New Social Media platform with no shadow banning

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A few people have asked how this forum works.

Its very much like Twitter from what I can see. 

The left arrow under a toot is for a reply. The two arrows in a square is essentially a retweet. To put that post on your own timeline to your own followers/ (Please everyone start following others!) and the three dots give you a new menu.

Once again, we are trying this idea. To start a version of Twitter or FB but that is not silicon valley, not controlled or even centrally based.

At the moment, this is ours, although the plan is to ‘federate’ this “pod” with many others, and we hope that many of our friends and colleagues will start their own pods and federate with us making this even more vibrant, robust and bulletproof.

The reason this has not taken in the past, is that people prefer playing on established social media sites, despite the fact that they are being highly abused by them in numerous ways, such as shadow banning, deleting your posts for you, suspending you for anti-narrative views etc.

But the criticality of our situation now is such, that people are willing to put a little bit of effort into making a new honest and censorship-free thing work.

So I am asking as many of my readers as are willing, to please follow this link and set up an account.

It is important to note that the reply email from the system WILL go to your junk mail so please look there for it.

I am also asking, and this is the hard part… follow some people there so its fun, and participate. I am happy to say that there is now some activity already with a few people who I asked to join and start. One of them is a Hungarian translator and tipster who sends in a lot of our news links. There are also our German translators there and a few others with good content and ideas.

You can find people just by using the search field and entering @V and enter and you will get me, or @ followed by any letter to find the people who’s names start with that letter.

Once you have followed a few, the chain reaction should start and we can have a fun, free and productive social media site where no one attenuates your likes or retweets, which Mastodon calls, “Boosts”.

It is an honest platform.

So PLEASE sign up for step one, and remember to actually USE it. My feeling is that after a few days of doing so, it will be fun and productive enough to keep you using it without my nagging.

And it is censorship free. But rational and natural rules apply, like if you are too offensive no one will follow you, and if you plan a crime, the police will investigate you. But it is censorship free.

Join us.

A quick note to all who visit this site

Ladies and Gentlemen:

As many of you will have noticed, we were down for maintenance yesterday. We are doing serious security upgrades given the size and power of enemies of this site and the interests they have in stopping free and open discussion of counter narratives.

As a result, some things aren’t working as well as they did yet. But we are working hard to get back to where we were at the user end, and even better and safer at the back end.

Thank you all for your patience and please don’t get discouraged. This is the cost of the fight for freedom. So please try now and again to post your comments and links and for the moment, maybe keep them in a doc or txt file for when everything works properly. Which should be later today.

Thank you again and so sorry for the inconvenience and frustration.

The dialectic replacement of law

One of the more clever and diabolical tactics of the left, was to replace rule of law with collectivism and thought crimes charges without the need to actually change the law exactly. Some changes, changes which should have been unacceptable to all of us did get made though. “hate crimes” laws got introduced but this is actually a hybrid issue to the one i want to address.

They managed to get hate crimes written into law, by using critical theory/Alinsky rule 13 against anyone who opposed it. If, for example, you felt that thought crimes should not be a thing and that government should not have the power to willy nilly decide from day to day what you had to hate (Donald Trump?) were allowed to hate (White people?) and was a crime to hate. (Islamic hatred of all else just for an example.)

But much of law now uses these extra-legal measures. If you go against a “consensus” view, consensus in the Frankfurt School, neo-Marxist sense, you do not get due process, you do not get to present your side of the issue, but instead, any institution you are associated with will destroy your ability to make a living, your ability to maintain your family or household, your social networks, and even your right to communicate in the only way left to us since the world got locked down and only left wing protests are allowed.

So what used to be sacred law, like right to medical privacy or not to be experimented on such as Nuremberg Code, now is undone, not by law, but that your ability to travel is subverted by airlines. Your right to ply your trade will be removed by large corporations you work with, or depend on in your supply chain or work flow.

Below, an example provided by Hellequin GB from PoliticsTube:

There is no compulsory vaccination Italy: 45,000 vaccination opponents before suspension

45,000 doctors, nurses and other health care workers are facing the suspension because they cannot be vaccinated against corona, reports

That is 2.3 percent of all paramedics, among doctors the percentage drops to 0.2 percent, reported the Italian Medical Association.

The region with the most unvaccinated paramedics is the northern Italian Emilia Romagna with seven percent of unvaccinated personnel.
Lawsuits from those who refuse to be vaccinated are expected.

A stark Black Mirror like reversal of all principles of individual rights to the ultimate in collective rights. We as individuals have no say in terms of our own bodies. The state may pump whatever malignant goo they want into us and we have no recourse to law, as it has been upended in an unjustifiable never ending Emergency Measures act.

