Woman who attacked Mar a Lago, a Bernie supporter

It seems the woman who attacked the Trump resort in Florida the other day was a Bernie Sanders supporter.

While it is tempting to write it off as a lone nut, a viewing of the Project Veritas videos along with the video of the DSA meeting in the European Parliament tends to indicate more a policy than extreme outliers.

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James T. Hodgkinson was also a Bernie Sanders supporter and his hatred of conservatives led him to try and shoot an entire baseball team in June, 2017, made up of Republican representatives.

The Project Veritas videos:

And one of the most under rated videos on the left in America, The DSA meeting in Europe about the progress of this Marxist-Leninist group in its efforts to destroy the USA


UPDATED: Islam critic assaulted twice at Danforth Toronto. No arrests

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Here is what I think is the same fellow. Possibly same day, possibly the 26th. It is the poorest quality video I have seen for several years. It would look better drawn in crayon in a flip book. But the text of the sign can be found in the comments.

What we see in both videos, is a culture of sanctimony in Canada, where people’s moral certainty has become so strong in its Marxist replacement for reasoning, that they absolutely feel entitled to wreak violence on people behaving peacefully but with a message they do not like.

I have not heard of anything like this against Islamic preachers of genocide, hatred for women or non-muslims, or those preaching that people who do not believe in islam should be killed. And there is a lot of those in Toronto, like everywhere else. But this is getting as common as attacking people in Trump hats.

Canada is a communist country now and a totalitarian one, not driven by a uniformed stasi-force, although it is indeed assisted by them as we have seen in the top video and elsewhere, but by the average leftist on the street. Pumped up with the courage of moral certainty, like a Catholic from the Middle Ages legends tell us, ready to slay for God. Or a large percentage of Muslims in fact today waging jiahd for Allah.

PS: If anyone can find a properly filmed and uploaded video for the second one, please send it in the comments.

The sign read:

For those who want to know the sign says “Some women may even enjoy being beaten as a sign of love and concern.” And there is a link to a website islamicbooth.ca¬† .. And his T shirt apparently read “Stop Islam, Save Humanity”…

The above is quoting a Canadian imam. I think from the Toronto Majid, but certainly from text books widely available in Toronto.

Global News did a piece on this which is actually not as full on Pravda as they often do in these matters.