Initial testimony by David Harris of INSIGNIS research at US Senate committee on Canada’s refuge policy and US security

David Harris of INSIGNIS Strategic Research spoke today at a US Senate committee on how Trudopian policies of fast tracking 25,000 muslims into the country may affect US national security. This was his initial testimony. For the entire hearing, please click here.

Ottawa Police, Ottawa Mosques, Muslim outreach and endorsing the enemies views.

There are a few possibilities for why these things are as they are. But some explanation should be provided. The first problem is the slick prepared evasion of the question by Ottawa Chief of police when asked a direct question by a caller from Montreal:

Here are some links that might help clarify the caller’s question.

1. Being had for dinner by David Harris. (More from him shortly)

2. Controversial imam to speak at Calgary mosque

3. Muslim link. The Muslim-police bridge.

(Maybe the MAFIA should have thought of this)

Later on same day, David Harris came on the same station and discussed a number of things but in this segment, the question from earlier in the morning came up:

Maybe there is a real answer lurking somewhere that we would all like or at least be satisfied with. But given the degree of infiltration in most Western nations by Muslim Brotherhood fronts and Saudi funded organizations with less than noble goals, it would be nice to at least have an answer at all.


A Self-Inflicted Injury: Immigration, Infiltration and Canada’s Growing Islamist Threat

New English Review

by Jerry Gordon and David B. Harris (August 2012)
On December 14, 1999, Ahmed Ressam, an Al-Qaeda trained Algerian Jihadi and resident of Montreal, was arrested in Port Angeles, Washington after he drove off a ferry from Canada with a trunk load of explosives. Thus began the unraveling of the Millennium plot, an attempt by al Qaeda using sleeper cells in the US and Canada, to conduct an attack on the Los Angeles International Airport.

Canada has witnessed its own spectacular Islamist attack plots. On June 2, 2006, counter-terrorism raids in Metro Toronto and elsewhere in Ontario netted 18 suspected Al Qaeda terrorist cell (“Toronto 18”) operatives at several para-military training camps. In Toronto, the suspects were planning to detonate truck bombs, to open fire in a crowded area, and attack the Canadian Broadcasting Centre and the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) regional headquarters. In Ottawa, Canada’s Parliament was to be invaded and the Prime Minister of Canada, beheaded. A trial subsequently disclosed significant evidence that resulted in guilty pleas and convictions that were later upheld by an Ontario appeals court in 2011. In April 2004, a Canadian citizen of Lebanese Muslim background firebombed the library of the United Talmud Torahs Jewish School in Montreal, Quebec. This was a clearly Islamist antisemitic attack that sent a fearful message to Canada’s 380,000 Jews.

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David Harris on CFRA’s John Council June 11 2012

It was a pleasure to hear Canadian immigration lawyer Julie Taub, call in to the show to speak to David, who for the first 20 minutes or so, covers the issue of China and Canadian national security, but after that it turns to matters Islamic such as the hate-texts at the OCDSB.

Click here if you would like to listen or download the show     

Ten years later, what kind of ally is Canada?

I am republishing this article by David Harris on the occasion of this speaker coming to Ottawa U today.

David Harris, Calgary Herald

Published: Wednesday, September 07, 2011

The approaching tenth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks marks a critical point in Canada-United States relations. This milestone should remind us that allies’ support and confidence are decisive to a country’s survival and prosperity. In Canada’s case, prosperity and public safety require access to U.S. borders and to American diplomatic, military and intelligence channels. This access depends on U.S. confidence in Canada as a security partner.

Well before 9/11, I testified before a congressional subcommittee concerned about the Canadian Security Intelligence Service’s 1998 warning that more terror groups were in Canada than in any other country, except perhaps the U.S. Imagine American officials’ discomfort with today’s Canadian security problems.

Canadian-based Sikh extremists caused the world’s biggest pre-9/11 aviation-terror disaster, the 1985 Air India bombing. Today, India’s security officials privately regard Canada – not India – as a font of international Sikh extremism.

CSIS director Richard Fadden warned of illicit foreign-influence operations in Canada. One or two provincial cabinets could be penetrated, he said, as might local governments. Yet MPs shy away from asking whether Canada’s politicobureaucratic system is infiltrated.

American congressional leaders recently stopped Chinese telecom giant Huawei’s plan to buy into the U.S. market. Huawei denies links with Beijing, but the company partnered with sensitive Canadian telecom systems and got a $6.5 million Ontario grant without debate. Now Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird dubs America’s strategic Chinese foe an “ally” and declares unreconstructed Beijing the political equal of democratic post-war Germany and post-Soviet Russia.

Canada’s growing Islamist threat is becoming an export, and American security sources say they know it.

Convicted in Chicago, Pakistani-born Canadian Tahawwur Hussain Rana plotted against Danish publishers of Muhammad cartoons.

Canadians reportedly kill for al-Shabab in Somalia.

Federal computer software consultant, Momin Khawaja, was a transnational jihadi.

Fateh Kamel’s Canadian group ran international operations. Meanwhile, a 2007 Environics poll found 12 per cent of Canadian Muslims – up to 119,000 people – could sympathize with a Toronto 18-type mass-casualty plot.

Some Canadian Muslim moderates say radicals dominate many Canadian mosques. Radical influence seeps into Canadian educational institutions, shaping Canadian minds in ways hostile to North American security. Ethnocultural community members warn about infiltration threats in Canadian public administration and the private sector. Continue Reading →

David Harris on Late Night radio CFRA

David Harris from INSIGNIS takes calls on geopolitical matters with a focus on Iran and to a degree, Venezuela and Iranian allies and proxies. This show is from Tuesday night Feb 7th and there are some good callers, some of whom, one in particular, spent 18 months in Iran’s Evin prison where she faced unimaginable hardship and spoke on the reality of Iran today.

Click the link and select Feb 7th

David Harris on Ezra Levant’s The Source discussing Amnesty International

This is a little sad. I really thought Amnesty was the last hold out from the Leftist-Islamic take over of every activist group that worked for greater human rights around the world back in the day. Like Greenpeace, Amnesty would appear to be another false-front for far left groups and similar agendas having little or nothing (and sometimes the opposite) to do with the stated goals and agendas of the organization. Basically just cashing in it’s good reputation and Amnesty International had a great reputation.

Now, they are a bunch of frauds who actually censured Stephen Harper for cutting government funding for some far-left political activist organization as if it was a basic human right for these groups to receive it, putting Harper and Canada on par with actual totalitarian regimes which deny real rights for huge groups.