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4 Replies to “Rebel interview with Chris Elston”

  1. All I can think of is… the lunatics are running the asylum !! I wonder how much the attackers were paid to carry out this attack on Chris and so many others. And the rest of the cowards in their cars and walking down the street,,,, you saw this and did nothing. If we don’t band together and stop these paid thugs our society and culture will be lost.

  2. It’s stupid to oppose the vaccine. I understand the government, that’s how it is in a supportive society. If Bibi doesn’t suit this woman, what comes next will be much worse.

    • What about what comes next? Will it be stupid to oppose that? Was it stupid to oppose the masks? Mandatory shut downs? Sending entire classrooms of kids home to solitary confinement for a week because ONE KID IN THE CLASS HAS A RUNNY NOSE?

      Pick your battle and fight it. If you don’t. we all should know by now where it ends up.

      Saying its stupid to oppose it, is calling people who oppose it stupid. I think maybe its the other way around. People who want it and think it will change anything are not just stupid, but myopic.

      Today I talked to a cabbie who drove a doctor to a clinic. He asked if the doctor was getting the shot. The doctor, according to the cabbie, said no, not till a lot more time had passed since this was still an experimental technology.

      Is that doctor stupid? Are all the doctors who say its unnecessary stupid?

      Is MERCK who said there was no point in developing this because it didn’t offer much immunity compared to getting the disease and getting natural immunity, is MERCK stupid? Are you the ONLY not stupid person on Earth?

  3. What’s really needed is a commie-blocking drug. Twisted adult ideologues playing god with nature as it pertains to our children, our planet’s climate, or any other complex system is the real sickness. Extreme hubris.

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