Clare Lopez returns to Nick Vandergragt’s show Jan 23rd 2011

This was quite good. The calls and the information were all very good. For me, the most interesting call was the fellow who was being ethnically cleansed from his own neighbourhood and was having a very hard time admitting to himself his own experience.

Untitled from Vlad Tepes on Vimeo.

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  1. On the show they talked about the way things are resembling the Nazi takeover, and I have used the same analogy. But in a lot of ways (the infiltration of the intelligence agencies and the police) it also resembles the beginnings of the Cold War, back then the signals intercept group wasn’t the NSA, it was the Verona Project and it was successful in intercepting and breaking the codes on almost all Soviet messages. The problem the people had was that the messages they had intercepted proved that several of their high ranking superiors were Soviet Agents. If they turned in the intercepts they were signing their own death sentences. I mention this because of the way so many people think all is lost, we won against the Soviets and we will win against the Moslems. As far as her assessment of the situation in Britain she is more knowledgeable then I am on what is going on over there, yet I still refuse to think that in the long run Britain will be free. I may be irrational on the subject but I think in the long run the EDL and others will win for the British people.

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