Should we refuse, we might not be arrested, and certainly not see a court room. But our right to earn will be taken. Right to travel, and given a digital currency and the elimination of cash, the future may hold the loss of right to purchase needed supplies like food for the disobedient.

Think thats an exaggeration?

I am fully aware of what people did say to me years and years ago when I accurately predicted certain eventualities. And we can all remember what we might have said had we been told in 2018 that in the very near future, government would take it upon itself to determine what is and what is not essential and block us from what is non-essential and marijuana, booze, seeking sex with random strangers through a “glory hole” would be essential and buying new underwear would be forbidden. Except through Amazon. In which all the politicians seem to have bought stock.

Maybe its time to get to know a farmer while private small farms (Kulaks) are still permitted to exist and hope you do or make something of value to him.

Eeyore for VladTepesBlog


Using logical fallacies as weapons against all Western thought

There is a lot of material exposing the horror behind the stories, as well as the horror of the stories today.

Of course, one probably shouldn’t see the second without understanding the first, or else one becomes part of the stream of misdirected action which is likely the intention of these events, shaped by unnamed sources, which have shaped our world this year.

Most of the policies and events of the past many years, but most effectively 2020, seem to be a deliberate reversal of the use of logical fallacies.

For example, if one reads a book or website on what constitutes breaches of logic you might notice one called, “Argumentum ad hominem”.

This is where you attack the speaker rather than the idea in order to discredit the idea by ridiculing or otherwise devaluing the speaker.

In logic of course, this does not hold. Meaning if you seek a truth, that truth exists independently of the speaker, or even his credentials. Which is a related fallacy called, argumentum ab auctoritate.

In other words, if you meet a drunk on the street who gives you medical advice, the advice itself is independent of the fact that it came from a drunk on the street. In fact, he could be a top ranking surgeon on a bender, which again, doesn’t mean the advice is correct either. you have to analyze an argument on its own merits.

The modern left imputes layers upon layers onto that fallacy such that the gene pool of the speaker affects the weight the speaker brings to the argument.

And like true communists, if you object to an idiotic argument that may be brought by a black person for example, then your questioning of the argument will be made equivalent to your being a “racist” against the speaker and his entire race.

It feels very much like the Frankfurt school tacticians read a proper book on logical fallacies and created an entire set of anti-cognitive tools based on their opposites. Tools that let them destroy reason itself in order to apply a Hegelian/Marxist system on the world And it seems to have worked so far.

In fact it’s possible that Hegel, the source of all this crazy, did exactly that as he was a philosopher and was likely familiar with Greek thought and the pursuit of truth.The rest of them from Marx to the second generation school of Frankfurt school tacticians just refined these tactics. An example below on Habermas, the second generation Frankfurt School tactician who created the means to force a Marxist consensus on the majority, then make all opposition to that consensus, “hate speech”. Which goes a long way to explain Global warming, and the labels applied to anyone who uses real science to show why all the models concerning it are nonsense.

One of the main attack vectors of Hegelian/Marxist methods is “Critical theory”. Pretty much the weaponization of ad-hominem but in every possible way it can be used. The adjective, “Racist” being the tactical nuke of ad-hominem slanders.

For evidence of that look no farther than the death of George Floyd. There is not on scintilla of evidence that the police who is alleged to have caused his death had racist motivations. Not one person has come out and said he had issues with black people or other non-white groups. But the accusation that he did was enough to set off what looks more and more like a pre-planned communist insurgency based on the accusation alone.

For a great primer on Critical theory, check out this video by Bill Whittle when he was with Pyjamas Media. He does an excellent job of explaining the Frankfurt School and the basics of communism and critical theory in under 12 minutes.

Moral inversion, the idea that the person pointing out a horror is the bad one and the people perpetrating the horror are victims of the violence of your pointing it out is another kind of rhetorical nuke. Islamophobia is maybe the best example of that.

Notice the escalation also of moving from ‘words are violence’, meaning that saying something that goes against communist objectives, like stopping Islam from deconstructing Western freedoms, to “silence is violence’ meaning that now, you must openly agree with communist objectives or be part of the tactics required to achieve them, or your failure to do so justifies our violence in retribution against you.

And make no mistake, that is what silence = violence means.

There are many more logical fallacies that have been inverted, weaponized and launched on us to destroy logic and reason as our modus. We certainly see it in Black Lives Matters actions as it is meant to replace rule of law, due process and the presumption of innocence with identity-politics based accusations.

Which also explains why up until about now, BLM actions happened after an officer killed a black suspect in self defence or at least understandably and not when it really was a racist cop. The idea is to create fresh layers of outrage with each stage so that the system itself comes unglued. What good is an autopsy if everyone thinks that the results of it are rigged for political purposes? (Yet more damage the Epstein affair has done perhaps) Or a trial if all the evidence for the defence appears to be damage control to let a “racist white cop” off the hook for a “racist murder” of an “innocent black man”.

