Violent left wing extremists increase violence against Trump supporters in Minneapolis


ANTIFA threatens Trump rally at Target Centre in Minneapolis today

WARNING: Antifa, Hamas, Communists and Politicians Unite in Minneapolis to Attack Trump

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Brad Johnson on ANTIFA’s rapidly increasing level of threat to the West

Watch this to the end. It contains ANTIFA in their own words.

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The entire interview on Syria, and Trump’s seeming change of direction can be seen here.

Climate ‘warriors’ attack people’s cars, leave note to justify

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In case you are wondering where this will go in the short term…

German Green Party openly promotes Fascist goons, ANTIFA in German Parliament

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Killing Canada back online!

If anyone has not seen this yet and wants to get an indication of who is working to remove freedoms and democracy from Canada, how and why, you can get at least an intro here.

Some of the people mentioned in this video have since formed an organization together which is essentially a SPLC type thing, calling itself an “Anti-Hate” group and consists of at least two of the people discussed in this video and a couple of others who are not.

More on that later.

“Non-crime, hate incident that we have to investigate”

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I figured I would get mine in before all you guys do. And PLEASE DO!

There once was a cop from North Humberside

Arrested a docker who made tranny cry.

It wasn’t a crime but the cops had the time

Something George Orwell called thinking crime

Statement from Dr. Alice Weidel (AfD) and news about the attack

Personally I think the other party’s ‘condemnation’ of the attacks are essentially incitement to more attacks. The AfD are classical liberals. There is far more of the Nazi in Merkel’s party and her affiliates than in the AfD, which have been brilliantly championing the values of Renaissance Europe from the time of its inception to now.

But if you want to make Nazis on an assembly line. the left is doing a good job of it.

AfD spokeswoman Alice Weidel:

Two news clips on the attack:

German Green Party and ANTIFA. A cult like, and totalitarian combination

This was made from excerpts of a long Facebook video by the Green youth in Germany. There is another part to come.

Quoting The translator, MissPiggy on this clip: “This has a sort of Jonestown feel to it”.

It is very cult like.