Tania Groth speaks at Yellow Vest protest, Sweden

This was delivered on February 2nd, 2019 in Sweden at a Yellow Vest protest that certainly gave the feeling that even the Swedes are awakening.

There are some real gems in this speech. Please focus and watch to the end.

Thank you Tania for sending us the video of this speech.

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2 Replies to “Tania Groth speaks at Yellow Vest protest, Sweden”

  1. At minute 11:06 we have the essential communality between Socialism and Islam: “It has been said that Socialism is something you can vote your way into, but you have to shoot your way out of”.

    What a magnificent woman this speaker is – representing what we once were….or once were allowed to be: courageous, strong, outspoken, patriotic…before the cancer cells – Merkel, Sorros, Obama, Clinton, Macron, May and their ilk – got to us. I nearly feel inclined to buy and eat “Belgian chocolates” again, which I have boycotted for some time ;).

    The intelligent grasp that Tania Groth has on what is really happening in France with the yellow vests is spot on, and I will send this video to my french friends – they need all the encouragement they can get. Only last Saturday, one of the very very very few real journalists (alternative press but increasingly popular – especially among the Yellow Vests) was attacked violently by 10 – 12 thugs from the “Black Block” (AntiFa) – ending up in hospital. Not ONE reaction from the Macron-Media – so much for “journalistic” solidarity.

    And proof that the brown-sauce-basted Antifa are – if not directly financed by the government as in Merkel-Land – so at least “used” by the Macron forces is for me that – appearing at every Yellow Vest event – they were totally absent, when the Macron-supporting “red scarfs” demonstrated against the Yellow Vests “peacefully”.

    Anyway – I rant, let me close with what a commentator at YT said:

    “…. it’s fitting that this brave speech has a backdrop of church bells.”


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