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7 Replies to “Bill Warner: Asking candidates questions about sharia law”

  1. Muruna—- “flexibility” or temporary suspension of Shari’ah to make Muslims migrants appear “moderate” and blend in until Muslims numerically are strong enough to enforce Shari’ah.

    Muslims imitate Allah “The greatest of deceivers”

    • I’ve always wondered, do muslims never ask themselves how they can trust anything that their deity says, any of his promises? He’s a liar, as they readily admit, so can they tell when he is telling the truth, if ever? Additionally, he clearly gets a sadistic pleasure from torturing infidels (who he created without – presumably – first asking their permission) for all eternity – so why would such a sadist limit himself to tormenting only infidels? Don’t such questions make them at times at least a little uneasy?

      Of course, logic and islam don’t exactly go together: there is a passage in the koran (or perhaps a Bukhari hadith) where allah essentially tells his stupid followers to shut up and leave the thinking to him. Most seem to follow that admonition ….

  2. Kitman—deceit by omission.

    Tawriya—deceit by deliberate ambiguity.

    Taysir—deceit through facilitation (not observing all the tenets of Shari’ah by making things easier.

    Darura—deceit through necessity (to engage something) “Haram” or forbidden such as drinking to exploit non-Muslims

    May the best liar win, nice religion.

  3. Mr. Warner should have made clear that “rejection” without condemnation is taqiyya. Do I read this right?

  4. If they say their muslim on the label, then you know they’re a dhimmi inside. Your contact will one day be fatal, because you’ll step on a matter of pride.

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