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It is about stopping people from reproducing

All of it from what I can tell. First, watch the opening 40 seconds of this video where it is revealed that the group the EU wants injected with Covid shots the most is pregnant women:

The list of legal changes, not to mention attacks and transformations on the culture all have a few things in common depending on what level of abstraction we operate on. But at the practical its for sure one result. Making normal human reproduction nearly impossible and certainly very undesirable. In fact, changing the cost benefit of having a family in every possible metric, sexually, psychologically, financially and in every way.

So let’s look at some of the things which make reproduction less likely. These are not in Chronological order. Just the order I remember them.

Feminism: The original Feminist project was a rebranding of a Marxist line of effort to make marriage and families difficult. To collapse the west by creating a “war of the sexes” (before they came up with the word, ‘gender’) when in the 200,000 years of human evolution prior to that, there was no war of the sexes. Below is an interview I did with an expert on feminism, Karen Straughan back in 2018. It is still interesting and to the point in my opinion. Karen is actually listed at the SPLC as a Male Supremacist enabler. So you know she has to be worth listening to. She covers a lot in this video including insane and unfair divorce laws which also make people less likely to have children.

(There is some language in this video)

experimental mRNA injections: We have been writing daily about these shots. But it became known early on that the spike proteins your own body makes by the trillions after the shot, have a special affinity for ACE2 receptors. These can be found in the heart, but especially in the endometrium and also the gonads. Both male and female. Dr. Chris Shoemaker reported that there is a dramatic drop in sperm production for 6 months after each injection. Which is quite a coincidence as that is when WEF controlled Western governments seem to demand the entire population space out their shots. At least one every six months.

I should add that Bill Gates introduced a vaccine to India some years ago which had the effect of sterilizing a lot of people who received it. One may suspect that was the primary purpose of that shot since the effect was so far afield from the one for which it was administered.

Also here a Kenyan medical doctor reminds us that attempts to sterilize people with vaccines is not new.

Children’s Health Defence documentary on use of vaccines to sterilize third world populations

Infertility: A diabolical agenda

Glorification of all sexuality other than heterosexual which could lead to conception:

Gay pride is all year. A flag substantially larger than the US flag was photographed hanging on the side of the US Embassy in Ottawa well after “pride month” was ended. It was the new flag that includes every possible sexual activity other than men with women and women with men. Homosexuality is positively canonized. Criticism of any sexual activity other than men with women is pretty much a crime as Canada’s loathsome hate-speech laws now include non-‘heteronormative’ groups as needing the protection of censorship. One of the cabinet members of British Colombia, BC’s health minister Dr. Bonnie Henry during Covid suggested along with social isolation and masks and so on, that men use “glory holes”. Can’t imagine why you wouldn’t get Covid that way, but I can see how no one gets pregnant. But then, BLM protests and ANTIFA protests where also immune from Covid. Only conservative gatherings were a health risk in 2020.

US Embassy August 21, 2022 Ottawa


It is still illegal for a child under 18 to get a tattoo. After all, its a permanent mark on the skin and its quite possible when they get a little older they may not think its such a great idea to have the entire Smurf village tattooed on their chest or whatever is popular with children at the time. You cannot drink under 18, and in some places even older legally. You cannot buy cigarettes, even for someone else under I think its 19 years old now in Ontario. No voting, no driving, no getting on rides unless you are at least this high. But you can get your testicles or breasts cut off and drugs that stop puberty all without parental consent in more and more places and at a younger and younger age without parental consent. Permanent changes that typically result in lots and lots of suicides. It is even illegal to try and talk them out of having these insane things done under Canada’s new “anti-conversion therapy” laws. But one thing all these things do, genital removal, puberty blockers, is make damn sure you will never have children.

Massive over regulation of children:

Although I am pretty sure that laws governing how children are to be treated are not remotely enforced equally across all ethnic groups, it still seems like I could save a lot of time letting Canadian comedian, Russel Peters make my next point for me. In any case, the state increasingly imposes itself on families and while heaping more responsibilities on parents, it also removes more rights from parents and gives an insane amount of rights to the state. See item on trans just for one example.

But there is less and less doubt that the communist notion that children are not an extension of their parents, but in fact are property of the state. What children are actually making it to the world in any case.