All these actions are meant to foment contempt and distrust and hatred for the system itself. Which is why, (as what was meant to ba a paragraph or two about links to be posted) has turned into this. Its critical that we understand what’s going on or we become the useful idiots of this well strategized attack on Western thought and civilization.

Here is a link to Stephen Coughlin’s paper, Re-remembering the Misremembered Left. A detailed analysis of the people and ideas that led us to where we are now. He and Richard Higgens have written more and newer papers which deal more directly with these events and can be found here.

Re-Remembering is especially interesting to me, because it was written before the pandemic and the riots. But help frame these events in a way that allows clarity.

Thank you to anyone who made it this far. Really this was meant to be an intro for some of today’s horrors. But it went a little long. Looking forward to any thoughts or rebuttals in the comments.

The Neo-Marxist 2-step get to authoritarian communism

Not that long ago, the left pushed the narrative that speech was violence.

The idea was, if you said anything Neo-Marxists did not agree with, it was the same as if you had applied physical violence to oppose their agenda, and therefore any sort of violent defensive action was justified.

Much like the Islamic idea of “Defending the Faith”. Where not allowing Muslims to impose their religious laws on you is grounds for jihad against you as you have attacked their religion/religious rights to impose Islam on you.

In Marxist terms, if you said anything they could reframe as “Racist, Sexist, Homophobic, Transphobic, and lets be clear, that includes saying things that are true, such as “biological sex is real“, they would use violence on you, even mob violence and whatever other means they could think of to destroy you, your career, family and relationships.

And now, like true communists do, they have deployed phase two:

(Also like the Islamic concept of “Hijra”, which means two things. A Muslim moving to a non-Muslim area in order to make it Islamic, or increasing the degree of Islamic adherence of an area by upping demands. Ottawa residents for example might remember a year around a decade ago where you simply never saw a Muslim head cloth and nearly never or never a face cloth and then all of a sudden, they were everywhere like Dandelions)

Phase two of the Marxist hijra is “Silence is Violence”

This means that it’s now, not enough to keep your non-Marxist opinions to yourself. You MUST speak out and support the never ending cycle of leftist negation of all things Western and if you don’t, you justify violence against you. They will hurt you, and it will be your own damn fault.

And we move closer and closer to the 1984, 3 minutes of mandatory state imposed hate. But 3 minutes will never be enough. And the demands on you to submit will never be enough until you submit that your life, your children, and all your efforts are the sole and total property of the state and any injustice you perceive is done to you by the state, including your death, you should consider to be an honour to have the chance to sacrifice to the state.

The Left will not stop until we are Aphids. And as we are not Aphids, they will not stop until we, and all we have built or accomplished, are destroyed, or we stop them.

Eeyore for VladTepesBlog.

Catching up

Some fantastic stuff coming today but it looks like a slow start because some things have to be done away from the office.

While you wait for a fantastic interview coming soon with a brilliant Polish expat on Communism as it manifested in the old Soviet Union (behind the Iron Curtain) and now in Canada, this should be provide a moment or two of enjoyment.

Response to Ambush interview of AfD co-leader, Björn Höcke

This is a Guest post by Johnny U. with much thanks. Please take the time to read.

Bastard. This journalist is the spineless little tyrant who knows he will lose a fair fight of facts, so resorts to ambush. It’s like a buried roadside bomb, but not improvised. It is a calculated linguistic ambush.

This reminds me of another ambush.

In autumn, 1972 I was nine. So was my autumn heart. I’d come a little late to the game but finally I told my mother I wanted to play. My buddies had been into organized ice hockey for a couple of years already. Hockey was our oxygen back then as young boys, before this Dystopia came along.

I say Dystopia because back in 1972 it was called Canada. That was my home. Dystopia is the sarcastic name I give to where I now live. I never got to say good-bye to the country of my birth because I didn’t know I was leaving, or that it was leaving me. None of us did. This post-national, postmodern, allegedly amorphous, borderless non-entity in which I now reside emigrated from abroad and has been taking over ever since. It came by way of international communism, also known as globalism. It sculpts a weaponized narrative using clever language disguised as altruism. Our Dear Leader tells us it is part of a glorious global identity helping to save Mother Earth. It fools the common man by dictating false virtue This false virtue dresses up as truth using Hegelian dialectic mascara. This make-up is so you drop your guard. It looks pretty only to the soft-headed, or unwitting. Here in Dystopia all this really accelerated after debt restraints were removed from the U.S. dollar August 15, 1971. Fiat paved the way. But I digress.

