Montreal Police abandon law, and go Stasi on Rebel Media staff

Let’s hope and look for more on this. Police may or may not have been acting ultra-vires up to now, meaning using powers not granted to them under whatever act they claim they are enforcing, but now this is plain police state tactics. This has nothing to do with law at all, if Ezra’s interpretation of these events are correct. And he is a lawyer.


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4 Replies to “Montreal Police abandon law, and go Stasi on Rebel Media staff”

  1. They know about The Rebel news reporters. Someone sent the order to keep them away from covering the protests. That’s illegal, and the police know it. It’s a STASI police force.

  2. Strictly in terms of reportage Mr. Levant has to be faulted for the paucity of coverage BY HIS OWN MEDIA. After 24 hours still nothing on Bitchute about this and only one spotty video on YT. Law-wise it looks like young Keenan Bexte may have overstepped himself (again!) by getting too up-close-and-in-your-face to a female (a cop this time), which behavior triggered the pushing match that led to the arrests. When is the kid going to learn!

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