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6 Replies to “PEGIDA Dresden 21.03.2016 Speech by Tatjana Festerling”

  1. Eeyoore said: “(I haven’t seen this yet, but Gates of Vienna says its “very good!” and will watch it with you all shortly)”

    I watched it last night – it’s EXCELLENT – and the wonderfull spray she directs towards the “Refugeeeeeeee Helpers” the Greens/Left towards the end is Gold. (She is alluding to the fact that there was actually a safe bridge a short distance from where the “Greenies” guided the refugeeeeees, cameras at the ready, across the rageing river and, in effect, drove 3 of them to the death by drowning).

    My dream-team for leaders: Tatjana Festerling and the Hungarian Prime Minister !

    • She is good, she is real good.

      I love the way she is organizing a sick out for the 4th of April, I will bet the LSM in all nations will refuse to comment on this action.

  2. PS: Rembrandt Clancy’s translation is excellent, yet, having the chance, as a native German, to hear this woman speak in the most elegant – yet feisty German, is just such a pleasure.

  3. You’re bang on with your dream team Rita. Festerling is excellent. I listened to the whole speech. I’m very curious what April 4th brings, and if it is significant what extent will be msm coverage.

    • johnnyu…I hope they, and Geert Wilders, Marine & Marion LePen, Paul Weston, Tommy Robinson, and people of their calibre, not only will survive (literally) and stand against the nastiest of machines, but I hope they will make the dominos fall before it’s too late.

      • It won’t be too late until the Caliphate rules all of Europe and there is no resistance. Having said that it is rapidly approaching the time when it will be too late for peaceful resistance.

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