Just listen as this neoMarxist forces his unwitting prey to disprove vague negatives of Hitlerian juxtaposition. The language battle space. Unless the target is ready and moving fast he’s sunk.

This language weapon seizes territory by negating, or cancelling out the common man’s common sense belief, bit by bit, until his original belief is doubted or utterly lost in the gunsmoke of wordplay, and time. This is how two-plus-two comes to be five. This is how the word “gay”, once meaning happy for example, lost its way. It is why this agent trots Mr. Hocke’s words onto the field of the Nazi verboten. Mission accomplished. Or like when Dr. Jordan Peterson was ambushed on the CBC by Wendy Mesley. Simple juxtaposition is enough. It doesn’t even have to be clever once the basic association is made.

So effective is this language machinery that the unwitting go to great lengths to project false virtues (now propaganda) upon each other. Lofty words can sanctify some absurd ideas. Dangerous ideas. One example is of the Dystopian high school teacher telling his students every morning that the school sits on land stolen from indigenous peoples. Such high-mindedness has yet to see a teacher quit in conscientious objection. Fat pay cheques do wonders. Chaos is the vector. Revolution is the target.

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The odd dilemma, the destruction of Trudeau by political correctness represents

Many people feel this most recent and third expose of Trudeau in black face makeup during his youth, means the destruction of Trudeau as a candidate for Prime Minister in the upcoming elections.

It is true that those of us that value individual rights and freedoms want Trudeau to lose the election and want it badly. But we should be clear about why we want him to lose.

Trudeau represents a massive leap forward for Neo-marxism, and multiculturalism as a tool for the total destruction, and even of the memory of all world cultures, to be replaced with one world culture of socialism. Which is to say with no culture at all.

We want Trudeau to lose this race because we want a restoration of real individual rights and the restoration of the nation state in order to have laws within our borders that guarantee the protection of those rights and without which, we cannot.

If Trudeau’s candidacy is destroyed because of a relatively trivial and unimportant set of events in his youth, events which actually should be protected under freedom of expression, no matter what others may think of them, then we win the battle and lose the war.

We must defeat Trudeau for the correct reasons.

The forces that are behind these pushes to world communism have no problems throwing their front men under the bus when it serves their actual purpose, and in fact, it is 100% in keeping with socialist thought to do so. It is, they fully accept, a great honour to be destroyed by the state for the glory of communism, just as it is to be killed in battle fighting for Allah’s way.

So having Trudeau destroyed because of his breaches of these Neo-Marxist non-laws but actually cultural nooses, is truly a loss for us unless we take the opportunity to move back to individualism and real Jeffersonian liberalism. And do so knowingly ideally.

Chances are, his destruction is affirmation to the indoctrinated left. And the move will be to the NDP, or perhaps a new, hail-Mary play for a far left Liberal leader.

There is a rather fashionable expression in pop culture these days.

“Don’t hate the player, hate the game”.

In this case the player is a genuine representative and key architect of the game. The game is indeed hateful and indeed a far more important thing than the player in this case. But both are repugnant. The player must be disenfranchised but not for the sake of the game. But in order to end the game.

Two videos which show government deceptions

Both of these were posted by different readers last night and for different reasons. But both show a powerful flaw which relates to the issues of this site.

First, from China Uncensored and posted by Richard:

Of course the problem with the Chinese logic is that they should not pretend to surveil the muslims in order to keep them safe. This is an offensive dishonesty to all concerned.

They should have the muslims and mosques under surveillance because every holy book and every mosque teaches muslims that to be observant you must destroy every other method of organizing society by any and all means possible. Koran phrases this as, “By the sword, the pen and the purse”. And the muslim Brotherhood’s motto is, “Against them make ready”.

Every single one of us reading this, including our enemies, know that if so many as three of us wrote and passed out literature that was as hate-filled, and conspiratorial as the koran, Hadiths, and the various interpretations of them which are common in every muslim book store, or if we put up even shacks, let alone buildings in major cities that held thousands, and preached this stuff and then every now and again one of our number saying our attack words and wearing our uniforms where to slaughter the innocent we would be in jail, let alone under state observation well before it got to the stage islam is at. In fact it probably would be stopped before that group had 5 people and a single garden shed.

Also studies have been done under methods which meet every facet of scientific scrutiny that over 80% of US mosques, (if I remember correctly but it may be higher,) teach kinetic jihad and all of them teach jihad because that is all islam is. Think about what we are afraid to say to each other these days over the phone! But muslims can say and do these things. And that is why China should be watching muslims closely.

