On dual loyalty

And this is why Bill Warner made this:

Dr. Bill Warner responds to US congresswoman, Rashida Tlaib

Bill Warner speaks with film maker, Michael Hansen, on his new movie, Oh Canada!

My apologies for the audio-dropouts. Very annoying I know. Working on a fix. This one was challenging though.

The premiere for Oh Canada is this coming weekend! A showing in Ottawa on Sept. 15th, and one in Toronto the next day at the Zionist Centre at 3:00

For those able to come and see the film, please do. It is a powerful statement on the crimes governments and their agents do, to block the constitutional right to freedom of speech we are all guaranteed.

Bill Warner and Milo Yiannopoulos. Two men being ‘de-platformed’ by the totalitarian left.

And in case you have not seen this already, watch this 30 minute segment of a Milo speech at an American university. Watch it all. It is a study in the blossoming totalitarianism in the West today, and the complicit impotence by the institutions themselves.