Another person tells off a school board for indoctrinating his children

Watching parents, Doctors and nurses at School board meetings is my favorite program. Hopefully another angle of this can be found so we can see him from the side or front delivering an over-deserved rebuke to what I assume is a school board of some kind. So refreshing to see respect replaced with contempt for the communists sexualizing and otherwise destroying children in a distinctly Hegelian-Marxist way. As they nearly all do now in the West.

How communist are American school boards? Check this out

This is a short segment of a 3 or 4 hour meeting on masking and Covid policy in Rhode Island schools. The whole of which can be seen by downloading the whole file here. It is from August 10, 2021. Note how they treat the “consultant” doctor who frankly, seems a little nuts. They are deferential to him like the Democrats to Obama. He is double vaxxed, double masked and refuses to use a microphone because other people have used it. That seems more like medical theatre to me, as a sprits of alcohol or hydrogen peroxide would clear that phoney threat up, or maybe some kind of condom over it. HIs refusal to use a mic makes him difficult to hear. Which might be the point.

Then was Dr. Andrew Bostom. He was counter narrative and unlike the fully vaxxed fully narrative pediatrician-consultant who was on first and got 36 solid minutes, Dr. Bostom wasn’t even allowed ten. In fact, it appears they deleted 4 minutes of Dr. Bostom’s testimony from the record, which is actually a crime if I understand this policy correctly. That, is how communist these boards are.

The two speakers after Andy were also very good and that is all that is included here.


German mother explains how school tested her young children without her knowledge or consent

Please read the whole story at RAIR

It helps to understand that the German constitution has a specific article saying that the state may not conduct any medical tests without your knowledge or consent under article 2 of freedom of physical integrity. But like the Canadian constitution, there is an out for the state. “Unless there is a law”. This page is an interesting read as it shows that with basic rights, the constitution has created a condition where the German government can run roughshod over its own constitution by redefining a thing or two or deciding a given condition, in this case a virus, allows them to do so.

Canada has a “not withstanding” clause which allows governments to ignore what laws they want as well. Only the US one has absolutes. And I think we can all see why now.


York University in Toronto chooses sides

This was the university where leftist and muslim protests were quite intense when a Jewish group brought in an IDF spokesman to talk to the the group recently. The protests served their purpose and the university, such as it is, appears to have given in to violence and threats to achieve a political purpose. What we used to call, “terrorism” when names had a rational basis.

Update to the poppy suspension story

This is an update by The Rebel Media’s Keean Bexte. Apparently she was not suspended for refusing to wear the poppy but her opposition to it.

While this is one dialectic twist to the left less, it is not really much of a game changer. Being suspended for having an argument against a socialist change in symbolism is really not that far away from being suspended for refusing to wear it. But it is a distinction worth making and knowing.

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How an act of politeness transforms into submission to authoritarian diktats

This event is too big, too important to put in a news links post. What an amazing example of how this whole system was meant to work from day one. From gay marriage to global warming to mass migration into Western nations by people who intend to destroy every aspect of who and what we are as a people, a history, a culture and a nation of laws. And mostly of course, individual rights.

Students suspended from Canadian high school for refusing to wear rainbow poppy

This is how “inclusion” becomes a Habermassian imposed consensus and forces everything we are to become its own opposite.

To understand what we are looking at here, we need an expert:

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We see this now more and more often. An important symbol gets transformed into its own opposite, or if not its opposite, into something anathema to what its own meaning is. Acceptance is demanded for the new meaning of the symbol in the name of “tolerance”.

A phoney consensus is then applied to societal institutions saying that the original meaning is racist, and now everyone must not only accept the new dialectically twisted meaning of a once important symbol with a very specific meaning, but force will be applied to all to become a vector of this new symbol, and hey presto! Your culture is negated.

“Aufheben der Kultur” in a few easy steps.

The 17-year-old cousin of a former Conservative MP hopeful in the 2019 federal election and her friend have apparently been suspended from Stonewall Collegiate for refusing to wear a rainbow poppy.


Cyara Bird of the Little Black River First Nation, who was on the ballot for the Churchill-Keewatinook Aski riding of northern Manitoba this past election, took to Twitter tonight to express her anger after learning her cousin and another student had both been suspended for “hate speech” after rejecting the idea that rainbow poppies should replace the traditional red-and-black ones worn during their school’s Remembrance Day performance.

The young woman, who is half African-Canadian, asked instead to wear the red-and-black poppy traditional to the festivities, finding the rainbow poppy “disrespectful” to the World War 2 veterans in her family. Upon expressing her opinion, she and another student who shared her sentiment were sent to the principal’s office. According to Bird, the girl’s parents were not notified until after the suspension was applied.

This may not be a terrorist attack, but this is exactly what terrorist attacks are done to achieve. And therefore, this is considerably more important.

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Interview with de-platformed professor, Ricardo Duchesne

This interview is in 3 parts due to’s tendency to not digest larger files. For those that wish to see this interview with more written details and as one Youtube file, please allow a day or so and check RAIR’s post of it.

For anyone not familiar with Prof. Duchesne, he was a Prof. at U New Brunswick and was forced to retire by a group of leftist profs there who did not like a break in the ranks of the Marxist narrative. In fact, Ricardo never had one student complaint except for two that had been drummed up against him, and who had never taken his classes.

Direct link to part 1:

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