The fundamentally communist reasoning of Ottawa’s energy plans

The clip below is from the City of Ottawa meeting of April 18th, 2023 where the city took questions on the radical plans to transform the energy grid, and life in Ottawa overall.

The first question asked to Angela Keller-Herzog was about the seeming reluctance of the city to consider what Hydro Ottawa had to say in response to the plan to make Ottawa run on solar and wind.

Herzog’s answer was straight out of one of the early anecdotes from Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn’s. famous book on the workings of the Soviet Union, The Gulag Archipelago.

The example he gives, illustrating the reversal of reality dictating policy, a central axiom of communism, was when the Soviet told the rail engineers that they had to double the amount each train carried on each trip. It was explained to the political officers that the tracks could only handle so much weight and to double the load would lead to catastrophes. The Soviets rounded up those engineers who refused to double the load and shot them. Then doubled the weight of the trains. Catastrophe followed resulting in hundreds of deaths and massive damage. The people who orchestrated that were given the Order of Lenin. (It may have been another honour, it has been a few years since I read book 1)

Listen to Keller-Herzog’s answer about the city not listening to Ottawa Hydro and see if there is a comparison there. The master plan must be supported. The reality of how much you can make by wind and solar is not to be discussed.

The next speaker is using reason to defeat the plan overall, but at the top layer of deception of the plan itself. This means that his objection, while scientifically accurate and verifiable and therefore, ‘true’ still operates on the base assumption that man made CO2 is causing climate change, or more precisely, Global Warming. I would go out on a limb and suggest that he knows the CO2-Global warming connection is utter nonsense, but realizes that our civilization is too far gone into the abyss of scientism to attack the base lie. It has been accepted as axiomatic, both by repetition and by extensive use of Discourse Theory. Still, worth watching as he attacks the plan on the basis of ‘even if true then…’.

The next presenter explains why we have to eat crap we don’t want. The excuse is the Carbon Footprint of food. Which again, is a branch of the base lie, that CO2 causes the world to heat up in a way that is somehow a bad thing. There is no science or reason to the presentation. Just a plan on how to make life less pleasant in order to reduce carbon in agriculture. Something one might suspect is related to this National Post article on Trudeau’s advisor, Mark Carney. Especially the part where he says his plan is to make our lives worse, not better. The presentation on making more plant based options, really means taking away your choice of what you want to eat. Note that prisons are on her list of where food will change.

How Ottawa plans to change your life slide 1

Next is Nigel Ellis. His volume was very low on the video. I had to raise it to the level of the other speakers to be heard. He also played into the CO2 = Global Warming myth, but at least used science to show why the plans to reduce it are nonsense even if we accept the hypothesis as it is.

Karen Bourdeau asks some proper questions, like “When do you plan to ask the residents of Ottawa about your plan to “prohibit automotive oriented land use”. It should not be a rhetorical question because it is a policy that will destroy many generations of labour and development, and end much freedom and liberty. But we all know it is rhetorical. The Politburo doesn’t ask the public what it wants. It appoints experts to speak for the people, that give the answers the politburo wants. She also asks questions that appear to be related to a covert plan to implement 15 minute city type restrictions in Ottawa.

Next is an Ottawa U prof. His volume was very good. Loud even. So I bet you can guess what his politics are. He launches into full scale and undisguised Habermas Discourse Theory attacks against people who merely asked rational questions about the plan to radically transform Ottawa due to alleged CO2 effects on global climate. He expresses outward dismay that they were even allowed to speak and called them “essentially climate deniers”. This is a Frankfurt School dialectic where you destroy the people who disagree with your consensus view you are trying to impose on the majority. Call them names that effectively makes them thought criminals. For a refresher on the formal method of how this works, click through to this video on Marcuse and Habermas and making truth, hate speech.

It is also famously Saul Alinsky Rules for Radical rule XIII if memory serves.

This Prof. also wants a shift from voluntary to mandatory measures. Somehow, indigenous leadership and rights factor in to changing the climate.

Next is Danielle, who tries to steer the ship back towards safe shores by mentioning that even far left wing extremist, Michael Moore made a film exposing the green scam of wind and solar. She is followed by another climate scare advocate who demands more action to lower CO2.

