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7 Replies to “Ladies and Gentlemen, the next PM of the UK”

  1. He’ll get the immigrant vote, all Muslims also, the brainwashed masses of younger people, the poor-class citizenry, and the EU-friendlies (Remain). So yes, he might win the election.

  2. The idea that he might be the next British PM is almost as scary as the idea of Hillary as President. Either would be a major disaster for their nation but right now Britain doesn’t have neough power to be a major disaster to the rest of the world.

  3. This would amount to a security risk that can’t be tolerated.
    He’s got people around him who are much smarter than he is, for whom he’s just a proxy to bring down the West.

    I’m not so crazy about the 5-Eyes intelligence alliance as it is, given the collusion of Mrs. May’s spooks with the ongoing soft-coup against our President.

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