Michael Hansen film, Killing Canada

Every time I post this important film from 2017 or so, it vanishes. So here it is again. Please watch and comment. It is more relevant now than when it was made.

If the above video does not play please try below:

Michael Hansen’s complete movie, Killing Canada

Since there are increasingly loud and persisitent rumours of an election being called in Canada, lets revisit Michael Hansen’s film from before Trudeau’s second electoral ‘victory’.


Correcting the new fake-record on muslim sex-slave gangs of British white girls

Recently there has been a little eruption of articles, videos and hearings to do damage control on what is a geopolitical phenomenon way beyond any issue of crime and punishment.

That issue is the targeted kidnapping and raping and addicting to drugs (part of the kidnapping) and then forced prostitution of the girls to thousands of men, where they get maimed, beaten or killed for disobedience but certainly no share of the money they bring in, cannot be described as crime.

Now, some levels of British bureaucracy is attempting to make it seem like fear of being seen as racist is the cause. This is still just fluff and damage control. What they still have not said is, that muslims, who were assisting these gangs, worked with them, or was sympathetic to them, had been hired as police reaching very high up in the forces, and also some muslim politicians knew all about this and provided cover for these gangs.

Some muslim police even took girls who ran away and were told about their treatment in captivity, and brought them back to the sex-slaver gangs that held them. Like bringing back a runaway dog. Except if a dog shows signs of having been abused, typically its taken away and the people who did it are jailed or fined. Not so in the case of these White, British, very young girls.

Below, the segment from Michael Hansen’s important film, Killing Europe, where he interviewed one of the Rotherham victims and she tells of not just her experience with muslim sex slavers, but how the constabulary treated her and one politician who made sure it all continued.

This is part of the film, Killing Europe, that the Ottawa Public Library refused to show because ‘racism’ but several copies of Mein Kampf could be found on second story bookshelves.

We are posting this clip because so many of the usual Youtube people are discussing this issue as if there has been a victory of sorts. But without mentioning that it was muslim police and muslim minor politicians who were major facilitators of this historical class crime, it feels like just more controlled opposition.

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Youtube removes Killing Europe, following Amazon’s lead

Youtube removes Michael Hansen’s film, Killing Europe, following Amazon’s lead

YouTube blacklisted Killing Europe, a documentary about Islam and mass immigration in Europe that had previously been hosted on the platform for over a year, just days after Amazon Prime made the same decision.

Unlike Amazon, which said it censored the documentary due to “quality” concerns, YouTube accused the documentary — a critical examination of immigration in Europe — of violating its “hate speech” policy.

The documentary is a mix of on-the-ground footage and interviews, including interviews with ex-Muslims, British politicians, and victims of the notorious Rotherham rape epidemic.

“This is America, not Canada and not Europe — we’re supposed to have free speech,” said director Michael Hansen in a video message to his subscribers. “So why is it that they’re working so hard to [pull] my movies down?”

Supporters of the documentary have since uploaded it to BitChute, a decentralized free-speech oriented YouTube competitor.

YouTube’s takedown message to Hansen is as follows:

Hi WeAre138 Productions,

Our team has reviewed your content, and, unfortunately, we think it violates our hate speech policy. We’ve removed the following content from YouTube:

Killing Europe (short version)

Related: Also by Michael Hansen:

You can see Killing Europe right here

Killing Europe (theatrical version) from Dane Hansen on Vimeo.

For those who wish to support Michael Hansen’s herculean efforts to preserve freedom of speech and classical thought, please consider buying a DVD of killing Europe from Michael directly, here.


Filmmaker Michael Hansen on Infowars with Matt Bracken, Aug. 1, 2019

Direct link:


Repost of two of Michael Hansen’s films

Since filmmaker, Michael Hansen’s appearance on Infowars as well as two articles at Breitbart on his work, there have been requests to see his two films now publicly available so we are posting them here.

Rumours circulate of an updated version of his US film on the state of free speech. We look forward to that a great deal.

Abridged version of Killing Europe:

Killing Canada:

Unknown agent attempts take down of movie, ‘Killing Canada’

The film Michael Hansen made about the massive loss of true liberal freedoms in Canada under the current Trudeau government, was made available free on line on February 4th by the website, Free Speech Defence.com and interestingly at the same time, that server came under its first meaningful DDoS attack ever.

According to the person who hosts the domain, “there is no doubt it was because of that movie being on that server”.

The attack is known as a “UDP-Based Amplification Attack”, and was as much a test of the server’s defences as it was an attempt to take down the movie’s availability.

But it clearly was an attempt to make the film, unavailable to the public.

The good news is, the film is available to the public!

Killing Canada from Dane Hansen on Vimeo.

Please enjoy and spread the link to all you know. If this much effort is being used to suppress this movie, its worth seeing for yourself and deciding about its value.

Thank you again FSD for the information, and Michael Hansen for making this film free to the public for us all to see.


Drive to press and distribute DVDs of Killing Canada to people

ACT For Canada is doing a drive to raise funds to make DVDs of Michael Hansen’s excellent film, Killing Canada, and distribute it to politicians and Canadians on the street. Please read their release below and help them if you can. Canada is not yet circling the drain, but the drain is getting visible on the horizon. This seems like quite a good effort to Red Pill Canadians before the next election.


