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2 Replies to “Bill Warner on the muslim attack on the Olive trees of Lesbos Greece”

  1. The destruction of the olive trees at Lesbos is the most despicable thing I have seen in a long time. They don’t just want to win, they want to totally erase the other guy and leave only Islam standing at the end. It makes no sense to me that a person who follows this anti-Jewish, anti-Christian hate-cult can be allowed to go to a Judeo-Christian nation let alone to actually move there and become a member of the Legislature…

    Islam is a genocidal religion. Look at the deep deep hatred that would be required to cut down those ancient trees and spit on that ancient Greek heritage. They wanted to eradicate Greeks and Greek history and the Greek People. Why? What’s the matter with them…? They are Amalakites. They will tear up your grave and swear you were never buried there and neither was your Grandfather and that you never existed. They want all memory of you and your kind erased and made as if they never even happened…

  2. Once there was a vast forest from Northern Iraq to the Med; this was all largely chopped down. Bedouin used to set fire to trees then wait for a strong wind to knock them down, they would then sell the charcoal in places like Damascus.

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