After the delegations is questions to staff. Here’s one that doesn’t get asked. Why is Canada, which seems to be the most vocal nation in terms of pushing the Global Warming scare, actively working on their Century Initiative plan to increase Canada’s population to 100,000,000 people via immigration from hot countries, where their per-capita carbon footprint goes up by FOUR TIMES!

This ‘debate’ was not about competing visions for a better Ottawa or world. This was a confrontation of individual rights Vs. collective authoritarianism. Authoritarianism using any excuse it can make up to justify its actions. If Covid measures didn’t convince anyone that this is the plan, then don’t be surprised with what these people do to us in the name of ‘climate change’.

For a really comprehensive and science based, fact based analysis on the Climate Scare of Global Warming, please watch this video below and maybe take some notes in case you run into a believer.

Canadian municipalities declare themselves 15 minute cities, small farmers will become Kulaks

Only fact checked one aspect of this so far, but so far it checks out.

@nikisfunnyfarm #greenscreen ? original sound – Niki’s Funny Farm

Ottawa, a 15 minute city

Introduced in the ‘Five Big Moves’, the principles of 15-minute neighbourhoods are integral to the strategic directions contained in Ottawa’s Draft New Official Plan. The concept of 15-minute neighbourhoods supports a variety of objectives relating to intensification, economic development, energy and climate change, gender equity, and culture. Additionally, planning for 15-minute neighbourhoods represents a critical means of embedding health resiliency in planning in order to achieve healthier, more inclusive communities.

15-minute neighbourhoods are compact, well-connected places with a clustering of a diverse mix of land-uses; this includes a range of housing types, shops, services, local access to food, schools and day care facilities, employment, greenspaces, parks and pathways. They are complete communities that support active transportation and transit, reduce car dependency, and enable people to live car-light or car free.

The 15-minute neighbourhood study is the first step at understanding the components of a 15-minute neighbourhood as they evolve across Ottawa’s urban, suburban, and rural transects. This study of 15-minute neighbourhoods is composed primarily of two different mapping exercises. One looking at access to available services and amenities; and the other focusing on the safety and enjoyability of the pedestrian environment with respect to walking to these services and amenities.

(Could be worse. Imagine if we weren’t vaccinated didn’t ‘win’ the last municipal election in Ottawa)

Here is a link to the local council with references to Green Space Alliance without saying much about what it is. Also lots of climate change bollux in it.

The following is from here:

It’s all still ruddy mysterious though. Can’t figure out what the “Green Space Alliance” changes to the land use laws will be yet.

The CPSO has investigated itself and found itself not guilty

A few months ago, some readers of this web site might remember that we posted a live broadcast of a lawyer representing three doctors against the now fully captured, “College of Surgeons and Physicians of Ontario”.

The college made a link to the Zoom available but got so overwhelmed with requests for it that they put it on YouTube with strict instructions that no one should record or republish it yada yada wuzza wuzza.

Hopefully someone outside Ontario has it and will post it for the world to see how the three doctors had a slam-dunk case against the college, yet now today, this judgement came in from them. 

In part:


[7]     Broadly speaking, the three physicians take issue with some of the public health measures relating to COVID-19 such as vaccination and treatment.

[8]     The allegations in the three Notices of Hearing can be summarized as follows.

[9]     The College alleges that Dr. Trozzi committed professional misconduct by making misleading, incorrect or inflammatory statements about vaccinations, treatments and public health measures concerning COVID-19 through his email and online communications about the pandemic.

[10]   In Dr. Phillips’ case, the allegations of professional misconduct include making misleading, incorrect or inflammatory statements about vaccinations, treatments and public health measures for COVID-19; disclosing information from a College investigation, including posting such information online and failing to remove it when requested; and failing to cooperate with College investigations. The College alleges that he failed to maintain the standard of practice of the profession and engaged in disgraceful, dishonourable and unprofessional conduct in different aspects of his treatment of patients and public health reporting, that he engaged in unprofessional conduct and communications at his hospital workplace and also breached terms, conditions and limitations on his certificate of registration.

[11]   The College alleges that Dr. Luchkiw committed professional misconduct by failing to cooperate with College investigations relating to her infection control practices, communications about COVID-19 and issuance of vaccine exemptions.

