Crimebodge: The UK police and its obsession with transphilia

Absolutely one of our favorite Youtubers. This is the British lawyer who explained how the police actions under Covid regs are Ultra-Vires, and did an excellent video on the jailing of a medical student in the UK for making Islam look bad right after some Muslims killed a lot of people on London Bridge. Which somehow cannot be allowed to make Islam look bad.

In this one he sinks most of the balls on the first shot. But the 8 ball stays on the table. That is because when he talks about the language used to destroy and or negate popular films, he doesn’t explain the pure Marxist nature of that linguistic attack. He says it sounds like meaningless static. Of course to most it will. But it isn’t and the proof is that precise language actually does achieve the specific effect it seeks to accomplish while static would not. Yes, to the people raised in a culture of reason and logic and a rational taxonomy, it sounds insane. And as its derived from Hegel, it probably is meant to. But the key to understanding defending from it, is understanding the tactic and strategy that is used to formulate this particular brand of insanity.

After all, the whole trans-scam is really just another vector of leftist attack on our civilization. The left cares as much about “LGBTQ” as it does about blacks or Jews. Which is exactly as much as the US military cares about surplus weapons they leave behind on foreign battlefields by the boatload because they can’t be arsed to ship them all home. And for the exact same reasons.

Crimebodge may well know all this and chose to focus on the main issue instead and that’s fine. This remains a truly excellent, interesting, informative and even entertaining video.

Thank you Pym Purnell.


Children’s Court judge who once led group that sponsors Drag Queen Story Hour charged with possession of child pornography showing abuse of young boys

So, I don’t think this is a surprise to ANYONE at all really. But will the left who created this horror show of drag queens and other sexual deviants doing stories for little children even bother to do damage control on this? Or have we lost so badly we will be cancelled as some form of racist for merely pointing this out?

From Blaze:

A criminal complaint says Brett Blomme last fall uploaded as many as 27 images and videos of children being sexually abused

A Milwaukee County Children’s Court judge has been charged with seven counts of possessing child pornography showing the abuse of young boys, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported.

Brett Blomme also recently served as president and CEO of Cream City Foundation, an LBGTQ advocacy group that sponsors Drag Queen Story Hour — a controversial activity that’s been in the news in recent years in which drag queens read stories to young children, typically in public libraries.

From Gateway Pundit:

BREAKING: Former President of Drag Queen Story Hour Foundation and Children’s Court Judge Arrested on Seven Counts of Child Porn

A Milwaukee County Children’s Court judge and former president and CEO of the Cream City Foundation, which runs the city’s drag queen story hour program, has been arrested on seven counts of child pornography.
Brett Blomme, 38, was arrested on Tuesday for allegedly uploading 27 images and videos of children being sexually abused on the messaging app Kik.

Blomme was held overnight and released with a signature. He has been ordered to stay off social media and file-sharing services and is not allowed near any children except the two that he adopted with his husband.


Man JAILED for trying to stop the state from sterilizing his daughter

Im guessing it was this man interviewed below. The video was done sometime before February 2020. I believe Frank, the man who did the interview, had to go to court because its illegal to tell this story in Canada. And I assume that it is the man (Frank, who posted the tweet above), interviewed who is now in jail for objecting to the new state religion of the total negation of classical taxonomy. That there are men, and women, and one cannot be alchemically transformed into the other, but can be surgically mutilated until the person is neither, and then is a perfect socialist.

Update on today’s never-ending court proceedings forbidding freedom to speak on state mutilation of their children

This story will likely not be believed by the sleepwalkers. Things have become so Orwellian and headed for the Kafkaesque and inevitably to the Stalinesque that nice people simply cannot let themselves believe what is going on. I don’t blame them in some ways. but then again its because of them good nations fall to tyranny and freedoms are lost until untold blood and treasure are spent to win them back. So yes, in other ways I do blame the sleepy. What a luxury it must be to allow oneself to not know the state of decrepitude of our freedoms as they are today.

Here is a link to the basics of this issue for those who are interested in understanding how the state in Canada is sterilizing and mutilating even very young children, and bringing to court parents who object to it. Of course the courts don’t call it that. They would say you can object. You just can’t say it to anyone out loud. Publicly OR privately.

Below, an interview with the father that is not included in the story linked above.

And now, a March 9 2020 update. The video below is the synopsis of how court went for Laura Lynn Taylor Thompson up to the lunch break, and below that, a text from her colleague detailing how the rest of the day went:


Jenn Smith (An adult transexual who is adamantly against what is happening to children) just presented and did an excellent job!!
Exposing the doctors sick agenda, naming it as politically motivated and connecting the dots with Marzari and especially Findlay, minister of education, etc.
Judge took tons of notes and didn’t interrupt at all.
We were late in starting this morning because they had to move us to a larger court room


About 100 people in total!


Laura Lynn got to speak first but the judge dismissed her first affidavit and then her second. It was awful but then Jenn Smith spoke on ‘everything’ Laura Lynn and I had provided in the binders. So now the judge heard it verbally from Jenn and has it hard copy in the binders. Win win.


Now lawyers are talking on behalf of the doctors and trying to convince the judge why the publication bans are needed for them…because of public backlash and comments threatening the doctors saying they should be kept away from children and that they are abusing kids and should be in jail.

(The doctors referred to, are the ones talking children into mutagenic procedures without their parents consent and even knowledge, and in this case after only a short session with an LGBT activist ‘doctor)


It is the truth and they should be exposed, investigated and put in jail.

I pray that since the judge just heard the evidence from Jenn proving the doctors are abusing children that he will not be swayed by these deceitful lawyers trying to defend these Degenerates.

The last lawyer who spoke just buried herself in trying to defend Wallace Wong in a CTV news interview promoting his book and advocating for his work.

The judge is not impressed with his actions to persuade ‘very young children’ to question their gender.

Also, the other side submitted a sealed file this morning which is not being made available. It is a file on Laura Lynn and the father saying they are continuing to breach orders…. but they refuse to let them see the affidavit.
So LL and the father can’t even defend themselves.

If I understand this correctly, a Judge has been handed defamatory materials on a defendant and there is no disclosure to the defence. Another breach in the bulwark of Western law, and innocent until proven guilty.


Metadata interview with Laura Lynn about BC Dad and ‘Dr’. Sulu Mengele, and the phoney narrative of transsexualism

This interview was done in accordance with the court orders on who could be named etc. It will be an interesting test to see if the courts call Laura Lynn back because of this one. It might suggest that there is a hidden a-gender behind it all.