Germany and Ontario want you to avoid each other


One mayor of a German City went a little farther.

He wants you to call the police on the maskless.

Speeches from the December 12, anti-lockdown protest on Parliament Hill, Ottawa

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This guy was clever. Using a name that I suspect was a sort of joke from the Yiddish word for crazy, he used a little comic theatre to show how covid is turning the West communist.

Covid measures in Victoria Australia and Ontario Canada

Australian senior civil servant quits his job because he was not allowed to deviate from the narrative on Covid19 that allows the state to behave like Soviet thugs.

Ontario leader, Doug Ford shows us how its done.


Quebec closes bridges to Ontario across Ottawa, claiming Chinese Corona as the reason.

Across the World we are seeing more and more borders going up, such as the famous bridge between Denmark and Sweden, now closed due to Corona, and even the Schengen Zone closing down in the EU.

However Gatineau and Ottawa are considered one city. And its curious that only the Quebec side, a province well known for its separatist ambitions, would close of bridges going to Ontario.

Even more strange is that it appeared to be only one way. Traffic moving from Quebec to Ontario seemed to be more or less unimpeded, while traffic moving from Ontario to Quebec was slowed to the point where some complained that it took hours to cross the main bridges.

Border between Quebec and Ontario much more closed than what separatists ever asked for

From CBC

Gatineau police set up checkpoints to limit interprovincial traffic

Gatineau police set up checkpoints on interprovincial bridges and other roadways Wednesday in an unprecedented effort to enforce the province’s new ban on non-essential travel into western Quebec.

The ban started at noon and includes visitors crossing into Quebec from Ontario.

By Wednesday afternoon, traffic was lined up near crossings between the two provinces, including the Champlain and Alexandra bridges.

Police are asking drivers and passengers about the purpose of their trip to assess whether or not it’s essential, a news release from Gatineau police said. Essential trips include travel for essential work, medical appointments or for humanitarian reasons.

Gatineau police say checkpoints are currently set up at:

  • The Masson-Angers ferry.
  • The Alexandra Bridge.
  • The Portage Bridge.
  • The Chaudières Bridge.
  • The Champlain Bridge.
  • The intersection of Highway 148 and chemin Terry Fox.

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Jordan Peterson meets with Ontario Premiere Ford, to discuss abolishing the HRCs!

CBC ran a story on it here.


Ontario premiere ties school funding to free speech on campus!

This was too much to even dare hope for! But here it is. And such a clear and obvious measure to restore reason. I mean reason in the most literal sense, not a metaphor for ‘what I believe in, defines reason’, but the actual implementation of reason and debate over Marxist and Islamic restriction on speech and thought, which public has been funding for decades now.

I should add how delighted I am to have been wrong about Ford.

From the Globe and Mail:

Ontario Premier Doug Ford has warned universities and colleges they will face funding cuts if they fail to adopt free-speech policies that defend controversial speakers on campus and decline to stop shielding students from opinions some might find offensive.


Following a number of high-profile protests over the past year against speakers at Ontario universities, Mr. Ford promised during the spring election campaign that he would tie funding to free speech on campus. The government announced on Thursday it will give schools four months to design, implement and enforce wide-ranging free-speech policies.


“Colleges and universities should be places where students exchange different ideas and opinions in open and respectful debate,” Mr. Ford said in a statement released by his office on Thursday afternoon. “Our government made a commitment to the people of Ontario to protect free speech on campuses.”


Mr. Ford and Merrilee Fullerton, the Minister of Training, Colleges and Universities, were not available for comment.
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But before anyone starts thinking that the Globe & Mail is not really the Globalist & veil, check out how they captioned the photo for this story: