Man killed sister after chicken dinner possessed by devil told him to commit the crime: London police

From Fox News:

London man from Pakistan has been ordered confined to a psychiatric hospital after saying a chicken dinner possessed by the devil told him to kill his sister.

The confinement was ordered Wednesday in the case of Khalid Ashraf, 32, who pleaded guilty to choking to death his older sister in East London in January, London police said.

He admitted during police questioning that he had killed Sarah Ashraf, 35, “because he was instructed to do so by Satan and his Buddhist leader,” police said in a news release.

(The rest of the article focuses predictably on the mental health of the killer. But its a reasonable question to ask, if his islam informed his choice more than his psychosis, as very few Schizophrenic catholics or Buddhists or Hindus tend to kill their sisters, talking chickens or not. But fratricide barely rates as news, let alone a crime in the Islamic community.)

The man who burned his wife in front of children in Quebec is a …

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The Journal of Montreal:

[The following is a checked over, Bing translation]

The young woman was in the parking lot adjacent to the apartment building where she lives on Arago Street West in Quebec City’s Saint-Sauveur neighbourhood on Friday night when her ex-husband allegedly doused her in gasoline before setting her on fire.

“When I got downstairs, I found my daughter’s car with the trunk open. It’s like she had lifted the bottom to take the spare wheel,” the victim’s mother said in an interview with Le Journal at the victim’s apartment.
Artificial coma  

The 27-year-old woman was taken to a burn unit in the area. She was placed in an induced coma to spare her the pain of the burns that would have affected half of her body, including her face, back and hands. “She is in a bad condition, a serious condition,” the mother said, reporting that the hospitalization could last “many months.”

The Tunisian-born woman, who was visiting Canada, was tasked with caring for her two grandchildren. She hopes that her husband, the children’s grandfather, will be able to come to the country to support her.

“I’m traumatized. My daughter is in the hospital, 50% burnt, my wife and my daughter’s children are at home, alone… I don’t know what to do,” said the grandfather, Abdeljalil Haj Amor, who was contacted by Le Journal in Tunisia.

According to our information, the suspect, Frej Messaoud Haj, 39, is the ex-husband of the victim. The union is said to have begun about eight years ago in Tunisia. The young woman quickly joined her new husband in Canada, where he had been living for a few years.

A recent divorce, allegedly initiated by the victim, is believed to be the source of the terrible incident, the young woman’s father said, calling her former son-in-law “violent.”

“It’s been going on for years,” says Abdeljalil Haj Amor. I came in 2014 to visit my daughter and I saw that there were a lot of problems, a lot of conflicts. I stayed with her for several years in Quebec City to support her. »

Frej Messaoud Haj was arrested on counts of attempted murder and aggravated assault. He was scheduled to meet with investigators yesterday after his arrest near an A-W restaurant in Drummondville. The individual has no criminal history.

Anyone surprised that the suspect is a muslim, must have been shocked to discover that Epstein is dead.

Man arrested for setting his wife on fire in front of kids. No names given


From the Toronto Sun:

‘CRIES OF DEATH’: Man arrested after his ex-wife was set on fire in Quebec City, police say

QUEBEC — A man has been charged with attempted murder and aggravated assault after his ex-wife was allegedly set on fire in Quebec City, local police said Saturday.


The 39-year-old man was taken into custody by Quebec provincial police on Saturday at a fast food restaurant in Drummondville, Que., about 110 kilometres east of Montreal, police said.


Sgt. Etienne Doyon of the Quebec City police told reporters that the 27-year-old victim was in critical condition after suffering major injuries to her face, back and hands.

The woman’s young children and mother watched as she was allegedly set ablaze just before 9 p.m. in Quebec City’s St-Sauveur neighbourhood, said Doyon. […]


“Her hair was on fire, she was like a human torch,” said Allard. “Her long hair was scorched, you could only smell gasoline.”

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Reposting a 2018 islamic femicide in Oz. And yeah, he got away with it

FYI: Islam does not mean peace. That is one of the standard cons. Islam means submission.

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German Woman slashed — Syrian Declares in Court: “As a Muslim, I am allowed to”

An original Translation by MissPiggy with much thanks

From this German news source:

An allegedly 17-year-old Syrian was in court because he nearly killed a 24-year-old German woman in a brutal knife attack. The “refugee” Abdullah A. slashed the woman from her chest to her lower abdomen. He told the judge that according to his religion, he is allowed to do so. The victim survived only by a miracle.

With the knife, the “refugee” not only broke the ribs of the victim Vivien K., but severely injured her liver, stomach, kidney, intestine and pancreas. The young woman fell into a coma. Her spleen and parts of the pancreas had to be removed. The crime happened in Hannover.

