Brad Johnson on ANTIFA’s rapidly increasing level of threat to the West

Watch this to the end. It contains ANTIFA in their own words.

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The entire interview on Syria, and Trump’s seeming change of direction can be seen here.

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3 Replies to “Brad Johnson on ANTIFA’s rapidly increasing level of threat to the West”

  1. Antifa is one of the armed militia’s of the left, the Dems want to be control all of the US, one of the ways to do this is to make the US so violent and chaotic that it is ungovernable. Once this goal is achieved the left will be ready to step in and be the strong man bringing peace. Many people will be willing to give up their freedom to buy peace.

    This interview is another data point showing the Dems plan on a violent asymmetric civil war that will create the conditions to bring about their chance to seize total power. The 22nd Amendment limiting the President to 10 y ears so we would never have another President for live like FDR. I don’t doubt Trump being able to defend the US against the antia/Radical Left guerillas but I do worry about who will follow him. I keep saying that this civil war/chaos will last a Century or better, this interview just strengthened that probablity.

    • Police in urban centers hamstrung, crime worse with every district attorney Soros buys. De Blasio wants to close Rikers, there’s a group calling itself “No New Jails”. All the demonrat candidates deplore the “Prison Industrial Complex”.

      Our intelligence community is riddled with operatives put in place by Brennan, et al. The FBI is a shambles.

      Antifa – small cadres, a certain level of tactical proficiency, melting into the “woke” West. Put them together with intersectional enablers… what could possibly go wrong?

  2. “Economic sanctions” – far too dainty. Absurd, except to quell tiny, MINI-misgivings of PTrump’s base. Most of the President’s supporters don’t go beyond slogan-level interest anyway. This distracts from impeachment noise, for the moment. They call that “Winning!”

    This Turk is a genocidaire. Anybody who’s been paying any attention at all – just read a couple articles from his mouthpiece press – Kurds are no more human than Jews were to Hitler.

    That’s a very specific kind of devil. He’s even been invited to the White House next month. Winning!
    Best bet for the Syrian Kurds is Russia. I’ve heard that’s in the works right now. Russian and Assad regime troops have been reported moving toward Manbij.

    Friendly-like, sympathy for the Turk’s professed fear of “terrorism”. They’ll let him go just so far for just so long. That’s the richest one-third of Syria, oil and agricultural land. A military clash is unlikely, given Russia’s continuing efforts to peel the Turk away from Washington.

    The IS prisoners? Who knows?

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