The Last of the Moroccans

by Baron Bodissey This post taken verbatim from Gates of Vienna.

The short film below was released this week in the Netherlands and has caused a lot of discussion in the Dutch media. Many thanks to our Flemish correspondent VH for the translation and Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

VH has translated some additional material about the film from the Dutch media. First, from De Volkskrant:

What is the Netherlands without Moroccans?

A man in a dressing gown cycles through heavily polluted streets to the newspaper distribution center to get his morning paper. In the paper are ominous and surreal headlines: “Prisons for sale”, “Civil servants set back to 20-hour week”, “Dramatic drop in sole proprietorships”, and “The last Moroccan is leaving today”.

That last headline summarizes the core message of the internet film “Heads or Tails: What will the Netherlands look like without Moroccans?”

The eight-minute-long film — which was launched at — depicts in a playful manner the what the consequences of a Moroccan-free Netherlands might be like. The staff at Social Services are twiddling their thumbs, a performance of the comedian Najib Amhali [the Cargo-bike Imam] is canceled, the Rotterdam football team Feyenoord is champion, but the mayor [the Moroccan Ahmed Aboutaleb] is nowhere in sight to celebrate for players, and the opinion pages of newspapers are not being filled in.

The film is an initiative by “Munt”, a group of Dutch Moroccans, who (for the time being) do not want to go public with their real names. The film itself should tell the story, the Munt team replied a request by email. “As soon as we start talking about the film, we will fill in the thoughts for the people, and that is not the intention.”

Munt does wants to reveal, however, what lies at the basis of the film. “For years the debate has often been extremely cramped, and seems almost to have become a ritual without content, in which people interact at each other in a predictable way”, the team says in an email. “We want the Dutch people to reflect on the absurdity of that debate. Because there the Moroccan Dutch are spoken about as though they are optional in our society; a part that can easily be “amputated”. We want to make people think: is this really what we want? “

The bulk of the earliest responses are making that very clear.

At the website — which has been unreachable for a few hours because of the massive interest — three-quarters of the visitors on Tuesday afternoon indicated “not to be able to wait” for the moment the Moroccans leave the Netherlands.[1] Even on web sites like, most of the forum participants in response to the film cheered a Moroccan-free Netherlands: “What a utopia!”

The Munt team — in their own words “born and bred Moroccan Dutch [sic: the Dutch text does not say “Dutch Moroccans” — translator] who do not feel that they are second-class citizens, but fully participate and contribute to Dutch society — is optimistic. “Based on the responses we can develop new initiatives.”

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[1] The poll asked whether it is a good for the Moroccans to actually leave the Netherlands. The result is that 72% cannot wait until the last Moroccan has actually left the Netherlands. Only 20% of he visitors found that Moroccans really belong in the Netherlands.

In the meantime a new poll has come out: “Who should leave after the Moroccans?

Antilleans [Caribbean], Turks, and Surinamese 42.51%

Everyone who wants to leave themselves 33.82%

Nobody, the Moroccans leaving is enough 23.67%

And from Het Vrije Volk:

The Moroccans are leaving?

By Filantroop

Dark clouds over the Binnenhof [Dutch parliament buildings]: “A drastic decline in the number of sole proprietorships, the newspaper will not be delivered, and Rotterdam is without a mayor. Just a few consequences when the last Moroccan leaves our country,” the Dutch newspaper AD writes after having watched the movie by Munt.Nu. An initiative by a group of apparently alarmed Moroccans. Continue Reading →

Ignoring the Dangers of Islamization

by Baron Bodissey

I posted on Monday about Jimmie Åkesson, the party leader of Sverigedemokraterna (the Sweden Democrats), and the op-ed he published in the Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet. The paper’s editors wrote their own inflammatory headline for the op-ed, which did not reflect Mr. Åkesson’s words at all, and which predictably produced a massive uproar against the author’s “racist” opinions.

Kent Ekeroth, the international secretary for Sverigedemokraterna, has kindly translated the entire text of Jimmie Åkesson’s piece into English for Gates of Vienna. The correct title has also been restored to this version:

The establishment ignores the dangers of Islamization
by Jimmie Åkesson

Jimmie ÅkessonOne of multiculturalism’s many inherent paradoxes is that, despite its universal claims, it is a monocultural phenomenon which has only found fertile ground in the post-modern, oikophobic* Western world, and is therefore also based in Western phenomena and experience in assessing and analyzing the world. The Western experience is seen as a higher stage of development, one which the rest of the world has just not yet had time to achieve.