In court the Syrian stated, that in his country it is normal to solve conflicts with a knife. If you are insulted, stabbing is permitted. In worse cases, it is also permitted to kill a person. These are the customs in his homeland, which the defendant insists upon. The defendant’s lawyer reflects what his client has said, “His behavior was not objectionable according to religious requirements. Abdulla A. does not understand why he has to be detained,” according to the Bild newspaper.

His making statements of this sort show clearly why mass immigration of Muslims to Western countries will lead to a clash of cultures. Especially once the cause of this beastly attack is understood. The defendant’s brother and cousin were involved in a dispute with Vivien’s boyfriend at a supermarket — in which the 17-year-old joined. This trio first began to beat the boyfriend on the street, causing Vivien K. to intervene in an attempt to calm the situation. At which point, the offender stabs her and slashes her entire torso from breastbone to the lower abdomen. A 40-centimeter long scar will bear witness to it for the rest of her life.

Abdulla A., who has to answer to the juvenile court for attempted manslaughter, describes himself as a “model refugee”.

Although this was posted yesterday, it seems singularity relevant here:

Yes but was it halal?

Another great example to archive in case you ever discuss multiculturalism with someone who might actually think it exists. This was a straight out attempted honour killing and perfectly permissible by the rules of Reliance of the Traveler. Assuming of course that they defamed Islam in some way, minor or major. Which would include disobeying the husband or father.

Robert Spencer writes it up here.


“I Delight in Watching Her Die”

A 17-year-old Libyan refugee girl in Germany named Alaa was stabbed down and critically injured by her ”husband” and her brothers, who filmed the deed.

The brother who did the stabbing is currently standing trial for preparing an Islamic act of terror, and had just been released from custody on February 26.

Alaa’s family then sent the video to her alleged lover. In this version below, that was published by Bild newspaper, the scenes that actually show the critically wounded girl have been blackened out. She can only be heard begging for an ambulance, as she is pregnant – again. She had the first child from her twice-her-age “husband” when she was 16.

An original translation from Die Welt, Germany:

“I Delight in Watching Her Die”

A 17-year-old is stabbed down by her husband and her brother in an Islamic rite. Was it an attempted honor killing? It appears the family sent a disturbing mobile video to the victim’s boyfriend after the crime.

This act of violence is blood-curdling: Tuesday evening, a young woman is brutally stabbed down by her husband and her brother. She is critically injured. The two flee. Shortly thereafter, they are arrested on a train in Schweinfurt, 250 kilometers away.

Investigators assume a “relationship incident”, but for tactical reasons they initially did not disclose more. The 17-year-old girl from Libya is married to a 34-year-old Syrian by Islamic law, but not by German law. Both of them came to Germany as refugees.

Disturbing new details have now been disclosed. On Friday afternoon, police announced that it appears that before the deed the 17-year-old wanted to separate from her husband. Was it an attempted honor killing? The cultural and religious background is an important part of the investigations.

According to “Bild” newspaper, the young woman fell in love with an asylum seeker from neighboring Biberach. On the evening of the crime, the family was assembled in the parental home in Laupheim. After an argument escalated, the 20-year-old brother drove a knife into his sister’s chest and critically injured her.

Alleged phone video to the lover

In its Saturday edition the paper printed stills from a mobile video. In it, threatening male voices, and a whimpering woman can be heard.

Another brother — not the stabber — allegedly said “Can you see where I’m standing? I delight in watching her die, and smoke a cigarette whilst doing so.” The video was allegedly recorded in the nursery of the 17-year-old, and sent to the man from Biberach.

The victim was not fit for questioning on Friday. But she isn’t in critical condition any longer, the police spokesman replies to our inquiry. She is in stable condition. The criminal police are still investigating friends and family of those involved. The 34-year-old man and the 20-year-old brother of the badly injured woman are still in custody on suspicion of attempted murder.

The 20-year-old brother is an Islamist, apparently. He is currently standing trial for assisting in the preparation of a grave and subversive act of terror, and for perjury. According to the investigators, he was released from custody only on February 26 — shortly before the deed. The “Stuttgarter Nachrichten” report that the Libyan [husband — translator] had been “on the radar” of the special task force of Interior Minister Thomas Strobl (CDU), who is responsible for the deportation of particularly criminal foreigners and terror risks.

Honor killings in Germany

Crimes with a background of alleged violations of honor make the headlines times and again. In February 2005, the German-Turk Hatun Sürücü was shot dead at a bus stop in Berlin. The murder — allegedly committed in the name of honor — created ripples across Germany. Her youngest brother was sentenced to nine and a half years in youth detention.

