Victoria province Australia continues its totalitarianism under the Covid beard

Victoria police deliver letter to independent, (non-narrative) journalist warning him not to go to a freedom protest or face arrest for incitement. Video date, May 28. 2021

2. Scenes from protests in Victoria Australia. The minor key cello and piano is annoying as hell. But the content still matters.

3. May 24, 2021, Rebel: Jews being targeted and attacked by two HATE groups in Melbourne

(No embed. You have to click through for video)

On Sunday, the Melbourne Jewish community held a rally in solidarity with Israel. 

When the peaceful event was announced, two extremist groups took to the internet, calling on people to travel to the Jewish neighbourhood:

  1. Antifa organised a counter-protest, inviting their friends to rally in the same park.
  2. And a woman posted a video on TikTok that went viral, inciting jihadis to also head to Caulfield.

So it’s no surprise that both groups showed up to interrupt the family-friendly event.

4. Victoria Police determine WHO is and WHO IS NOT accredited media!

Thank you Oz-Rita


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6 Replies to “Victoria province Australia continues its totalitarianism under the Covid beard”

  1. An Officer can shout Palestine Free
    They may give all thugs their knee
    And apply the Law Preferentially
    But never an apology
    Dear serf
    Never an apology.

    From the Mancurianado. 17 March 2027
    The whole cast were arrested.

    • 17th of the 3rd month
      27 yr of the 3rd millenium
      Creepy math. Illuminati stuff. Like the satanic Fed, Rothschilds, Freemasons, et al.

      Maybe I've spent too much time grazing in unwholesome pastures.

  2. Avi is very brave, very courageous.

    Hard to imagine we have to deal with this level of stupid.

    These police clowns are the reason Dan Andrews made Victoria the laughing stock of Oz.

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