This is also why today’s multicultural Swedish power elite is so totally blind to the dangers of Islam and Islamization. They assume that Muslims want nothing more than to adapt to a Western lifestyle and Western standards, and that Islam is fundamentally the same as Christianity, with the only difference that Muslims have a different name for their god.

Thus we also assume that Islam can be tamed in the same way that secular forces centuries ago tamed European Christianity, and consigned it to the private sphere.

However, Islam differs from Christianity at several crucial points, for example, regarding the distinction between spiritual and secular power and the perception of the use of force. Islam has no equivalent of the New Testament, and no universal human message of love. These differences have resulted in the active rejection by Islam and the Muslim world of the Enlightenment and humanism.

This, together with almost 1,400 years of wars and conflicts between Islam and Christian Europe, is now believed by today’s rulers to be surmountable in a trice.

So far have we have to conclude that Islam has affected Swedish society far more so than Swedish society has influenced Islam. Mass immigration from Muslim countries, together with the relatively high birth rates in the Muslim community, suggest that this trend will continue unless a change in policy is instituted. Of course, a significant proportion of Europe’s Muslims are not literal believers; however, most studies performed in this field shows that fundamentalists are a large and growing minority. Continue Reading →

Muslim woman ‘blackmailed by couple who threatened to show family photos of her wearing Western clothes’

An asylum seeker and his wife blackmailed a Muslim friend by threatening to show photographs of her wearing jeans and a T-shirt to her devout family, a court heard yesterday.

Emal Ismaeli, 34, and Joanna Richards, 22, demanded more than £7,000 in a two-month terror campaign against the woman, identified only as Miss X.

They threatened to confront her traditional Islamic family – including her husband-to-be – with photographs of her in Western clothing with her arms around a man, and with a videotape of her dancing.

Ismaeli and mother-of-one Richards, both of Lye, West Midlands, admitted blackmail at Wolverhampton Crown Court and were jailed for 15 months and 12 months respectively.

Miss X’s potential shame was ‘the powerful weapon being used against her’, the court was told.

The photographs were taken during a day out to a seaside resort two years before with Ismaeli and Richards, who are now divorced.

Prosecutor Bernard Linnemann said: ‘Miss X received a letter on the doorstep of her father’s home with her name on the envelope.

‘Inside was a picture of her in Blackpool wearing western clothing. On the back, Miss Richards had written “If you don’t sort out the money you owe, more will come out”.’

The court heard how Richards formed the belief that Miss X was having an affair with her husband, while Ismaeli attacked her car, ripping off its wing mirror, and tried to unlock the door as she drove.

Gurdeep Garcha, defending Ismaeli, said the blackmail attempt was a short-lived and ‘amateurish’ operation, adding that his client deeply regretted what he had done.

Sam Powis, representing Richards, said the mother-of-one’s crime had been committed out of stupidity and anger but the photographs had not been taken with the intention of using them for blackmail.

Sentencing them, Judge Michael Challinor said: ‘The harm that has been done is very significant.’

‘Routine’ armed police units for London streets

 The increase is being driven by a Turkish gang war, which has resulted in three firearms murders since March as two groups, the Tottenham Boys and the Bombacilar, fight for suprem-acy. In South London there has been a rise in teenage gang shootings.

Police_632864a TIMESONLINE… The prospect of an armed police service moved a step closer yesterday when Scotland Yard announced the formation of a new firearms unit that will routinely patrol gun crime hotspots in London.

The team is drawn from the CO19, the Metropolitan Police specialist firearms unit, members of which shot dead Jean Charles de Menezes at Stockwell Tube station after mistaking him for a suicide bomber in 2005.

The armed patrols are being deployed after a dramatic rise in gun crime. They will target key areas in North London, where Turkish gangs are engaged in a bloody turf war, and south of the Thames, where gangland shooting incidents have soared.

The C019 Proactive Unit will walk estates while some officers will use motorbikes to provide the capability for high-speed pursuit.

But the announcement has created a political row, with demands for Boris Johnson, the Mayor of London, to convene an emergency meeting of the Metropolitan Police Authority (MPA).

It is understood that Mr Johnson, who is also the MPA chairman, was not consulted by senior police commanders. The Times understands that Sir Paul Stephenson, the Metropolitan Police Commissioner, was also not fully briefed on the move, which was taken at assistant commissioner level.

