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2 Replies to “Toronto Police also do not want to be forced to take experimental gene therapy”

    • And here is the Rebel story:

      A sad fact of COVID-19 and the ongoing announcements of mandatory vaccination is that so many unions across Canada have essentially told their rank and file members that they are on their own; that the union brass actually support mandatory vaccinations.

      But there are anomalies: the Toronto Police Association (TPA) says it WILL go to bat for those officers who don’t want to get jabbed.

      And so it was that some police officers and many of their sympathizers gathered outside the Toronto Police Service headquarters on Thursday afternoon to voice their displeasure regarding mandatory jabs.

      Indeed, just the day before, Ontario Premier Doug Ford said the province would in fact mandate a vaccination passport — even though he had previously stated that he did not want to see two-tier citizenship for Ontarians (i.e., the vaccinated and the unvaccinated). But that was then and this is now, and so it was that Ontario’s Puppet Premier did yet another spectacular one-eighty flip-flop in terms of Wuhan virus policy.

      On the day of that announcement, hundreds of citizens took to the streets to denounce the new policy, which kicks in on Sept. 22.

      The following day, a protest took place at Toronto Police HQ.

      Oddly, no one from the TPA spoke at the gathering and the police officers we spoke with declined to go on the record. Nevertheless, the camera-shy cops were consistent with their sentiments: if push comes to shove and they are forced to take the jabs, they will no longer be working as police officers.

      So there you go, Premier Ford: thanks to your inability to take a firm stance, it looks like we are well on our way to a two-tier citizenship system in Ontario after all…

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