Bill Warner and Milo Yiannopoulos. Two men being ‘de-platformed’ by the totalitarian left.

And in case you have not seen this already, watch this 30 minute segment of a Milo speech at an American university. Watch it all. It is a study in the blossoming totalitarianism in the West today, and the complicit impotence by the institutions themselves.

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  1. Is there a finer demonstration of why the replacement of white people by Blacks and other Third-worlders will be the DEATH of free speech and ultimately liberty in America?

  2. BREITBART – Journalist Arrested for Filming DePaul Protests Despite Permission from President of Media Relations

    A reporter attempting to capture footage of Milo Yiannopoulos’ event that was cut short at DePaul University in Chicago was arrested and jailed for the night after refusing to stop filming.

    Jeremy Segal, a filmmaker, former Breitbart contributor, and founder of the video news site Rebel Pundit, was attempting to film the event which he described as an important opportunity to get footage for his film.

    “As I was following the protests, I was followed by an administrator who was trying to get campus security to make me leave. They wouldn’t allow me to enter the room where the event was happening,” he told Breitbart News.

    The attempt to remove him came despite the fact that he had pre-arranged with the event organisers permission to attend and openly film.

    “I was assured by the President of Media Relations at the university that the College Republicans reserved the right of permission for me to film within their event, which they granted,” he added.

    When Segal refused to stop filming, the university administrator called the police. He was consequently arrested and charged with criminal trespass.

    “I was booked, fingerprinted, processed and then locked up for 8 hours in a 4 wall concrete cell. I was given two bologna sandwiches to eat,” he added.

    However on his Twitter feed, Segal confirmed that he got some “insane footage” of a “rabid, fascist mob of special snowflakes,” that will be uploaded shortly.

    Behind bars, arrested @DePaulU for filming a rabid, fascist mob of special snowflakes @Nero event – insane footage coming

    • “When Segal refused to stop filming, the university administrator called the police. He was consequently arrested and charged with criminal trespass.”

      Question…the police that responded to the university administrator’s call – are they the same as the security detail which cost Breitbart the last minute amount $1k?
      As I understand it, many if not most universities have their own police/security departments separate from the city police and issues are possibly adjudicated separately as well.

      • The public schools have their own police and for all I know their own judicial system, the private ones have to use security guards and the regular judicial system.

      • Harvard and MIT have their own police. It’s a town/gown thing. Plus the schools have exceptional security requirements. Sensitive research, limited access libraries, all kinds of stuff.

        The Marathon murderers shot dead a young MIT cop.

    • So, the solution to all this is to hire private security and have them sit near the front in suits like the US Secret Service. Or get some big football player size dudes to do the same. When somebody else is responsible for your security and they sympathize with your attackers, then you ain’t got nothing. For sure, free speech is going to have to be defended by guns in the end in America.

    • He said he first went there to listen and understand… a lie… the Q and A is always at the end.

      A Cultural Marxist creation. The disconnected mind.

      Now a bully against Civilization. To destroy The Patriarchy.

      To turn a child into believing their own inferiority first, to then fight to get it back.

      If every child had a father to guide them, there wouldn’t be empty affirmations of Every Child Matters. There would be concrete evidence, not billboards everywhere.

      This r-generation would not have to look in all the wrong places for Mother Communism, Father Islam, or LGBTQ Identity to fill their sense of rejection, emptiness and meaningless in their drug or sex dependent lives. Welfare as love, abuse as affection, and self-harm for attention.

      The persons who places upon themselves the marks of permanence, a new identity for themselves, is welcomed then trapped by The Collective on pain of death for leaving.

      The teaching of Jesus, these instructions that have nothing to do with religion but the fallacy of an outward religion, bring the about the connection between resentment and pride, to bring an objective state of mind, in the flash of realization to set it free.

      Therefore period of State Education has increased from birth to adult. It does not care what of theses three kingdoms you submit to. For once hypnotised, a slave you remain. And their universal hatred of Jews and anyone with normal man-women relationships and families, intensifies.

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