Laura Lynn filmed yesterday’s Doctor’s panel as part of the Trucker protest in Ottawa

It was on Facebook, so we moved it to a non-tracking platform. Many people have told me this is very good. So posting sight unseen. Watching now though. It was a stroke of pure genius on the part of the protest organizers to include a debate on the Covid measures, since all levels of government and media flat out refused to present any kind of actual science or debate on the virus, the treatment and of course the mRNA shots.

Prestigious French doctor: ‘The pandemic has disappeared in nations THAT DID NOT vaccinate’

Professor Christian Perronne is a French doctor and university professor-hospital practitioner (1)
University professor-hospital practitioner ( PU – PH ) is a status in the French state civil service which includes doctors , odontologists , pharmacists and scientists belonging to both a university and a university hospital center (CHU) appointed to permanent title.

This is a mixed status between that of university professor (PU) of the Ministry of Higher Education and Research and that of hospital practitioner (PH) of public health establishments . In this dual status, it is the university which is the main employer of the PU-PH. (2)

In December 2021, Prof Christian Perronne participated in a “doctothon”, which brings together “doctors known for their positions contrary to the scientific community” he feels that the epidemic has practically disappeared in the countries which have not vaccinated their population (1)

Prof Christian Perronne speaking at the EU Parliament hearing on vaccinating children – Luxembourg 12 January 2022 :
two main messages – we have flouted science and we have flouted rights.

Vice President WHO expert group on vaccinations for entire EU region of WHO which includes EU, Russia and Central Asia – (Turkey Israel etc)

(3) Doctothon :

Thank you GM.

Trudeau denies entry to Rebel reporters despite COURT ORDER to do so

For those following the Canadian spiral dive into authoritarianism, you may have seen how a federal court two days ago found in favour of the Rebel and ordered that their reporters be allowed to cover the leadership debates.

Please read these four Tweets by Ezra and ask yourself a few questions.

Here are some of mine:

Where are the other parties on this purely authoritarian and dishonest abuse of power?

Where is the legacy media, paid off by Trudeau in fact, in terms of freedom of speech and diversity of opinion?

There is a protest scheduled outside the debate venue in Hull/Gatineau tonight in front of the Museum of Civilization by Maxime Bernier’s party as he was also excluded from the debate despite polling a lot higher than 2 of the parties, The Green Party and the Bloq Quebecois at 6:30. Perhaps the protest should be bigger than that now.

Segment of debate with Muslim Brotherhood “Islamophobia” march leader, and proper French journalist

Thank you Ava for doing this. I know how mad it made me to watch this. So I can barely imagine how angry it made you to actually translate this.

The Munk debate, and the media-leftist shaping of it, and the way we are to understand it.

1. Leftists thug the Bannon debate using varying types and degrees of totalitarian tactics to oppose the event, while CBC attempts to smear Bannon with the actions of ANTIFA there to oppose him. It is, they imply if not outright state, his fault that people behave so badly around him.

2. The actual debate. It seems that Mr. Bannon won in terms of changed minds at the end.

Italian psychiatrist and journalist decimates the usual deceptions on Islam and terror

All of us reading from the Anglosphere. Ask yourselves if you have ever seen this quality of debate on TV ever on this subject.

Our own Buck left a comment under this video at Youtube which expressed my feelings on first watching it exactly. He, like I, was fully angered that BBC/CBC never would dare show something this honest or democratic in nature.

This one deserves to be spread as much for the amazing illustration of what the rest of us do not have, as much as the excellent content. Remember, chances are Youtube Sandboxes or otherwise grey lists this video in some way. Its up to us to spread it directly.

Thank you Elle for this translation.