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20 Replies to “An important video from Dr. Bill Warner”

    • If I could catch that guy with the chicken I could cut his testicles off.and fry them and feed them to the refugees.
      I have some more ideas if needed.
      I am serious we in Europe need to bring back medieval torture.
      It would be my pleasure to tie their members on 4 horses and make them go in 4 different directions.
      After that demo they will leave Europe

      • If I could catch that guy with the chicken I would cut his testicles off and fry them and feed them to the refugees.

        Tut-tut, I must criticize you for your conspicuous lack of restraint when it comes to holding back in such a despicable manner. It seems that you (somehow) neglected to consider how such a amputation curative measure might benefit all involved. Especially those who are dietarily testosterone-deprived.

    • Gates of Vienna had a piece about Merkel’s deliberate campaign to promote interracial ‘couples’. Pictures of very young white girls, smiling and holding hands with this sort of alien. Many undoubtedly posing as “unaccompanied minors”, and all looking like the cat who swallowed the canary.

      A real stomach-churner, I can’t find it now. No doubt there’s abundant evidence already stacked up somewhere for future prosecution. Nuremberg Redux.

      Meanwhile, such “coupling” will have contributed to the population of New Germans. A generation with what Matt Bracken describes as “hybrid vigor”.

      Heaven help us.

  1. It doesnt take courage as a muslim to stand amongst 400 christians and ask difficult questions. Christians would do nothing.The muslim does not have to fear a reaction. The other way round poses an altogether different scenario.

    • Reporter tells it was strongly supported by “Amadeo Antonio Foundation” of ex-Stasi member Anetta Kahane, police is not willing to evacuate the crowd of self-declared “anarchists”.

  2. Thank you for posting Dr. Bill Warner’s insightful video regarding what he admires about Islam. Very thought-provoking. It reminded me of how I felt when I saw a cartoon with a quote from Osama bin Laden about people being naturally attracted to the “strong horse” and not the weak one.


    If my link doesn’t work, the cartoon showed an out-of-shape older hippy type tossing flowers in the air and the words “multi-culturalism” on his t-shirt alongside a very huge, buffed representative of “Islam” with a long sword in his hands. In between them was a little Western boy with a t-shirt that said “Britain’s future.” It was so clear to me. We need to give our children what they need … the home should be their “go-to” place for values, love, fun, acceptance, guidance, chastisement, learning. We need men … thoughtful men of spirit and emotional strength who are not afraid of physical strength when necessary. Same with women. Western culture is decaying, but it has strong roots. I’m not sure what went wrong. Many cultures and different peoples in a country does not have to be a problem if values are shared and understood. “Multi-culturalism” as a juicy leftist catch-phrase that is hammered into people’s psyche is divisive and destructive, especially when it concerns the trashing of the dominant culture.

    • Wonderful cartoon, thanks Olive.
      All the Euro movers-&-shakers are childless: Merkel, Macron, Mogherini, et al. It’s reassuring to see our President with his grandchildren.
      Skin in the game.

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