Interview with Canadian man who had to fight at the poll for them to include his candidate as a choice

This is a great example of how the Trudeau Liberals, and the other identical parties all are managing to cheat at the polls in the current Canadian election. This interview is part of a thread of Canadian election related stories and videos over at RAIR

Interview with PPC leader, Maxime Bernier on bill C-36, and Mark Carney

Please see all the related details and videos at RAIR Foundation

Bill C-36 is a next-level Orwellian bill that would have dramatic consequences for freedom of speech in Canada. So much so, it may in fact disqualify us from the new trade agreement with the USA and Mexico. But as laws and reason are both fleeing the planet, it is unlikely there will be a consequence. The US is clearly headed the same way.

Below, Maxime’s speech from that event:

Stand by for more interviews and video from July 1, the Supreme Court protest

Interview with escapee from behind the Iron Curtain, Alexandra Belaire

This interview was filmed in a location in Canada over the September 6th weekend for a Portuguese language website,

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Unrelated but not, today’s book recommendation is The Myth of the Andalusian Paradise.

This book is refreshing as well as educational because not only does it offer a factual scholarly history of Islamic Jihad and conquest in Europe, with a specialty in Spain, but it explains how scholarship on Islam and history has been polluted and revised to suit Islamic and leftist interests and how this was done and by whom.

Some time ago, I attempted to read a book I bought on the historian, philosopher and writer from this era, Moses Maimonides, and was horrified to discover it read like contemporary social justice dialectics. This is because it was. The author of this book had anticipated why people would;ld buy it as research into authentic sources on life under Islam in Spain, and saw to it that you would not learn anything factual.

So The Myth of the Andalusian Paradise is a much needed mental refresher for those of us still interested in reality.

Very rare interview with the owner/operator of Gates of Vienna

This interview was conducted in person at a location near the Canada US border by Jose Atento, who’s site address is at the end of the video. Please enjoy.

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Interview with former CIA operative, Sabrina De Sousa, currently under house arrest in Italy

This is a complex one. I can’t really explain what this is about easily. But I can say, for those interested in the deep state, the collision by parts of the CIA and FBI and Democrat Party to destroy the Trump presidency, if you are interested in some of the peripheral events around the coup and the details, you may find this story quite interesting. This is part I. The rest will be published tomorrow.

Interview with Jihad Watch writer, Christine Williams on M-103 and Islam in general

Christine Williams is a fascinating interview. I could have gone on another three hours and not covered the same materials or ideas twice. I look forward to the sequel as I have some tough questions ready for her, and she is the one to ask.