James O’Keefe with guest from Pfizer

James O’Keefe, founder and CEO of Project veritas, explains the details of why the board threw him out of his company

Probably one could save you all the time and just say the punch lines about this. But it’s far more interesting if you try and figure out, much like a mystery novel, what happened to him and who was the influencer.

Hopefully James will start a new better and identical organization, PV will dry up and blow away, and we will all support James with what means we are able. His reveals from pre-PJ days of ACORN right to the Pfizer bust are outstanding works of public interest.

“Can you imagine the scandal [if the vaxx] screwed up the whole next generation? I would take Pfizer off of my resume”

YouTube removes Project Veritas video on Pfizer vaxx for breach of “consensus”

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Tucker Carlson of Jan. 26 was nearly all about Project Veritas’ Pfizer reveal

This was a fantastic show. There will be additional materials on this under the video:

For an extended period of time, this site was begging people to watch the series, “Dopesick”, which was a dramatization of the true story of Perdue Pharma and how they killed thousands with prescription opiates and ruined the lives of a multiple more. The parallel there is too obvious to mention. But the relevant part in this case is how Perdue would capture the regulatory bodies by offering key people essentially no-show jobs at high pay if they just didn’t really regulate the industry while they still worked at these agencies.

In last night’s Tucker, it was stressed how this happens both at Pfizer and the pharma industry in general, and the military.

But they didn’t mention Perdue where this exact crime was spelled out in court. This adds to the veracity of the Pfizer employee perhaps. As if he was making it all up he might have used Perdue as an example and not the industrial military complex use of this capture mechanism.

Here is Sasha Latypova’s substack on this issue. Sasha does not believe that a virus which is effective and contagious can actually be made and released from a lab at all. She believes the weapon is the injectables made by DoD and forced into everyone. Some arguments in favour of Sasha’s views, and that the DoD release of the gene-therapy shots not being benign, are for instance, that any other potentially effective and certainly safer than catching Covid, medicine like Ivermectin or Hydroxychloroquine was banned in unprecedented ways by every government and medical GONGO agency that is out there. GONGO is a term usually applied to fake grass roots groups who advocate on behalf of an authoritarian government at the UN. The acronym stands for Government Operated Non-Governmental Organization. And agencies like the various regulatory bodies over medicine and psychology and law are most certainly GONGOs now. Whether they be captured by corporate interests for profit or government for power or ideology.

Below is the Senate hearings part II on gain of function research which Sasha believes is not a real issue and cannot be done in a manner which is as dangerous as these witnesses claim it is.

It’s pretty convincing testimony. But so was H.G. Wells’ war of the Worlds when it aired on radio and caused a panic across the US. Except maybe in Grover’s Mills where the landings was claimed to be initially. So maybe this is real, maybe it isn’t.

If one defaults to what we can know and not know for certain, it’s that all governments created a situation where all roads led to the injections. That any government that resisted had serious problems. Many leaders died mysteriously, and the president of Haiti was assassinated when he refused the vaxx. After his death, the only words Joe Biden had to say about the assassination of the president of a country was, “Don’t worry folks, there is a boatload of vaccines off the coast of Haiti ready for delivery”. (

have been looking for the video of Biden saying this without success. But I do remember it vividly. Below are two related videos though that lead to the same conclusion.

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Here is the live presser with Sasha and crew on the DoD aspects of the vaxx

Some new Project veritas videos with Pfizer employees we missed here at Vlad

This is an older one. 2021. Above appears to be newer.

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