Muslim Student’s Assn. of Concordia in Montreal busted for being, well, islamic really.

The MSA’s are in fact among the more problematic of the countless muslim brotherhood front groups. For anyone curious about them, the video below of their pledge of allegiance as said at all meetings should tip off most to it’s values.

Western U in Ontario wants to replace the 1 newspaper office with a 2nd ‘multi faith’ prayer room. MSA

The newspaper is 100 years old and for reasons no one quite understands, is being forced out of its ancient offices to make room for a second prayer room, quite obviously for Muslims. Yet this is a university, not a mosque. It seems that universities across the Western world have utterly lost the basic requirements for their existence. Perhaps the time has come to close them and start a new system with less public funding and stronger emphasis on academics and Greek thought.

For those who are not familiar, it is very important to understand who the MSA actually are.

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National Post:

‘Campus press freedom weakening’: Student council reportedly wants to replace newsroom with multi-faith prayer room

First, copies of The Gazette started disappearing from newsstands, then the student government reportedly demanded to sit in on editorial meetings, and now in what Canada’s only daily student paper is calling the latest crackdown on “campus press freedom,” Gazette staff are being turfed out of their offices to make way for a prayer room.


“Given some of the issues that we’ve been undergoing in the last nine months, it leads me to strongly suspect that [this eviction] is about something else,” said Gloria Dickie, editor in chief of the University of Western Ontario-based student paper, The Gazette.

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British, Sikh, and Proud Member of the EDL

This from the Liberties Alliance website.

The following article is from the EDL website. It illustrates of another case of the political left trying to bully people who do not share its views into silence. Is it any wonder that Communism caused such misery to so many for so long:

EDL Spokesman Guramit Singh Responds to the Sikh Left

A few days ago, to my amazement, the Left-wing group ‘Sikhs Against the EDL’ attempted to blackmail me. This Islam-apologist organisation (which in no way represents the views of British Sikhs) demanded that I publicly denounce the English Defence League before the holy Sikh festival of Vaisakhi.

Who do they think they are to be making such an ultimatum?

The festival of Vaisakhi marks the birth of the Khalsa (the collective body of Sikhs), and was established by the tenth Sikh Guru, Guru Gobind Singh Ji, a man that all Sikhs know defended oppressed people from the evils of militant Islam, and fought for many of the freedoms that people of all religions enjoy today. Sound familiar?

Guru Gobind Singh Ji is also famed for having written a letter to the Mughal Emperor Aurengzebe, one of the cruelest dictators in Indian history, in which he criticises the Muslim warlord for breaking oaths that he had sworn upon the Quran. The British author Karen Armstrong describes Aurengzebe as having a “murderous hatred of Muslim ‘heretics’ as well as adherents of other faiths.” He imposed the jizyah tax on non-Muslims, and began a campaign to destroy Hindu temples across the empire.

My forefathers battled against this Islam-inspired intolerance, and Sikhs played a large part in causing the downfall of the Mughal Empire. So I am rightly proud of my faith and its glorious history.

Although I am not a practicing Sikh myself, I consider Guru Granth Sahib Ji to be my Guru. This religion has taught me a lot, and continues to be an inspiration to me.

But some people seem to have a problem with that. I’ve been attacked and insulted by a variety of unpleasant characters. This includes some individuals who tried (and failed) to align themselves with the EDL, various groups of national socialists who don’t appreciate that the EDL does not support their warped forms of nationalism, and the usual far-Left Islam-apologists.

I really don’t pay that much attention to the vicious personal gossip that is spread about me by the UAF and co, because I don’t have time to waste on organisations that are built on nothing but lies. They don’t deserve my attention. But when this rubbish is being spread by fellow Sikhs and could potentially affect my family life, I do feel that I must act – that I must make my position clear.

Sikhs Against the EDL have done nothing but attack me. They have held up placards calling me a ‘skinhead’ and say that I should be locked up. I’m not a skin head, I’ve just gone bald – it happens. And if they believe that anyone that says anything they disagree with should be locked up, how far away are they from those Muslim extremists who (between burning poppies and insulting British soldiers) find time to call for an Islamic state?