Neither Sir Paul nor Tim Godwin, the deputy commissioner, were at Scotland Yard to respond to the news, which was revealed in Police Review magazine.

Joanne McCartney, Labour’s policing spokeswoman on the London Assembly, said: “We want fewer guns on the streets, not more, and people to feel safe in their community — not scared of those who are supposed to protect them. There has been no debate, no consultation and apparently no consideration to the strong opposition that exists to arming the police.” Joanne McCarty thinks the police tactic of yelling “STOP. Or I shall yell stop again” should continue.

Yasmin Khan, of the Justice4Jean campaign, said: “This is very disconcerting and worrying and it makes me feel more threatened because we know what the consequences can be of having armed police on the streets.” Continue Reading →

Melanie Phillips: The BNP Vs. Islamonazis.

Melanie does her usual excellent job of analyzing some important aspects of UK politics.

“This is why all decent people must join in the fight against Islamic supremacism. Support for the BNP would plummet if the political mainstream were to limit immigration, denounce cultural Islamic imperialism and refuse to give one inch to sharia law, saying no to polygamy, sharia finance, sharia courts and all attempts to set up a parallel Islamic society in Britain.”

October 22, 2009

The clash of uncivilisations

Spectator, 24 October 2009

The frenzy over the participation of BNP leader Nick Griffin on Question Time this week has been a classic case of failing to identify the real elephant in the room.

By fixating on the ‘far right’ as the supremely evil force in British public life, the mainstream political class has failed to grasp that a half-baked neo-Nazi rabble is not the main issue. There is another more lethal type of fascism on the march in the form of Islamic supremacism.

The Islamists, or jihadis, are intent upon snuffing out individual freedom and imposing a totalitarian regime of submission to religious dogma which erodes and then replaces British and Western values. Now these two types of fascism are doing battle with each other — and with the white working class and lower-middle classes caught between them.

For it is the intense anger of these people with the fact that — as they see it — they are the ignored victims of the jihadis that is driving them into the arms of the BNP.

There are, of course, many factors fuelling BNP support. Most broadly, increasing numbers at the lower end of the social scale feel the mainstream parties are ignoring their most pressing concerns. Most of these anxieties involve British national identity: uncontrolled immigration, multiculturalism, the loss to the EU of Britain’s ability to govern itself.

Most toxic of all, however, is the threat from Islamic supremacism and the concern of the disenfranchised white voters that the political establishment is supinely going along with the progressive Islamisation of Britain. Continue Reading →

Muslim gang collects 2.5 million in insurance fraud scam. U.K.

Civil servant jailed for £1.6m car crash fraud

Mohammed Patel TIMESONLINE…A civil servant at the heart of a “cash for crash” scam which is costing motorists an extra £50 annually on their insurance policies was jailed in Manchester yesterday for four and a half years.

Mohammed Patel, who worked at the Department of Work and Pensions, would stage bogus road traffic accidents by braking suddenly at junctions or roundabouts to force drivers to crash into him.

The 25-year-old was involved in at least 93 forced collisions, earning £500 a time, and allowing a wider network of accomplices, mostly Asian men in Bolton, Rochdale, Oldham and Manchester, to mount inflated insurance claims worth an average £17,000.

Patel, of Bolton, Greater Manchester, made around £46,000 for his role in the fraud which netted £1.6 million. Altogether this type of fraud is costing the motor insurance industry £350 million each year — the equivalent of £49 on every motor insurance premium.

After the hearing Richard Davies, AXA UK risk manager, speaking on behalf of the Insurance Fraud Bureau, said that they have made 28 separate investigations across Britain into alleged “cash for crash” frauds. They involve thousands of bogus accidents.

He said: “From the driving public’s point of view we have started 28 separate operations right the way across the UK looking into this type of scam. It is the reason why we spent £10 million setting up the bureau.

“We view it as a threat not only in terms of premiums but as a threat to public safety. There is a significant impact on individual motorists involved in these collisions. That is not a position that should be allowed to continue.”

There were extraordinary scenes in the small court where there were so many defendants awaiting sentence that they had to use the public gallery as an overspill dock.

Judge Bernard Lever was sentencing 24 other people for their roles in the scam.