In the case of the murder of the mother-of-six Hanaa S. from Solingen in 2015, the court established this January that it was a deed “to restore the family honor”.

Translator’s note:
This last paragraph by Die Welt, mentioning only two cases, is quite an underestimation., who track known cases of Sharia killings in Germany, list 12 attempted honor killings, two of them lethal, just for January 2018, and 77 cases in 2017, 45 of them deadly, others “only” leaving the survivor disfigured.

Alaa (r.): her brother stabbed the pregnant girl in the chest and slit open both sides of her mouth.

Germany: Mia’s Killer Is 20 Years Old

An original translation from Bild, Germany.

Scandal about age of Mia’s Killer

Abdul D. killed Mia. When he applied for asylum, the Afghan lied, saying he was only 14. Photo: personal.

Feb. 21., 2018
Kandel –. On December 27., Abdul D. ambushed his ex-girlfriend Mia in a supermarket in Kandel (Rhineland-Palatinate) and killed her with a knife stab in her heart.

Mia V. († 15) was murdered by her ex-boyfriend. Photo: Horst Welke

The killer is an asylum seeker from Afghanistan, and he stated that he was 15 years old. Now an age expert evaluation shows: it was a lie! (no way! E.N.) He was “at least” 17 1/2 years old, more likely 20.

There were early doubts about the Afghan’s age. Photos suggested that he could not possibly be 15 years old.

The background: When Abdul D. came to Germany in April 2016, he stated that he was 14 years old. As he did not state an exact date of birth, the Youth Welfare Office in charge in Frankfurt/Main assigned him January 1, 2002, as birthday.

For this reason, he and Mia went to the same school. His age was neither verified when he entered the country, nor later – a deadly mistake.

Only after the deed, the Prosecutor had his carpus, his teeth, and the collarbone x-rayed for an extensive medical report. Yesterday, Prosecution Landau published the findings.

The press release says: „In his report, the expert comes to the conclusion that the accused is most likely approximately 20 years old. The expert determines his absolute minimum current age to be 17 1/2 years.“

Politicians demand consequences!
Andrea Lindholz (47, CSU), chairman of the Bundestag home affairs committee, says to Bild: “The age should be examined systematically, and nationwide consistently, in the new anchor centres. Medical examinations must not be taboo. Also older cases where there is a reasonable doubt about their age should be examined in hindsight, and corrected systematically.“

Hamburg: Iranian Kills Wife In Front Of Their 1 Year Old Daughter

Photo: Röer/NDR

An original translation of a police press release:
POL-HH: 171214-3. Homicide in Hamburg-Bramfeld
14.12.2017 – 17:29

Hamburg (ots) – date of crime: 14.12.2017 scene of crime: Hamburg-Bramfeld, Mützendorpsteed

A 35-year old Iranian was found today before noon by police officers in her own apartment, gravely injured. She succumbed to her injuries shortly thereafter in the hospital. The homicide division (LKA 41) is leading the investigations.

According to the current state of investigations, a 43-year-old Iranian rang his neighbor’s doorbell, handed his daughter to the neighbor, and asked to call the police.

The arriving police officers then found a gravely injured woman in the apartment of the Iranian. She was immediately taken to hospital, but there, succumbed to her injuries shortly after.

The 43-year-old who is the suspect was found injured, too. He was taken to hospital to treat his inuries as an in-patient. There, he is under police surveillance. His injuries are not life threatening.

For the time being, it is yet unclear in which relationship the victim stood with the suspect.

After first investigations, both were living together with their mutual daughter in the apartment in Hamburg-Bramfeld.

The 1-year-old child was taken into custody and is taken care of by the crisis intervention team of the German Red Cross.

The investigations of the LKA 41, especially into the backgrounds of the deed and the course of events, are ongoing.

Translator’s note:
According to NDR (public broadcaster Norddeutscher Rundfunk), the woman was stabbed, and the father has already come under investigations for dangerous battery earlier this year.

The NDR news report features this video:


Vienna: “Good that she’s dead” – Afghan stabs his little sister in Sharia Killing

Vienna: A teenager of only 14 years was stabbed to death this morning on her way to school by her own brother in an act of Sharia justice.

This morning in Puchsbaumgasse, Vienna

Two original translations:

1. Kronen Zeitung, Austria:
Confessed Honor Killing: “Good that she’s dead”
Chilling Statement

Sept. 18., 2017, 17:59 PM CET
No trace of regret at the first interrogation of the 18-year old who has stabbed his 14-year old sister to death early Monday morning. On the contrary: The Afghan seems proud of the honor killing of his family member. “It is good that she is dead” were his first words after the confession to the police.