Second, NorseRadish posted this worthy video as an emphasis on another point:

Many of us have already figured out bottled water was a corporate scam and certainly anyone who watched Penn & Teller’s fun series, “Bullshit”, knows that most bottled water is just water from another municipal supply trucked in to your city.

But the thing of it is, as I watched, the reasoning used for how they trick people into buying this environmental catastrophe, is identical to the reasoning Western governments used to import a giant amount of unneeded toxic extra nationals.

We “need”, apparently, the diversity. And we  “need” a few other bogus attributes that not only do we not need but will destroy us in every way you can define us as a people and a culture.

Notice how now politicians who do their jobs in opposition, and disagree with the open door to muslims policies of the corrupted Soros influenced governments, are being charged, convicted and soon maybe even jailed for doing the job they were elected to do under a system which relies on effective opposition to remain democratic. Geert Wilders, Marine Le Pen, and others. And we know what happens when one of them wins of course.

Years of bogus proceedings against them to try and remove them from office by non-democratic means while no scrutiny is ever made of those who cooperate with these globalist agencies. The list of Obama and Clinton’s crimes alone make this point.

But the same method was made on Israeli PM Netanyahu, as was used on President Trump, right before his sweeping victory that the media also was dishonest about.

There is now enough data that a clear picture of the global modus can be seen should anyone actually desire it. And should enough people seek it out, these methods will no longer work.

And clearly in some places where the polls say one thing and the elections say another, enough people have.

Eeyore for VladTepesBlog.

Mandatory disclaimer:

My statement about toxic extra nationals does not mean I am anti immigrant. I am not. But I have every right to be if I was. I, as a citizen in a free country have a right to hold whatever arcane or unfashionable views as I want to have, and to promote those views by publishing and speaking wherever I have that option or am invited to do so.

I do not accept there is such a thing as hate speech laws, and I do not accept that if there were, anyone has the authority to decide to what and how it should be applied as those interests will not be mine.

Women’s rights, gay rights and every other kind of collective rights activists used their power of freedom of speech to accomplish their goals for better or worse. One suspects for worse as it is those exact same groups and in some cases people, who seek to crush those rights for the rest of us now.



We are all North Korea now

Remember this?

This is what a totalitarian regime makes you do. You have to have only one opinion on events and it is the state’s and if you fail to comply, in this case go out on the street and do massive humiliating and self destructive displays of phoney grief for a man who oppressed you and your parents and grandparents for their whole lives.

Now lets look at NZ and the UK:

UK: Manchester Police Arrest Four for Comments About New Zealand Attack.

Greater Manchester Police have arrested four people for comments made in person and online about the mass shooting in Christchurch, New Zealand.

The first reported arrest was of a 24-year-old man from the Oldham area for “malicious communications” on social media, with police alleging he was “making reference and support for the terrible events” and taking him into custody on March 16th.

The following morning a 38-year-old woman from Rochdale — site of one of Britain’s more infamous rape gang scandals — was arrested for what the force described as “a racially aggravated public order offence” involving “comments made online about the New Zealand attack.”

Both sources I read on this do not say what the person has allegedly said that was worthy of arrest.

This again is real intersectionality. Its the intersection of where Islamic Blasphemy laws, (such as the ones in Pakistan where a person can be executed for blasphemy without the judge even knowing what the person said or look at evidence since a judge in a sharia court cannot see or hear anything blasphemous), with communist laws that say you have to support whatever position the state has and if you dare say anything the other way you will pay consequences. But the public cannot know what it is you said because its too awful for you to hear.

Interestingly, there is no penalty for Muslims handing out candy when Jews are killed. The best the West can muster is to try and stop us from knowing about it the way they did when so many Muslims in NYC cheered the fall of the WTC. Those of us that watched the news that day remember it happening and the footage of it. President Trump was widely rebuked for mentioning it till all the footage and witnesses finally reappeared.

There is only one opinion about mass killings of civilians. If muslims do it in the name of Islamic jihad, it cannot be said. They are lone wolf militants who are mentally ill. Vigils will be held sometimes for the victims so long as those vigils essentially make the muslims at least equal as victims of the attack much like the BS “We are all Charlie Hebdo” protests when none of them actually were Charlie in ANY way.

Not one of them had a cartoon or dared use free speech to criticize Islamic tyranny and Nazi levels of violence.

All they did was signal their own virtue without actually having any, while carefully avoiding any mention of the fact that it was Muslims who attacked Charlie Hebdo for threatening Islamic supremacy on what can and cannot be made fun of.

The “We are Charlie” protests were the new normal of stolen valour.

There are constant vigils and wringing of hands and public displays of grief from every sector on TV just short of the North Korean level of grief-psychosis about the NZ mosque, a mosque which had sent at least one Kiwi and in some reports, two, to the battlefield to commit such atrocities that even Obama felt they were worth a drone strike each.

