The new normal at Concordia U.

I have been hoping that something like this would turn up for some time. I have seen bits of film from the events at Concordia over the past few years but I haven’t seen anything like this which helps make sense of exactly what has, and what is, taking place there.

Thanks Dan

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3 Replies to “The new normal at Concordia U.”

  1. Their behavior in public gatherings is straight out of the AQ/MB playbook.

    Koranimal watching will soon become something straight out of an urban safari.

  2. I agree, these tactics are right out of the teachings of Marx, Lenin, Trotsky, and the rest of the Communist/Socialist movement. We are now seeing a closeness of the world Socialist movement and the Islamist movement, they use and comfort each other , due to the fact that they are all about complete control, the individual means nothing. In the ME when the hard line Islamists take over we will see a lot of disillusioned Socialists who thought that the followers of the prophet were on their side.

  3. Protests/riots like this were common US campuses during the 1960s and the left is calling for them to be started again. Things are getting real tense and I can’t see how a peaceful solution can be found, God help us.

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