Dear fellow patriotic citizens:

We want to take back our country.  The Yellow Vest movement is part of it. As this protest spreads across the country – and pay no attention to reports of “infiltration” which you will get in every patriotic movement – we want to be able to hand out brochures along with DVD’s of Michael Hansen’s excellent “Killing Canada” to all the Canadians who are taking the time to come out and stand for our country. We also want to deliver this DVD to selected Members of Parliament.

Of course, this takes money and since we are not funded by the likes of George Soros, we must appeal to you – every citizen who cares deeply about the destruction of our country and are prepared to fight for everything that Canada stands for.

If you are able to contribute to this, no matter how small your donation, we would be very grateful.  You can go here to contribute:


Thank you in advance.

We are nationalists; not globalists. Canadian are

united and on the move to make Canada great again!

Thank you in advance.

The film, for those who have not seen it, can be viewed here for now.

Killing Canada (Was Oh Canada!) now available free on Youtube

Michael Hansen, the maker of the important documentary, Killing Europe, released his second project just this past weekend in Ottawa and Toronto called, Oh Canada!, now renamed to Killing Canada.

The film in its simplest terms, was about how various lawyers who champion the phoney human right not to be offended, at the expense of the genuine human right to freedom of speech, and certain government officials broke rules and used deception to cancel the showing of Killing Europe, as well as even cancelling his planned talk at the Ottawa Public Library on why and how they cancelled the film some months earlier.

Both Ottawa and Toronto audiences felt this needed to be seen by everyone, and most certainly in Canada.

And so Michael has now made it available on Youtube for free and for all.

Please send the link to all you can if you feel as strongly as we do, that this movie exposes some of the truly pernicious machinery within Canada for the purposes of shutting down all discussion on certain transformational subjects. As a nation, Canada does not have a lot of chances left. One more term of Trudeau and its anyone’s guess what sort of culture and legal system Canada will have by the end. I suspect only the Swedes know for sure.

For all who appreciate Hansen’s work, please consider contributing to it here. I speak for many of us when I say that we would like him to continue making films like this one, and Killing Europe. So if you feel it was worth your time, please consider donating to Michael, at least the cost of a movie ticket or two weeks subscription to the nearly fully Postmodern, Netflix.

For those who have not seen Killing Europe, and wish a greater contextual understanding of the documentary above, Killing Europe can be seen below in full.

Anyone who wishes to arrange a showing of either or both of these films at a local theatre, community centre or library or classroom, may download these videos from Youtube (please make sure you get at least 1080p version) and show them.

If you would like to arrange to have Michael speak to your audience after the showing, you may arrange this with him at the website, www.killingfreespeech.com


Bill Warner speaks with film maker, Michael Hansen, on his new movie, Oh Canada!

My apologies for the audio-dropouts. Very annoying I know. Working on a fix. This one was challenging though.

The premiere for Oh Canada is this coming weekend! A showing in Ottawa on Sept. 15th, and one in Toronto the next day at the Zionist Centre at 3:00

For those able to come and see the film, please do. It is a powerful statement on the crimes governments and their agents do, to block the constitutional right to freedom of speech we are all guaranteed.

Michael Hansen set to release next film, on the left, and freedom of speech in Canada

Michael Hansen, creator of the important film, Killing Europe, announces the imminent release of his next project, Oh Canada!. A close look at the institutional and activist transformation of Canada from a liberal state with human rights, to a kind of Marxist state with group rights at the expense of real human rights.

Please check out the movie page here:

And below, a few clips and trailers from the film:

There will also be an American version of this movie. And I can tell you all, you will want to see both when they are released.

The Canadian version will have its premiere on September 15, 2018

And the US version, October 1 2018.

No word as yet as to when they will be available online.

At last, Western values fight back against a corrupt, leftist state in Canada

**BOTH The Ottawa Citizen, and the Edmonton Sun have banned all comments on the issue. Please read carefully, and leave your thoughtful comment here.**

In 2017, ACT for Canada booked the Ottawa Public Library to show Michael Hansen’s excellent film, (now available for free on Youtube) Killing Europe.

A social justice warrior lawyer in Ottawa (names in the newspaper articles about this issue) along with a group of communist thugs called, “Ottawa Against Fascism” managed to get the Ottawa Public Library to shut the event down at the last minute.

Here at Vlad, we have done several posts on this issue. It is a grotesque abandonment of anything like democratic principles to designate any unfashionable data, and I do not mean opinion, I mean data that may lead to people forming an opinion that goes against current policies of the deconstruction of our nation states in favour of a new Islamic flavoured international socialism.

Now, ACT for Canada is fighting back and has filed against the Library for a breach of all of our rights. The right to show the film, and the right to see it.

Here are two newspaper articles that have appeared already:

The Ottawa Citizen:

The Edmonton Sun:

Here is the interview I did with Michael some time ago about aspects of these events:

The movie, Killing Europe. A must-watch for all. See it before Youtube does what it does.

Here is the actual press release on the procedures now being taken against the Ottawa Public Library by ACT for Canada. At last, someone is actually doing something.

The Court file document:

The Press Release by the law firm who served the library:

Let’s watch this one. There is more at stake here than a mere win-lose for a single case. This is about whether or not, government institutions, and especially a public library, gets to decide what people can see or hear at an institution which is publicly funded, and must operate under constitutional guarantees.