But none for the 120 Christians killed in the past few weeks or so by muslim terrorists doing Islamic manifest destiny as their scripture demands.

And that is one country only. It does not include South East Asia, the Philippines, Burma, India or Thailand etc. where Muslim terror attacks are so frequent they are just behind the weather reports in local news.

What is the common theme here?

We must not fight back, nor can we allow anyone to think its OK to fight back.

FOX pulled Judge Janine off air for a week because she asked one question about a muslim who made antisemitic remarks in Congress. So now that 50 people slaughtered by one lone wolf militant in New Zealand has taken place, muslims have carte blanche to attack Jews and reinstate antisemitism in the highest offices in the world? How does that relate?

See above. All attacks, either by muslims or against muslims MUST advance an Islamic agenda.

Additional links:

New Zealand Mobile Carriers block 8Chan, 4Chan and LiveLeak.

Robert Spencer on what is coming for all who dare to examine islam objectively.

A quick glimpse of some news and oddities in the news

Today as as is the case for most Saturdays recently, the focus is on the Yellow Vest movement. Everywhere now, as well as France. But especially France.

There are some other news items of importance though, as always.

Some odd ones like this:

Man wants to sue his parents for giving birth to him ‘without his consent’ as part of ‘anti-natalist’ movement that says having children is morally wrong

I profoundly hope he wins this suit. It will prove that unborn babies have full rights under the law and are people in every respect. If he wins, any doctor who ever performed an abortion should lawyer up.

The judgement of course should be a QB7 type one. I think no matter who is parents are, a ha’penny isn’t going to damage them much.

Meanwhile, Tim Poole exposes a degree of social media hypocrisy. Its probably a tiny degree compared to what is actually going on as policy at Facebook and Twitter and so on, but still worth hearing.

Scott Adams, who wrote the really fun little book, ‘God’s Debris’, recommends the movie, Hoaxed. 

Yemen. Two men are shot to death for raping and killing a young boy.

This video does not show the execution. But it does show a medieval baying crowd of allah ackbarists howling like burger fans at a bull fight.

Killing these guys for raping and murdering and dismembering a child doesn’t upset me that much. Its the process of determining guilt, the unfairness of the law in terms of how they treat women who have been raped and killed, and the blood lust of the audience. But I suppose we may as well get used to it. As others observed, in order to fight barbarism its often necessary to become barbarians. Then the only question is, can we come back from that?

Well we have before.

The video below is of major importance. An Egyptian official on TV explaining that Turkey in fact carried out the genocide of the Armenian Christians. It is a geopolitical nuke. I am trying to find someone to help us subtitle it in English but Arabic translators are hard to find.

Leave a comment if you can help us translate this into 4 second timed English titles please.

This is what I have on it:

BREAKING NEWS! Egyptian TV channel “Sada El Balad” talks about Erdogan and mentions that his forefathers massacred 1.5 Million innocent Armenians in 1915 in the first bloody Genocide of the 20th Century, also deported 600 thousand Armenians from their cities and villages to the desert for them to die.


It also mentions that the Genocide started from the days of bloody Sultan Hamid and it involved the elimination of Armenian intellectuals, doctors, poets, community leaders and members of parliament. It mentions that French President Emanuel Macron recently declared April 24 1915 as a day of Remembrance of the Armenian Genocide! It concludes that there is no difference between Erdogan and present day Turkey and Sultan Hamid and Ottoman Empire. Egyptian TV Host said: “Erdogan is a criminal and a murdered like his ancestors”

There is of course, an endless string of islamic acts of murder and brutality designed for the advancement of global Islamic manifest destiny.

Please search the comments for any posts by Wrath of Khan among others who post a great concentration of events people need to know to have some kind of model of what is taking place around the world.

There will be more later today and look out for the Yellow vest post going up at around 10:00 ET


Dear readers of Vlad T:

Today I might have set a record for total number of videos subtitled and edited within a 24 hour period for me and this site and our group.

This means that I have not been able to post even the small fraction of important news that comes in to the above the waterline part of this site.

So I once again, as I so often do, but with greater force, beseech you all to check out the Reader’s Links post for today, which has a stunning amount of qualitative news links ranging from the phoney witch hunt of President Trump and the more and more frequent discoveries that ‘evidence’ was fabricated by the presenters, to increasing amounts of evidence that Western governments from Canada to Sweden, Germany and elsewhere are running roughshod over their own laws to create a leftist hegemony and freeze out any chance for a people’s republic, democracy or land of individual rights.

More chemical weapons attacks on Spanish border guards, which meets the spirit and the letter of an act of war beyond what the Geneva convention would allow, and events in the Netherlands which hint at major plots to kill Geert Wilders.

