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9 Replies to “My conversation with Bill Warner about yesterday’s attack in NYC”

  1. I’m going to say something that I probably shouldn’t say and that I most definitely don’t condone, but here goes…
    And remember, I’m not saying for anyone to do this, but…

    If this attack or any other like it happened back in, say, 1925, there would have been a dozen-or-so Muslims guys hanging from lampposts the next morning just the way there was when a Mafioso killed a cop or a DA. And then there wouldn’t be any more Muslim terrorist attacks in New York. Done and done. That would end it right now! Problem solved.

    People would have gotten really, really angry about guys from a foreign religion saying that Christianity was shit and murdering us as they shout that their god is better than our God. We’ve been taught that Ecclesiasticus is mistaken and that there is no time for war and there is no time for hate, but then that’s just more postmodernism, isn’t it…

    I’m not saying I condone it, but there could not have been a Muslim terrorist threat in 1925 and there sure as hell is one now…

        • I am obliged to agree with Chris Jones.

          Just 100 years ago punk thugs would receive a swift beatdown by enraged neighbors or the victim’s relatives. Also, contrary to popular perception, lynching wasn’t exclusively reserved for Black people.

          200 years ago, rapists and thieves were simply left outside the city gates when winter arrived. Often, they were conspicuously branded (or had an ear cut off) in order that the residents of other cities could readily identify such individuals as criminals.

          Also, it is supremely hypocritical for anyone to decry Chris Jones’ illustration as “collective punishment”. Islamic terrorism is a pluperfect example of collective punishment. So-called “moderate Muslims” (yes, those are sneer quotes) are the sea that Islamic jihadists swim in.

          So long as the ummah remains mute with respect to vigorously protesting these abhorrent slaughters, then they are fair game for retribution by native populations.

  2. “De Blasio says ‘sanctuary city’ funding keeps NYC safe”
    By Aaron Steinbuch and Yoav Gonen – January 26, 2017

    “Pamela Geller: How Mayor de Blasio Tried to Incite Violence and Wreck AFDI’s CUNY Rally”
    By Pamela Geller – May 28, 2017

    • It’s hard for me to understand citizens who vote for a such a dangerous fool. How much is corruption the determinant?

      Massachusetts was 100% machine-politics, maybe slightly improved post-Kennedy era. Years ago the Boston Globe never published even the names of rival candidates. Now there’s somewhat more transparency outside the metro area. National elections remain locked-up.

      Mike Dukakis marked an epoch.

  3. Great interview – gosh, I love Bill Warner. So, the question remains, what would the judges give this particular jihadist attack, given that the media (NBC, perhaps Fox somewhat) didn’t all go full dhimmi, and perhaps most importantly of all, the President didn’t either? My vote: 8 out of 10.

    As an aside, I know that I am making light of a serious matter, and I recognize the seriousness of it and of the situation that we are in in the West with regard to Islam. But a little levity temporarily reduces the tension, perhaps.

  4. Yes New York is a sanctuary city.

    New regulations fortify New York City as immigration sanctuary


    As the Trump administration attempts to crack down on sanctuary cities, New York is slapping more restrictions on its cooperation with federal immigration authorities.

    Under legislation the City Council passed 41-4 on Tuesday, city employees will be banned from spending any time on duty or using city property to assist in enforcing immigration laws.

    The move makes legally binding a policy the city has already followed of bowing out of assisting the feds in finding undocumented immigrants for deportation.

    New York Can Destroy Documents, Judge Rules in Municipal ID Case

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    New York City on Friday claimed a victory in its fight to protect undocumented immigrants when a Staten Island judge ruled, after four months of deliberations, that the city could destroy personal documents associated with its municipal identification program.

    The decision, by Justice Philip G. Minardo of State Supreme Court, stemmed from a lawsuit filed in December by two members of the State Assembly from Staten Island who sought to stop the destruction of documents, like copies of foreign passports, used to verify a person’s identity to obtain the card, known as IDNYC.

    Justice Minardo disagreed with the lawmakers, Ronald Castorina Jr. and Nicole Malliotakis, who claimed that purging the documents would threaten national security.


  5. The Diversity Visa Lottery was started in 1990. Its chief sponsor was Sen Chuck Schumer, democrat NY. Legislation was introduced in 2011 and 2013 to abolish it but it was blocked.
    In around 1997 I actually worked with a guy who won the lottery and came to the US from Ireland with his wife. After about 10 months he told me that we work too many hours with not enough vacation. They went back to Ireland.

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