Stunning example of the new French authoritarianism

This is extraordinary. France is truly a police state and the laws are arbitrary and made up to please Macron as needs be. Make sure you have the captions on and turn on the auto translate and set it to English. The translation is unusually good. I may do a hard coded version anyway for posterity.

Charges brought against Macron before International Criminal Court – German media silent

An original translation by MissPiggy with much thanks!

From Watergate TV:

Francis Lalanne, one of the leading figures in the yellow vests in France, announced in late February 2019 in the French newspaper “Libération” (his intention) to prosecute French President Emmanuel Macron and Interior Minister Christophe Castaner before the International Criminal Court. In a petition initiated by him, Lalanne was able to collect the required 250,000 votes to file a lawsuit. Lalanne accuses Macron and Castaner of crimes against humanity and invokes Article 35 of Human Rights.

A few days ago, the French media reported that the lawsuit was now filed with the required signatures at the International Criminal Court on 11 June 2019.

The petition begins with an explanation of what the Tribunal declared as law and which came into force on 1 July 2002, along with the definition of a crime against humanity: “A crime against humanity is one of the following acts, if it is part of a far-reaching or systematic attack on civilians … “Here Lalanne listed below the” acts “of the police against the protesters.

The use of force by the French police against the Yellow-vests, some of which have certainly not distinguished themselves by pacifism, is disproportionate and reprehensible, according to Lalanne. Lalanne, is a singer, artist and a “yellow vest”, who launched the petition on about three months ago. On his trip to The Hague, Lalanne was accompanied by two lawyers who are accredited lawyers for the International Criminal Court.

The complaint goes against Macron and Castaner, because these are the chief commanders of the police, according to Lalanne. During the demonstrations, the police used weapons against the demonstrators defined as “weapons of war”: hand grenades and hard rubber bullets. Before the International Criminal Court, the French president and his minister could not appeal to their immunity, said a lawyer Lalannes. They have immunity in France but not in the ICC.

I do not know exactly what this clip is. Is it real? or someone making a movie about what French police do to French law abiding citizens. Too close to tell. But the lights look a little stage-is and I do not recognize the flags. Waiting on an explanation:


Once again, Euronews lies to force a deep state/socialist agenda

Euronews is continuously seeking to undermine the people of France by lying about the weekly protests in France. Watch even their own video and decided if you think this is just 2800 people. But then watch the videos collected in yesterday’s YVP post here at Vlad.

Let.s have a look at a couple of other protest videos from yesterday where in all of France there was “only 2800 protestors”.

“2800 people in all of France yesterday protesting”. This is just Toulouse. Euronews needs criminal charges filed against it or at least a class action lawsuit by all the people of Europe who have to pay for this sedition.

Are Macron’s goons now using Guns?

French Interior minister, turns people escaping from police tear gas and baton attacks, into an “Attack on an ICU”

The French interior minister also said that “the police had to intervene to save people in the hospital from an ‘angry mob'” (Yellow Vesters) but the truth is the protestors were escaping chemical and other abuse by police to the public.

The Interior Minister also said: “Yellow Vesters had attacked doctors and nurses in the hospital” but the staff of the hospital testified to the press that at no point had they been attacked by the Yellow Vests.

Below, the video of what actually happened:

Thank you M., and Ava Lon who watched quite a bit of material to help us come to an understanding of this now-standard government false flag against its own people.

(Remember Chemnitz)



French Journalist repeatedly arrested for real reporting on the Yellow Vest Protests

Remember this clip from March 2019?

Te video below is an interview with the journalist who took that footage above, an was jailed for it. He has been jailed repeatedly by the French sate for doing his duty to democracy.

Error: He was jailed as he explained in the interview, for flipping the bird to the police after they shot him with a ‘grenade’.

Gaspard Glanz being arrested on April 20 2019 in Paris

For the 3rd time it seems necessary to post the Lara Logan clip:

Thank you Ava Lon for the work that went into this.


Act XXIIII of the Yellow Vest Protests in France are scheduled for today and as always the meat of this post will be in the boot. So please check the comments frequently to see what our readers have found, to understand what is actually going on in France.

This of course in contrast to the misinformation of the MSM, or more often the staggering silence, by main stream media on one of the major pillars of Western Civilization, brought to its knees every week for twenty four solid weeks now by protestors. And that despite police maiming, blinding, and blowing their hands off.