The perpetrator, who is only 18 years old, turned himself in to the police before noon this same day. In his opinion, it were “good”, that his sister is dead now. “She stained our family’s honor”, was his first reason for the deed. The young Afghan does not seem to care at all that a prison sentence awaits him now.

Victim seeked help in a crisis accommodation
The first investigations brought sad details to light: The 14-year old had lately been seeking shelter in a crisis center of the youth welfare office. Only last week, she had moved away from home, because she felt cornered and “pressured”.

The young Afghan had personally asked for shelter in a crisis center. It had been about not being allowed to “go out” and “meet girlfriends”, Petra Mandl describes to MA11. She had felt “locked in the apartment” and apparently, was repeatedly given an elder sister to her side as a “minder”.

“The attack was completely unexpected”
The spokeswoman pointed out that the parents agreed to the placing and showed cooperation. “The mother even brought clothes”. The 14-year old had never said that she were scared of her family or felt physically threatened. So there did not seem to be any issue in letting her go to school on her own. The youth welfare office had not had any contact with the elder brother, who apparently was living in the family. “The attack was not foreseeable for us, und came completely unexpected.”

Bled to death from knife stab wounds
So, early monday morning, the 14-year old went to school on her own. The 18-year old ambushed her on the route and pursued her into a patio in Puchsbaumgasse. The girl bled to death on the scene from numerous stab wounds. “Had we known that there was a danger, we would not have let her go on her own” the municipal official ensures.
The 14-year old had already contacted the youth welfare office the previous summer and had temporarily moved to the crisis accommodation, but then she had returned to ther family. It appears the pressure had increased again, lately.

Note how in this next article, the author attempts to spin it as an issue of patriarchy and “male control over a woman’s sexuality” (of a 14 year old girl who was just going to school?), and puts it into a context of domestic violence and women killed by ex-partners. Perhaps the readers had more culture-specific observations to offer, or why would Die Presse have to close the comment section?

2. Die Presse, Austria
Vienna: Brother stabbed his 14-year old sister
An 18-year old Afghan confessed to having stabbed his 14-year old sister in Wien-Favoriten in the open street. The case sparked a debate on „honor killings“.

By Manfred Seeh
Sept. 18.,.2017, 18:04 PM
Vienna. Early monday morning, an apartment complex in Puchsbaumgasse in Wien-Favoriten: Residents hear piercing cries for help and call the police. Officers race to the scene. But the paramedics are not able to help anymore: A 14-year old youth from Afghanistan dies at the scene from her grave injuries. The immediate resuscitation efforts remain unsuccessful.

Half an hour after the bloody crime, the 18-year old brother of the victim turns himself in. He walks into a police station and (accordig to Vienna police) makes a confession.

Even though the motive remains unclear initially, it immediately sparked a debate on social media if it might have been a so-called “honor killing”. This is what a murder is called when the victim has, in the family’s opinion, offended the family honor; for example by (alleged) sexual actions which, according to the opinion of specific patriarchal classes in society, violate the male control over a woman’s sexuality.

According to police spokesman Harald Sörös the 18-year old “waylayed” his sister. The teenager initially managed to flee into the greened patio of the apartment complex. But the perpetrator outran her, and, according to the paramedics’ estimates, stabbed her around 13 or 14 times. Due to the heavy stab wounds into neck and chest, the victim quickly lost blood massively, which led to her death within a short timespan.

Similar case solved
The deed reminds of a crime that was solved just in early September. A 20-year old, whose parents are migrants, was arrested in his apartment in Vienna-Liesing. Investigations had been ongoing for almost a full year. A hint led police to the man’s traces. He admitted that he had stabbed a 15-year old, as he had assumed that his sister had offended the family honor – by having a relationship with that 15-year old. The victim survived six stabs with the knife, so it remained attempted murder. Later, it surfaced that the perpetrator had confused the 15-year old with his 19-year old brother – and that the sister didn’t have a relationship in the first place.

According to UNO studies, the number of so-called honor killings lies in the thousands worldwide each year. There are no exact numbers. Many crimes are not recognized as such – while at the same time, sometimes, murders out of jealousy are mistakenly seen as honor killings.

The organization Autonome Österreichische Frauenhäuser points out that in Austria, each fifth woman from age 15 on is affected by physical or sexual violence. Each year, 20 to 25 women estimatedly are killed by their own partner or ex partner. Therefore, there were an urgent need for violence prevention measures (for example: mandatory requirements for violent men). The criminal statistics assesses acquaintance, relationship, and housing situation. According to this, in the previous year, 20 Austrian women were killed by someone with whom they had been living “in family relationship in household”.
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