Freedom of speech is important, and I won’t let these people try to blackmail me into silence. They’ve even threatened that they will go the Sikh Governing body at Amritsar, and to the Jathadar of Sri Akal Takhat Sahib, to ask that I am excommunicated from the Sikh Panth. This basically means that they are threatening to try and get me kicked out of the Sikh religion. Since when did people lose the right to belong to whichever religion they choose?

I’ve not committed any sin. I’ve not attacked these people, or caused harm to any other Sikhs. I consider myself a sevadar (servant) of the Sikh Nation as well as being a passionate Brit. I am standing up for what is right, and I’m shocked that fellow Sikhs would want to attack me for that.

I want to send them a clear message. Don’t bother waiting for Vaisakhi. Go and put your false allegations in to Sri Akal Takhat Sahib now, just like you have been doing to other Sikh organisations in this country. Tell them your lies – tell them that I’m a racist, or a Nazi – because I refuse to denounce the EDL.

All we are doing is defending our communities, defending our brothers and sisters, and defending this country from militant Muslims and their 7th century form of Islam. In doing so we’re making a stand against an ideology that supports racism, paedophilia, rape, murder, oppression, intolerance and warmongering.

I could go on forever. And the evidence I have for these accusations are the words and actions of those Muslims who continue to support and commit these terrible things, and the content of the Islamic scripture that inspires them.

Sri Akal Takhat Sahib will give me the opportunity to state my case. If Sikhs Against the EDL do go ahead with their farce of an excommunication application, I know that I have friends and colleagues both inside and outside of the Sikh community that will help me reveal the truth.

My religion teaches that the truth will always prevail. And that’s something that I really believe.

Blackmail and vicious ultimatums will not work with me. I’m proud to be a member of the EDL and, in case you hadn’t heard…

We never surrender!

Guramit Singh

The EDL have many Sikh members who are utterly repulsed and offended by the actions of a small number of their co-religionists. An attack on Guramit is also an attack on other Sikh EDL members!

Muslim Students Associations:

A few days ago, I posted this video showing the pledge of the Muslim Students Associations in campuses North America wide. Lots of articles have been posted at vlad about what a truly dangerous threat they are and how much damage they have done to freedom of speech and the propagation of reason itself on campus.

A question was posted in the comments on youtube where the video lives and Don was kind enough to answer it with the following:

Hi Vlad,

regards question

I would like to use this video to help convince unconvinced friends of the threat? from islam and the msa, but there is nothing here that shows that this was actually an msa group. You need to provide more information.

MSA West? 13th Annual Conference UCLA January 16 2011 speakers Abdel Malik Ali



The original FULL 58 min video, your extract is right at the very end


The new normal at Concordia U.

I have been hoping that something like this would turn up for some time. I have seen bits of film from the events at Concordia over the past few years but I haven’t seen anything like this which helps make sense of exactly what has, and what is, taking place there.

Thanks Dan

Clare Lopez returns to Nick Vandergragt’s show Jan 23rd 2011

This was quite good. The calls and the information were all very good. For me, the most interesting call was the fellow who was being ethnically cleansed from his own neighbourhood and was having a very hard time admitting to himself his own experience.

Untitled from Vlad Tepes on Vimeo.

Blazing Catfur: The Imam Delic saga continues

From Blazing Catfur with thanks…

Conservative Senator, Usual Opposition Suspects Meet With Imam Zijad Delic & Muslim Brotherhood Student Association

Imam Zijad Delic of the Canadian Islamic Congress gets booted from a DND function on Oct 4th because of his organizations radical Islamist stance.

On October 29th Imam Delic met with Conservative Senator Salma Ataullahjan and the usual assortment of Liberal/NDP apologists in the House of Commons. But that’s not all…

Who were these Senators and MP’s hosting? Why the MSA, the Muslim Student Association. What is the Muslim Student Association?

There is overwhelming evidence that the MSA, far from being a benign student society, is an overtly political organization seeking to create a single Muslim voice on U.S. campuses—a voice espousing Wahhabism, anti-Americanism, and anti-Semitism, agitating aggressively against U.S. Middle East policy, and expressing solidarity with militant Islamist ideologies, sometimes with criminal results.

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