Then skipping forward a lot:

[36]   Justice Morgan stated:  

[1] The three Respondents in this set of Applications are physicians who believe that vaccinations are a misguided and ineffective way to address the ongoing health issues caused by COVID-19. Although the specifics of each of their cases differ somewhat, they are each under investigation by the Applicant for their conduct and practices in acting on this belief.

[2] None of the Respondents [is] prepared to cooperate in the usual way with the Applicant’s investigation. They are each of the view that the investigation and the disclosure and production requirements that accompany an investigation amount to an abuse of the regulator’s power…. 

[5] In the words of the formal Appointment of Investigator documentation, the inquiries were to examine each of the Respondents’ practices “including in relation to COVID-19 and [his or her] completion of medical exemptions for COVID-19 vaccinations and diagnostic testing”. For the Respondent, Patrick Brian Phillips, the Applicant had an additional concern regarding his use of online websites and social media to disseminate what the Applicant characterized as misleading health information about COVID-19, as well as his posting on social media, copies of what were supposed to be confidential communications from the Applicant. The Appointment of Investigator in respect of Dr. Phillips mandated the investigator to investigate his medical practice “including in relation to communications and conduct relating to the COVID-19 pandemic”.

[23] The record demonstrates through correspondence and other statements that the Respondents have no intent to provide the requested documents or to otherwise cooperate with the investigator. Their communications to the Applicant indicate that they are not prepared to respond to the matters that the investigator is investigating.

[29] The Respondents are all in continual breach of their obligations under the Code. They have put forward no reason for their refusal to comply with their obligations in this regard, except to reiterate their objection to vaccines. As indicated, what the investigator seeks is production of records; the investigation does not seek to compel vaccinations or any other specific medical treatment. Accordingly, the Respondents’ position is unresponsive to the investigator’s request and their argument about the efficacy or inefficacy of COVID vaccines is a non-sequitur.

Not being a lawyer or a doctor, or even having read this whole judgement, it sure looks on the surface that the deal is:

Doctors, who acted on their best medical judgement and attempted to dissuade people from taking an experimental and mostly untested new technology (possibly made by DoD as a military countermeasure and not actually developed by a drug company at all) are guilty of not doing what government and its agents, like the CPSO, tell them to do.

This means the official transformation of medicine from a science into a corporate practice where all practices are diktats from the top. Remember that old saying that we should all always get a second opinion? Doctors aren’t allowed to have opinions now. They have to follow instructions from government. And these doctors did not. And so they are guilty of something or other. Their patients who did not take the vaxx, are likely fine. We know now that they are less likely to catch Covid and certainly less likely to have a serious case and less likely to die of it than those who took lots of shots and certainly, infinitely less likely to suffer side effects and adverse reactions than those who took any number of shots.

So win-win for everyone who avoided the accursed Witches’ brew.

Meanwhile, back at the college:

What the Ontario Medical Association is pushing doctors to do to your children

This is from an email to all Ontario doctors who are members of the Ontario Medical Association. This would be 90% of all Ontario doctors, give or take. This is a government operated organization. They provide lawyers for doctors who need them, but I am told that it doesn’t usually go well for the doctors when they do, as the OMA tends to have the government’s interests at heart more so than the doctors or the patients.

Below, is a screen grab from the OMA email to Ontario doctors about vaxx policy. The links are not provided yet as they require a Doctor’s OMA number to access the graphs.

Tom Harris: The scam of the climate crisis, and Ottawa’s authoritarian non-solution to the non-crisis

Anyone who is paying attention should know how important this information is since the UN, WEF and Google has created a totalitarian cabal to make sure you can never see this by searching for it.

Please read the story details here at RAIR Foundation

Veteran Ontario doctor loses licence for failure to comply with ‘corporate medicine’

This is an excellent example of how formerly benign and perhaps even beneficial institutions such as the Ontario College of Physicians and Surgeons, have become weaponized and are now instruments of political control. Gone is the quaint notion of “go and get a second opinion”, now replaced with Stasi like operatives acting as patients to spy on doctors to make sure they are enforcing the political lines on disease treatment. No personal expertise or judgement allowed.

Until Covid, or let us say in 1 BC, medicine was practiced by doctors using their best judgement to determine what disease a patient suffered from, then find the best way to treat it with the least danger associated with the treatment. Patients were often encouraged to seek a second opinion.