Please do have a look. This is a fantastic opportunity to take advantage of the Wisdom of Crowds and it is here, at this site, in spades, and especially today.

The Deep State and its destructive modus operandi

In one of my many thoroughly enjoyable conversations with The Baron over at Gates of Vienna, we were discussing the amazing job President Trump was doing, specifically in terms of reducing the power and stability of brutal totalitarian regimes like Iran and Turkey.

This is the first time since Jimmy Carter who caused all this with Iran, and Obama who increased Iran’s power and control considerably, that any US president has managed to actually challenge these horror shows and genuinely threaten their existence as regimes.

The question came up as to why the US government consistently fails to act in its own interests up to now. Since we see how easy it is for President Trump to wreak real havoc on Iranian and Turkish economies with a few calculated chess moves and no military involvement in a direct sense at all.

We also know that North Korea, Iran, and Turkey are despotic, anti democratic and anti-human rights in ways unfathomable to most of us, and especially the left, so caught up in their passionate hatred of all things non-leftist that they make obscene comparisons of POTUS45 and his supporters to genuine tyrants and mass murderers, about which they have zero comprehension.

So why has the US government not acted against these regimes, and several others like it, till now?

My guess is the following:

Imagine your white corpuscles were both conscious, and had a drive to survive and thrive.

The first thing they would do is, make damn sure you never took an antibiotic.

The second thing they would do would be to make sure that the disease responsible for their existence was never cured and ideally would get worse at a predictable rate so that funding and resources including power and authority would continue to be provided to them.

It wouldn’t take too long before these various antibodies would have enough power, wealth and authority to threaten all other systems suffering from the actual diseases.

The immune system becomes an enemy of the host body.

Lets call this phenomenon,

Deep state arthritis. Or alternatively, Deep state Lupus, or IBD.

For the first time in a long time, the US has a president who is not beholden to, or a part of that machinery. So we see highly predictable results from actions that one has to ask oneself why no one has done this stuff before, when it was all so easy and obvious.

There has to have been an impediment to doing rational things.

We also see the deep state reacting as one might imagine our white corpuscles doing. By dumping any and all toxins it can into the system to correct the host back to a path of slow degradation to empower and enrich those corrupted systems.

STRATFOR in one essay, referred to an older system which used more resources to protect itself than to actually accomplish its job, as a “senile system”. STRATFOR cites a US Carrier Group as an example of this.

Brilliant thinking frankly. But as I see what is taking place in the US now, its only a part of the story. What is causing that senility?

I think we have our explanation above.

Pretending eclipses reality in a postmodern polity

There are some themes from which there is no escape these days. And when I mention this one to people in live chats I usually just get a blank stare. But increasingly it seems we are surrounded by this fact.

What a person pretends, is more important than what is demonstrably true via 2000 years plus of logical thought, providing what is claimed is bad for classical society.

Bill C-16, the one where if you fail to pretend along with someone that they have a ‘gender’ other than the sex they are genetically, is now a criminal offence. Truth, is no longer a defence.

Over 2000 years of science and several millions of years of observation be damned. If a person has been convinced by a professor or a SJW parent, which is increasingly the case, that they are something other than what they are, its a crime to say otherwise.

Jordan Peterson has risen to great heights, and deservedly so, on the back of resisting this one vector of many to full cultural-Marxism.

These pretend identities are selectively enforced based on a kind of anti-Raegan principle. US President Ronald Raegan had correctly identified the basis of classical civilization in its modern form as the family and familial roles, creating and defining a future for us all and, as Mark Steyn says, “the future belongs to those who bother to show up”.

So whatever is bad for those Raegan-esque principles, is codified in law in postmodern polities like Canada today.

Trans-racialism is now a thing but it seems not as embraced because its harder to figure out where the advantage goes and if it will make things better, or worse for society as a whole and clearly the plan is to make it worse. You cannot, as Lenin said, make an omelette without breaking a few eggs.

And remember, all these laws are selectively enforced to a clear purpose. Anti-racism laws never are applied to people saying white people should be exterminated. The worst that happens is a free-market result. A firing from a university where the few kid’s parents who still have to pay, complain about it. Or when Muslims say every Jewish person must be exterminated, No charges laid yet anywhere.

Examples of what we must pretend to avoid getting fired, unfriended, blocked from family functions, on government lists or even arrested and jailed are legion and frankly, what this entire site is about. Principally that Islam is somehow a religion of peace. We don’t think it is.

