatment in prison, violated the letter and spirit of democratic law, worldwide. Like Kevin Krehan before him, who it would appear the state had murdered in prison for the crime of littering near a mosque, the British government forced conditions on Tommy far worse than any murderer or terrorist within the penal system in the UK I would bet.

Also the state has been caught actually lying about it to try and cover up their mistreatment of Tommy R. Tommy has published video of the letter they sent him detailing the exact treatment they did to him, which they recently denied.

At this time there is no excuse for lack of solidarity behind Tommy Robinson. Leftist media would be chanting in the streets if an actual criminal had been treated this way. He would be a cause célèbre for sure.

Here is Vice Chairman of the Conservative party of Great Britain referring to Tommy Robinson as “vile” in a bullying session of an employee of Google’s Youtube, demanding he condemn videos he has not seen and was unaware of.

In the comments under this video, here and here, we were made aware of what this committee is, who the people are, and most importantly, the lie that Tommy’s videos “radicalized” a British man into a minor attack at the Finsbury Mosque, the mosque where the hook handed preacher, Abu Hamza made home.

In fact, what did anger this citizen into action against a seditious and hate spewing mosque which should not exist at all according to the EU and UK’s own “hate speech” laws, was a BBC drama-documentary called Three Girls.

It is in three parts, but you can see parts 1, and Part 2 here. Part three will likely be added sometime soon.

UPDATE: Paul Weston made a correction to one error in the top video:

Paul Weston
4 days ago
I made a glaring error unfortunately, courtesy of Wikipedia….. Darren Hughes is no longer Governer of HMP Onley, the new Governer is a Mr Matthew Tilt.

Thank you Oz-Rita for your help on this.