Segment of debate with Muslim Brotherhood “Islamophobia” march leader, and proper French journalist

Thank you Ava for doing this. I know how mad it made me to watch this. So I can barely imagine how angry it made you to actually translate this.

The Munk debate, and the media-leftist shaping of it, and the way we are to understand it.

1. Leftists thug the Bannon debate using varying types and degrees of totalitarian tactics to oppose the event, while CBC attempts to smear Bannon with the actions of ANTIFA there to oppose him. It is, they imply if not outright state, his fault that people behave so badly around him.

2. The actual debate. It seems that Mr. Bannon won in terms of changed minds at the end.

Italian psychiatrist and journalist decimates the usual deceptions on Islam and terror

All of us reading from the Anglosphere. Ask yourselves if you have ever seen this quality of debate on TV ever on this subject.

Our own Buck left a comment under this video at Youtube which expressed my feelings on first watching it exactly. He, like I, was fully angered that BBC/CBC never would dare show something this honest or democratic in nature.

This one deserves to be spread as much for the amazing illustration of what the rest of us do not have, as much as the excellent content. Remember, chances are Youtube Sandboxes or otherwise grey lists this video in some way. Its up to us to spread it directly.

Thank you Elle for this translation.


Geert Wilders debate after Brussels attack.

Geert was never better than he is in this remarkable video.

For those who have seen other debates in Parliament with the Rt. Hon. Geert Wilders on the issue of Islam in Europe, you may notice a subtle change in the opposition who seem a little less hostile and a little less contrarian to the premise this time.