Russel Brand on Justin Trudeau’s fear porn for power

Here is Russel brand. In his video, he plays a clip of Trudeau talking about people in Canada using hate speech and politics of division or something roughly the same. Below this video, is one of Trudeau from last winter on French TV. In the comments, let us know who you think is causing division and hatred.

And Der Führer, Trudeau:

Then there is a one hour video of Trudeau attending “Pride Season” and raising the flag of celebration of any kind of sexual activity that will not cause children.


Australian MP calls out Le Petit Dauphin

Trudeau’s half brother gives his view on Justin, is banned from Twitter for a week for response to PM Tweet

Remember that Twitter stopped Donald Trump from blocking anyone on his timeline before they banned him. Their reasoning was something like, ‘as a public figure he has no right to stop anyone from posting on his timeline’ or some similar bilge like that. Nanci Pelosi though, she can block and I bet you get banned for saying a/1000,000th the harshness that was vested upon Donald Trump on that platform.

Here the half-brother of Justin Trudeau got banned for a week for stating a factual response to a Justin propaganda tweet justifying tyranny.

I have not seen this whole video yet, but multiple people have told me it is very good and I certainly will as soon as time permits.

Truck rams gate leading into GG property where Trudeau lives

Governor General’s gate smashed by truck July 2, 2020

More on this shortly. The best we have at the moment is that the attacker, who was according to the Globe and Mail, armed with a firearm, is active military with possible mental health issues. Usually the “mental health issues” is reserved for Muslims. We should know soon.

H/T Xanthippa.

Yellow Vest Protestor speaks for himself at Parliament Hill

I was watching CBC people, who this time had minor identifications or a sticker on camera, ‘interview’ people in such a way that it was either forcing them to look like racists, or defend not being one and pushing a CBC narrative rather than their own.

So I decided to let one of them speak for himself after being interrogated by CBC