On dual loyalty

And this is why Bill Warner made this:

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  1. Correct. As far as I know, they owe their primary allegiance to Islam and cannot be expected to help an infidel over a Believer unless they are practicing deception and only pretending to be helping the Infidel. Their Holy books clearly instruct Muslims to murder Christians and Jews so there shouldn’t be any confusion on this question. It’s pretty safe to assume that Rashida Tlaib isn’t really concerned for the welfare of “our democracy” and all that her loyalty is to Allah…

  2. I can’t get inside someone else’s head, but here is a window into mis-guided pride. At least a few college campuses hosted Islomophobia events on April 24th, Armenian Remberance Day. Rather than reflecting on the gruesome use of their religion that lead Ottoman Turks to drive their countrymen into slavery or the bone pits of Syrian deserts, students conferred on their own perceived victimization. Words escape me other than a call to President Trump to walk in the footsteps of Reagan and openly declare the day with more fanfare than he did. Let our US Congress show by vote their empathy with the families of the murdered martyrs.
    https://amp.fresnobee.com/news/local/article229622634.html and other articles. (Armenians in exile comprise the second largest non-English speaking ethnic group in California.) The Fresno newspaper is covering the history that we as concerned Americans share with them. Elsewhere, you can read that memories of crucified Armenuans impelled Jewish Palestinian freedom fighter Sarah Aaronsohn to lead her family and friends against the Ottoman vice. https://www.jewishpress.com/indepth/front-page/the-armenian-genocide-and-the-creation-of-israel/2015/03/18/

  3. Eliminating the Gray – Jihadi Term

    “Philip Haney at ACT Cleveland 23oct2017”
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    ACT ClevelandChapter – Published on April 17, 2019
    14:24 – Tonight’s Guests: General (Ret) Thomas McInerney
    Jim Simpson, Pockets of Resistance

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