William Baker, for the prosecution, said that staff in offices overlooking the Eden roundabout on the A34 near Cheadle noticed that the same driver was involved in a similar sort of accident on a number of occasions. They became suspicious and alerted police. Continue Reading →

Toronto Imam teaches religion of peace central dogma

It needs to be understood by all readers of this particular article, that Islam differs from other ‘Abrahamic’ faiths in one significant way. While Christians and Jews believe that supernatural forces may or will act towards a purpose, Islam believes that humans are the agents of these gods or forces and humans must act in accordance with scripture. This is why Iran is dangerous. Iran believes they can cause the ‘end times’ while Christians believe that “Jesus will come as a theif in the night and no one shall know the hour…” etc. Hence this imam is indeed preaching what actions need to be taken.

From the National Post:

By Charles Lewis, National Post

A Toronto-area imam is under fire for using derogatory language against Jews and Christians, calling for Allah to “destroy” the enemies of Islam from within and calling on God to “damn” the “infidels.”

The address, given last Friday by Imam Saed Rageah at the Abu Huraira Centre and then posted on YouTube (watch it above), is an attack on those who have been calling for a ban on the niqab and burka, both of which cover the faces of women.

“Allah protect us from the fitna [sedition] of these people; Allah protect us from the evil agenda of these people; Allah destroy them from within themselves, and do not allow them to raise their heads in destroying Islam.”

Tarek Fatah, a Canadian Muslim author and commentator, said that type of language could be interpreted as a call to violence. As well, the imam asks Allah to “damn” Christians and Jews.

“The cleric’s ritual prayer asking for the defeat of Christians and Jews and the victory of Islam is not unique,” Mr. Fatah said. “It is uttered by many clerics across Canada spreading hate instead of harmony.  There should be no room in Canada’s mosques for such hatred, especially when most of these institutions get [tax-free status].”

The Abu Huraira Centre attracts about 800 to 1,000 people to a typical Friday service. A man who worked at the centre said that many women who attend only wear the hijab, which covers the head, and do not wear any covering on their faces.

The National Post repeatedly attempted to reach Mr. Rageah for an interview, but was unsuccessful.

Throughout the 35-minute speech he uses the word “kuffar” to describe non-Muslims.

In referring to those Muslims who would seek allies outside the Muslim community to bring about legislation that would ban face coverings, the imam said: “You will see a lot of them going to the kuffar, taking them as friends and allies. The wrath of Allah is upon them. If they were true believers they would never take them as allies.”

At its most benign, kuffar means “non-Muslims.” But others say the most common usage is considered highly offensive, akin to calling a black person a “n****r,” Mr. Fatah said. Continue Reading →

Cargo ship passenger wanted in Sri Lanka for terrorism

76 illegals detained
76 illegals detained

National Post… One of the 76 migrants who arrived off the British Columbia coast in a cargo ship last weekend is wanted in Sri Lanka for terrorism, according to two sources familiar with the investigation.

The sources said the man was Kartheepan Manickavasagar, a 26-year-old who is the subject of an Interpol notice issued by Sri Lankan authorities. He is wanted for an unspecified terrorism offence.

Meanwhile, the mysterious migrant ship that arrived in Canadian waters early on Saturday under the name Ocean Lady has been identified as the Cambodian-flagged Princess Easwary, a government official said.

The ship is owned by Ray Ocean Transport Corp., a company registered in the Seychelles, although its mailing address is in the Philippines, according to shipping records kept by Lloyd’s Register.

The vessel’s operator is listed as Sunship Maritime Services, which uses the same mailing address in Cebu, Philippines. Sunship’s phone appeared to be out of service yesterday and an email to the company was returned as undeliverable.

The arrival of the ship in B.C. waters has sparked an intensive investigation into the origins of the vessel and the identities of the passengers, who arrived with either fraudulent documentation or none at all.

The screening has so far detected one match with the Interpol database of fugitives. The man is suspected of involvement with the Tamil Tigers, separatist guerrillas outlawed by Canada for terrorism and notorious for their suicide bombings. Continue Reading →

Mothers grief a lie, a sham and an insult her murdered daughter.

 For ten years Hanim Goren lived with, ate with, slept with and lied with the man who she knew was responsible for her daughters murder. Even though she witnessed her daughter hog tied, she offered no protection. Even though her husband threatened to implicate Hanim in the murder of 17 year old Tulay she said nothing when any sane person would have been in touch with police way before this crime was committed.

 At the end of the day this will be another case of one cold blooded killer escaping justice for turning in other cold blooded killers. And the only reason this scum of a mum is cooperating is because she was threatened with prison.

Hanim Goren

Hanim Goren

  Here is the timesonline story as it unfolds in a British  court.