Those who use reason and facts to show this isnt the case, or more crudely subject it to equal rights with other faiths, meaning the kind of ridicule every other religion has to put up with, you know, real equal rights instead of special rights, (like Trudeau in his ‘mock the last supper’ sweater. Imagine him in a Mohammad cartoon T shirt instead) are likely to find themselves in front of some kind of government or quasi government body with real consequences. Like a “Human Rights Commission” etc.

And now, we have this:

Becoming disabled by choice, not chance: ‘Transabled’ people feel like impostors in their fully working bodies

When he cut off his right arm with a “very sharp power tool,” a man who now calls himself One Hand Jason let everyone believe it was an accident

OTTAWA — When he cut off his right arm with a “very sharp power tool,” a man who now calls himself One Hand Jason let everyone believe it was an accident.


But he had for months tried different means of cutting and crushing the limb that never quite felt like his own, training himself on first aid so he wouldn’t bleed to death, even practicing on animal parts sourced from a butcher.


“My goal was to get the job done with no hope of reconstruction or re-attachment, and I wanted some method that I could actually bring myself to do,” he told the body modification website ModBlog.

How long till people suffering from this kind of body dysmorphia are enshrined in the legal code so that rather than treat them and allow them to live a comfortable life, or alternatively do nothing and let Darwin sort it out, we go to jail if we acknowledge them as proper functional bipeds?

The article continues farther down to use the language of cultural Marxism:

“We define transability as the desire or the need for a person identified as able-bodied by other people to transform his or her body to obtain a physical impairment,” says Alexandre Baril, a Quebec born academic who will present on “transability” at this week’s Congress of the Social Sciences and Humanities at the University of Ottawa.

“Identified as able bodied”. These people you see, are oppressed by the able bodied and so don’t want to be among them, Instead, they want, presumably anyway, to just fully depend on them in every way while vilifying them.

Sound familiar?

Eeyore for VladTepesBlog.

As an afterthought, one of the best current examples of pretend over real, is how increasingly in all public and even semi private space, all food must be halal but just a passing nod to fatal allergies like nuts and seafood.

If you might die if you eat seafood or peanuts the best you can hope for is perhaps a little sign saying an item may contain them. Yet public schools across the West are starting to serve only halal food, or food that has undergone a ritual so muslims can pretend its been consecrated to a pretend god. This has become so important that they send kids home now if they show up at a public school with non-halal food in case a muslim is exposed to it. People have been fired for serving non-halal food to muslims even though there is zero evidence that there is any risk to their health whatsoever.

Yet there seems to be no issues with serving halal food to say, Catholics for instance that actually have a genuine prohibition against eating foods sanctified to another god. Muslims have no such prohibition. Koran says that any food good enough for the Christians and the Jews is good enough for them.

So we have pretend over real, and selective enforcement again. In whatever way is bad for Western Judeo-Christian-Greco civilization.



Nash Montana: “My Two Cents on Launch of 52 Tomahawk Missiles”

(This is an opinion piece by our German language translator, Nash Montana on the launch of some cruise missiles against Syria last night. While other explanations and views are certainly possible, we felt this was worth reading.)

it’s a safe and symbolic air strike with great output. Sometime it’s important to show strength to China, NK, ISIS, Syria, NATO, EU and world.

It makes it easier to negotiate the not just foreign policy but trade deals with strength and Chinese leaders are in US now.

I am hoping RINO, neocons, senate and congress would stay in line and know who is big daddy here.

This air strike also killed the Russian collusion that the MSM is selling from last 3 months.

Time to lead with strength.

Now, with all that being said, I just have to assume that the U.S. military intelligence correctly assessed the path of the chemical attack, for which it now retaliates.

But, could they verify who ordered it and who exactly carried out the attack? It is possible that ISIS or Syrian “rebels” infiltrated the air base.

Lastly, if any people thought they could use chemical attacks or fake chemical attacks as a reason to come live in our country, Trump just said he’ll make sure you don’t have to worry about that.

Either way, strikes like these are about optics. Presidents use them for establishing authority and resetting the narrative. Syria got the attack because Assad has few friends and makes a safe target.

Missile and targeting technology gets field testing and the military gets to play, making them look victorious.

Trump may or may not actually believe Assad used the gas, but he came in handy for Trump’s much-needed change of subject.

Look how fast Trump reacted from gas attack to response. Never let on what he was going to do.

He did not give that line in the sand warning. Just acted, Just like he told us, he is not going to tell the enemy when we are going to attack.

I wonder what Iran is thinking? North Korea?

Trump’s ME coalition has to be impressed they have a President that will act unlike Obama who did nothing.

World take note, the negotiator did no negotiating. Maybe the quickest military response by the US in decades.

He just swatted many flies with one hit.


He’ll be better for having done this. Obama left a big vacuum. Trump just owned it.

-Nash Montana