Sandra Solomon short lecture series on islam as a threat doctrine

Sandra Solomon was up here for a couple of days last week and managed to find time to record a few videos with us here at VTB. I have posted one or two as single posts or in large multi-posts but here are all the ones I have managed to process so far.

As an unrelated point of interest, those of you with a fast internet connection may want to go to the little gear, dial it up to 4K in the quality settings, and then watch in full screen. Just to show off a new piece of kit!


Sandra and I discuss the Red-Green alliance. Islam and communism. A somewhat casual chat.

Sandra really wanted to make a video about the Islamic view on children and take-over of kufar lands by demographics.

An overview of the Islamic view on peace treaties and deception in negotiations.

Is the koran hate literature?

On Canada’s Islamic supremacy motion, soon to be a law, which may make a crime of any criticism of Islam, and which calls for a “whole of government response” to “islamophobia” without any definition of what that is.

Is halal food weaponized groceries?

Is the burka, a weaponized wardrobe?

There are a few more to edit and publish which I will try and get to, and add to the bottom of this post over the next few days.

Please feel free to comment on any or all of them below in the comments.

Special thanks to Sandra Solomon for coming all this way to make these for us all.

Sandra Solomon: M103, the end of the Enlightenment?

(As a point of interest, those of you who have a fast internet connection may want to go to the little gear at the bottom of this video and select quality and dial this up to 4K and go full screen for the videos in this series. As an experiment, this was filmed with a new device at 4K and no post production was done except editing out interruptions. Its quite something from that PoV. A tribute to how good a phone camera is today.)

Sandra Solomon faces off with ANTIFA in Winnipeg

There is a pile of critically important news and Muslim attacks right now which will be posted shortly but for the moment, please check the comments in the daily reader’s links post to see the latest on the Islamic attack and mass shooting of expats in Manila Philippines near the airport, and the explosion and fire at the Vatican.

Sandra Solomon assaulted by ANTIFA in Winnipeg, arrests made

Details here:

A good friend of this site suggested using the title: “White men attack Muslim woman”, or, if that was too off the mark, “White men beat Arab women” and that would satisfy the full-on identity politics aspects of it.

Brilliant idea, and funny. But one is reluctant to go down that road even for the laugh. ANTIFA is nearly 100% white males with a smattering of women for the thugs to hide behind when they attack people they don’t like with bike locks etc. But the problem as we all know is not that they are white males. Its that they are various flavours of post-modernists ranging from classic Soviet commies to essentially Nazi brown shirts, and all the types of post-modernists that agree that violent revolution is what is needed to take down classical liberalism. The one true enemy they are certain of.

Sandra is an ex-Muslim and an Arab. But they attacked her because she stands against the narrative. She wants to blunt the best weapon the leftists have against us. Islam. And they won’t stand for that.

Even so, it was too funny an idea to leave alone entirely so I had to at least include it in the post. And we all do know by now, if the CBC was writing it up, they would most certainly do a spin like that if they thought they could get away with it.

Sandra Solomon analyses odd video appearing to be an Islamic threat to Canada in particular

When this video was first sent to us, my first impression was it could as easily be by an Anti-Islamic group pointing out what Canada needs to understand about Islam and our Islamophelic government, as much as it could be exactly what it pretends to be.

Sandra however, felt it was precisely what it appears to be. The sloppy production of the video just means it isn’t part of the US-Islamic State video production facility, but that doesn’t mean some new or even not new jihadi group didn’t paste this together with flour and water.

So Sandra asked to do a play-by-play analogy of the video to better inform Canadians in particular.

(There was distinctly a series of news stories from roughly a year ago exposing US government people of having been the production company behind many of the same Islamic State videos it became illegal to be in possession of. I tried to find them for this post but cannot. But they were posted on Vlad at the time somewhere.)


Could there possibly be another side to the story about the protest at Masjid Toronto?

Last night we posted an ‘article’ by Global News that would make a pretty good piece of evidence in a court of law, that Canada was no longer a democratic country, but one which ran by cultural-Marxism.

It claimed to show an event, when really it pilloried the people and sentiments of the event without letting any of the people involved express their own point of view.

It even tricked you into thinking you would see a video of an event with a poster frame of the protest in question, but never actually showed you the poster frame. A trick at the level of Youtube hucksters that make an image of a sexually receptive women the poster frame  of a video about buying electronics or watching a review or something unrelated.

This is the state of journalism in Canada. Pravda during the Cold War.

All of this was covered in last night’s post though. Just one question left.

Is there another side to the story about yesterday’s protest at the mosque?

Lets ask the women who was there, actually made demands of the imam at the mosque, and was never spoken to by any Canadian media who alleged to have covered the story:

For those who want them, here are the three videos of the imam at the Toronto Masjid inset in the video above. Please download them and save them yourselves. There will be an attempt to have them pulled down you can be certain.

Now there is news that the RCMP will be looking at this protest as a potential hate crime. Lets hope they do. Because then the mask will be off.

Please see this post for more on this important story.