Now medicine across the Western world has become what is often referred to as, “Corporate Medicine” where a higher authority, like the government, determines all courses of action for all aspects of medical health. The Soviet Union also did medicine this way. Talk to anyone from behind the Iron Curtain to find out how this worked out. Like in Canada today, everyone had to learn a sort of ‘secret language’ to communicate with each other. To hide the truth within the official lie.

Please watch this video carefully. Some of the most horrifying aspects of what happened to this veteran Ottawa doctor are understated. But the reality is what it is, and must be understood for what it is.

“Very rare” severe Hepatitis outbreak in Children in Toronto

Interesting coincidence this.

NYT, November 19, 2021: Canada approved the use of Pfizer-BioNTech’s coronavirus vaccinefor children ages 5 to 11 on Friday, adding more than 2.8 million young people to those eligible for a shot.

Some provinces, including Ontario and Saskatchewan, have already announced plans to start scheduling appointments for young children as soon as the doses arrive. Canada’s first order — enough for all eligible children to receive one dose — is expected to begin arriving on Sunday, Filomena Tassi, Canada’s minister of public services and procurement, said at a news conference. She added that the government was working with Pfizer on a second order.

(While the first cases they report in the video may predate this by a week or so, one wonders if they didn’t test a number of children before official approval was given)


Two videos of, and about the damage at the Vanier Church on May 1, 2022

Sometime between Saturday evening, April 30th and Sunday morning, May 1st (International communist Christmas) the Church in Vanier which had been a meeting place and first aid station for anyone connected to the Freedom Convoy, and again for Rolling Thunder, was vandalized. Almost certainly by ANTIFA but certainly by far left totalitarians who believe there should be no opposition to the communist revolution facing the Anglosphere and beyond.

The first video shows some of the damage. But much was cleaned up before I could get there. The doors had been egged for example and other things had been hurled at the building. The paint is much harder to remove.

If anyone is familiar with the symbols on the back of the building in one of the scenes, please leave a comment as to what they are and potential origins. Could be meaningful, could be false flags.

Below, Sam Dubé of the Fifth Doctor offers his thoughts on location.

RAIR Foundation kept up with events over the weekend and did a great job representing what took place. Please pop over and visit for the story as it happened.

Ontario’s new “voluntary” digital ID

Anyone who has lived in Ontario for the past few years, and believes a word of this Government of Ontario website about digital ID, is literally learning disabled.

Digital ID in Ontario from

What digital ID is and is not

Digital ID is an electronic version of trusted?government  that provides better?safety, more security and stronger privacy?than physical identification cards?or?documents.

It can be securely stored in a digital wallet app for smartphones and other digital devices (like tablets or computers) and will let people and businesses prove who they are both online and in person.

Digital ID is the foundation that will enable easier access to online services and make Ontario one of the world’s most digitally advanced jurisdictions, with a value for Ontarians, businesses and the government that is estimated at $20 ?billion footnote 1.

Digital ID is:


convenient — it lives on your mobile device and is always ready to use whenever you need it


secure — your data is protected using strong encryption and, unlike your physical wallet, your digital ID can easily be turned off if your phone is lost or stolen


privacy-preserving — for example, if you need to show you are age of majority, the verifier will only know you are over 18, not your date of birth or actual age


verifiable — just like a driver’s licence, a digital ID is certified government proof that you are who you say you are


in your control — you have full and complete control over what bits of your information you want to share and with whom you want to share it – no one can access your data without your agreement


voluntary — signing up for digital ID will be optional – you can still use physical ID whenever you want

Digital ID is:


NOT stored in a central database — your digital ID is stored only on your personal mobile device (for example, your phone or tablet) or computer and can be turned off remotely if your device or computer is lost or stolen


NOT a tracking device — the government will not know where you have been or where you used your digital ID


NOT usable without your permission — you must always consent (agree) before sharing any information

Remember the vaccines before you accept that these will be voluntary, and remember that the government of Canada issued a voluntary downloadable Covid tracking app, then decided not enough people used it, so started tracking EVERYONE’s phones before the app was even issued. Also, anyone who thinks the info won’t be on a central data base please call. I have some bridges here and there on Earth for sale, as well as prime real estate on several extra-solar planets.