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One Reply to “Bill Warner on Lord Pearson’s interview and the mass muslim sex-slave gangs”

  1. ‘Lord Apologist’ is George Young I believe he is the 6th George Young, hereditary baronet. Typical of the British establishment: condescending but personally charming, convinced of his own superior position and knowledge but utterly lost when it comes to the facts.
    He has been a minister and fixer in Conservative governments for decades.
    You Americans would eloquently describe him as a swamp creature born to rule over us plebs.
    Lord Pearson has ploughed a lonely furrow and has at last got some deserved publicity, but despite our little Free Speech event at Speakers’ Corner, we have a long way to go before we reach a tipping point.
    We need a British Spring. It appears to be a fair way off. I may be wrong, as I was in Romania in early 1989 and had no idea that things would change as fast as they did, but most native Britons seem to carry on and not that many are really aware of the Islamic threat.

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