 A mother shouted across a courtroom yesterday to demand that her husband reveal what happened to the schoolgirl daughter he is alleged to have murdered in an “honour killing”.

Hanim Goren was giving evidence for the prosecution at the Old Bailey about how their 15-year-old daughter, Tulay, disappeared ten years ago.

The housewife turned to her husband, Mehmet Goren, who was sitting in the dock ten metres away, and shouted: “Look at my face. What did you do to Tulay? Say it so that I can . . .”

She added later: “It was Mehmet who disappeared Tulay. I am sure of that.”

Mr Goren, 45, is accused of murdering his daughter to protect his family honour after she ran away to live with a boyfriend twice her age. He is alleged to have buried her in the garden of the family home in Woodford Green, North London, before removing the body several days later.

Mrs Goren, 45, said that when she questioned her husband about Tulay’s disappearance he would reply: “I don’t know anything. Those who have done it are ‘over there’.”

“I don’t know who he meant,” she told the court.

Mrs Goren said she found that Tulay had disappeared when she returned home after being ordered to spend the night with the family of her brother-in-law, Cuma Goren, 42. She told the court that her husband said he had disowned their eldest daughter, that she had gone and that in future they would have only three children, not four.

“When Mehmet was in the house Tulay’s name was not mentioned,” Mrs Goren told the jury. “Everything that belonged to Tulay was torn — photos, even her Turkish identity card, her birth certificate. He said there will not be anything left inside belonging to Tulay.”

Mrs Goren said that she kept asking her husband what had happened to their daughter.

“I was saying to him, ‘You swallowed Tulay’. I was saying, ‘She is alive in your tummy’,” Mrs Goren said. “During the last few years I started saying it more.”

Mrs Goren said that a letter that appeared to have been written by Tulay was delivered to the family home the morning after her husband attacked her daughter’s boyfriend, Hilal Unal, with an axe. In the letter the girl claimed to be held captive by her lover’s boss.

Mrs Goren said that she did not initially tell the truth to the police about Tulay because her husband threatened to tell them that she was responsible for her daughter’s disappearance. “He used to say to me if I went to the police, ‘I would go and tell them you did it with your relatives, your brothers, that we did it together’,” she told the court.

Mrs Goren said that she admitted lying to police in her initial accounts of Tulay’s disappearance but told the truth after she was arrested on suspicion of perverting the course of justice and murder. She was released without charge. She told the court that Tulay had run away to live with Mr Unal after her husband and his brother Cuma had beaten her when they discovered the relationship.

Mrs Goren, who has broken a ten-year silence to give evidence at the Old Bailey, has described finding her teenage daughter tied up by her husband on a bedroom floor the day before the schoolgirl was allegedly murdered.

She said that Tulay’s hands and feet had turned purple because they were bound so tightly with parts of a torn shawl.

Mehmet Goren and his brothers Ali, 55, and Cuma, both of Walthamstow, East London, deny murdering Tulay. They also deny conspiracy to murder Mr Unal.

The trial continues.

Racism, hate and bigotry alive in Canada

From Jihad Watch

Now why is it that this imam, who has dedicated his life to understanding the Koran, misses its teachings of peace and tolerance? “Toronto imam preaching hate instead of harmony,” by Charles Lewis for the National Post, October 21 (thanks to Kim):

A Toronto-area imam is under fire for using derogatory language against Jews and Christians, calling for Allah to “destroy” the enemies of Islam from within and calling on God to “damn” the “infidels.”The address, given last Friday by Imam Saed Rageah at the Abu Huraira Centre and then posted on YouTube (watch it above), is an attack on those who have been calling for a ban on the niqab and burka, both of which cover the faces of women.

“Allah protect us from the fitna [sedition] of these people; Allah protect us from the evil agenda of these people; Allah destroy them from within themselves, and do not allow them to raise their heads in destroying Islam.” […]

The Abu Huraira Centre attracts about 800 to 1,000 people to a typical Friday service. A man who worked at the centre said that many women who attend only wear the hijab, which covers the head, and do not wear any covering on their faces. […]

Throughout the 35-minute speech he uses the word “kuffar” to describe non-Muslims.

In referring to those Muslims who would seek allies outside the Muslim community to bring about legislation that would ban face coverings, the imam said: “You will see a lot of them going to the kuffar, taking them as friends and allies. The wrath of Allah is upon them. If they were true believers they would never take them as allies.”…


That accords with Koran 3:28 and 5:51, both of which tell Muslims not to take unbelievers as allies.