Herbert Marcuse’s Repressive Tolerance as dominant principle at work in Ontario (and everywhere) School Boards

In the second video which was shot at the Durham District School Board at some point in Q1 of this year, we see what should be familiar to everyone by this point, even if people are not familiar with the strategy at work and still refer to what they see as ‘leftist hypocrisy”.

Below, is a 4 minute primer on Repressive Tolerance which is worth seeing first before watching the School Board meeting. For those who want to know more about Marcuse’s semantic marxism, please search YouTube for James Lindsay and Stephen Coughlin with additional terms, Repressive Tolerance or Marcuse. Also this video is very good and very relevant. 

Below is a video from the Durham District School Board in Ontario. See if you can spot the many ways in which Marcuse’s Repressive Tolerance is the principle used to deflect parent’s concerns about the collection of sexual data on young children.

This video is unedited from the original taken from Facebook, other than the background noise, which was considerable, was removed and some speech levelling was applied.

For those that wish a deeper and academic dive into the specifics of the strategy used to revolutionize our school boards, and for that matter, every aspect of our civilization, we recommend reading 5 pages a day of Stephen Coughlin’s essay on the Left’s Tactics to Transform America.

Additionally, Marxism and homosexuality, easily extended to the “trans” movement.

Interview with Josh Alexander, the teen who dared fight the “gender demands” at a Catholic school

Please read the story details at RAIR Foundation.

James Lindsay: The Marxification of education

Like all Prof. James Lindsay’s lectures. this is profound and important. Anyone who has children in schools or recently changed their values while in schools should watch this. This video is a brilliant explanation of the methods and tactics of Marxists within the school system to destroy children’s whole belief set and value system, and make them activists for a permanent system of endless destruction.

Lindsay explains who Marx is not a philosopher, but is someone who simply created a system for transforming people into agents of destruction, of everything, eternally.

One could, if one wanted, score another point for the claim that communism is demonic. At the practical level, it is.


Rebel News speaks with fired “tenured” prof. for failing to submit to narrative views…

and sticking with facts which disprove narrative views on many issues. Thank you Prof. Frances Widdowson for your bravery in speaking your truth. Rebel story here.

(Personally, I may take issue with her views on socialism Vs. Postmodernism. I suspect they are both strategically about the same, but differ slightly in tactics. Postmodernism attacks beauty, art, sexuality and so on, but still with a purpose to destroy classical norms.)

Another person tells off a school board for indoctrinating his children

Watching parents, Doctors and nurses at School board meetings is my favorite program. Hopefully another angle of this can be found so we can see him from the side or front delivering an over-deserved rebuke to what I assume is a school board of some kind. So refreshing to see respect replaced with contempt for the communists sexualizing and otherwise destroying children in a distinctly Hegelian-Marxist way. As they nearly all do now in the West.