Tania Groth speaks at Yellow Vest protest, Sweden

This was delivered on February 2nd, 2019 in Sweden at a Yellow Vest protest that certainly gave the feeling that even the Swedes are awakening.

There are some real gems in this speech. Please focus and watch to the end.

Thank you Tania for sending us the video of this speech.

Tania Groth leads For Freedom to the ANTIFA HQ in Copenhagen after they chased away a reporter

A few days ago, we published an interview and video of the Lawyer for For Freedom, formerly PEGIDA, Denmark when he was chased away from The People’s House in Copenhagen, as a mixed group of Muslims and self titled, ‘ANTIFA’ alternately screamed, “Jew” and “Nazi” at him.

Tania did something we rarely see activists on our side do short of Jordan Peterson or Milo Yiannopoulos. She took the fight to them.

On the For Freedom march in Copenhagen Saturday, one cop almost danced to the carols

In a way this video shows the tragedy of the loss of classical civilization the most of all of them.

Look at what the leftists and muslims are so violently opposed to.

People doing a Danish Christmas event, songs, cookies and so on, in a part of the capital of Denmark where Muslims live in high concentration.

That preventing this with violence can somehow be a good thing.

Perhaps this video shows most of all who the tolerant and intolerant are.

Danes exercising their own culture in their own land, will not be tolerated by Muslims or leftists.

Everyone else, doing any non-Western culture, will be protected speech and any objections, or even revealing truths about those cultural or religious aspects will lead to hate crimes charges.

Case closed. Or as the kids say, “mic drop”.