Muslim Students Associations:

A few days ago, I posted this video showing the pledge of the Muslim Students Associations in campuses North America wide. Lots of articles have been posted at vlad about what a truly dangerous threat they are and how much damage they have done to freedom of speech and the propagation of reason itself on campus.

A question was posted in the comments on youtube where the video lives and Don was kind enough to answer it with the following:

Hi Vlad,

regards question

I would like to use this video to help convince unconvinced friends of the threat? from islam and the msa, but there is nothing here that shows that this was actually an msa group. You need to provide more information.

MSA West? 13th Annual Conference UCLA January 16 2011 speakers Abdel Malik Ali



The original FULL 58 min video, your extract is right at the very end


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  1. All Muslims are first and foremost members of the ummah. They are not members of any nation that is not Muslim. They are also members of their sect of Islam, their families and their tribes before they would swear an oath to any other group.

    This is why I oppose all Muslim immigration.

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