Clearly killing babies before they are born has been turned into a sacred thing, even in the minds of many conservatives. It took decades of propaganda to do this. But it is done. Some places are trying to extend the “right to abortion” even past birth or during birth. The attacks on all who question the total and absolute right to abortion by all for any reason any time, are so dishonest that its clear there is an agenda at work beyond women’s rights. As stated on this site frequently as well as by great thinkers like Diana West, Stephen Coughlin, Andrew Bostom and many more, “With the left, the point is never the point. The Revolution is ALWAYS the point”.

This is clearly a theme you have to keep in mind whenever listening to the left on any issue. They generally don’t care about the issue. They just want whatever is the most destructive thing to Western free societies. And they are geniuses at phrasing evil and deadly policies in ways that feel noble and righteous. This is abundantly clear in the abortion issue. The concept that there is more than one body in the equation is not allowed to be included in any debate that might actually be permitted.

Assisted suicide with no oversight other than the person killing the subject:

First watch this from September 23, 2022

(Maybe also click through to see the comments. People are augmenting this video with their own stories which are very revealing)

Then this from last night, October 26th, 2022 on the same issue.

A massive abundance of free pornography available online with tremendous ease.

So much so, that the cost-benefit of finding a human lover has changed. No links for this one. But to us, this looks like another line of effort to end, or dramatically slow down the rate of reproduction. Lots and lots has been written on what pornography may do to a society. No need to reproduce any of that here. Rumours are that Soros money is behind some of the larger platforms of this nature. No idea if its true, but it would be a solid indicator that the purpose of free, high quality and majorly fantasy pornography is to make real human romantic relationships less likely to occur for several reasons. Sexual release can be had with no costs using pornography, and real world encounters with real world women may not make sense to a young man raised on a steady diet of pornography.


We are dog lovers at this site. But each thing to its proportion and all things have their place in balance. Dogs and cats and other animals have come to fill the hole in many people’s lives that children normally would. They are another drug in a sense, to prevent the effort at having real children. It is now established fact that when you pat your dog you get the same chemical in your brain as when you connect with a child. I believe it is called Oxytocin, and dogs cause the release of oxy in people in spades. The following documentary deals with that but is worth watching anyway as one of the best documentaries on dogs ever made. Not to mention it smashes the whole communist concept of tabula-rasa out of the water. Communists believe people are like aphids. Aphids are actually clones and communists believe that humans are identical in potential but only culture and environment makes people different or better at things than others. This is a large part of the explanation for the Killing Fields in Cambodia and the Cultural Revolution in China, where children are given guns and made to torture and kill adults, since they cannot have their “new man” until they kill the seeds for the next generation’s ideas of the old way of things. Dogs Decoded shows why that is completely untrue. While not on topic, its a great watch. But the aspect of dogs as family members is. Not that there is an issue with dogs as family members. But maybe its an issue when you have dogs instead of family members. The ultimate in the Cuckoo’s egg.

Dogs Decoded NOVA 55 mins from Science on Vimeo.

I look forward to any contrary argument in the comments, and any other examples of anti-Western, anti-democratic policies and cultural shifts imposed by the left (as a rule) which also may lead to the dissuasion of people having children, European or otherwise.

Some upcoming posts

Over the weekend there have been some interesting events. Saturday at Parliament Hill, Dr. Shoemaker spoke about his own awakening to the dangers of the vaccine. Sadly, too late for him to un-take a couple of shots. But hopefully he can persuade people not to take any additional ones to the ones they may have already taken. That speech and subsequent interview should be posted soon, as well as Mary O’Connor’s speech, which was very good and also rather important, although perhaps more on the dangers of the tyranny we face using medicine as opposed to the danger of the medicine itself.

Last night was a vigil for vaccine victims. It was cold and wet although the rain let up long enough to do it, and a few people spoke. Those will also be posted as soon as we can make them ready.

Today there is a fair amount of ceremony in Ottawa for the Queen’s funeral. With a little luck we may have some good photos and videos of that later as well.

One photo from last night’s vigil:

Urgently seeking Dutch translator

VladTepesBlog and various sites affiliated and allied with us, are desperately seeking a person fluent in English and Dutch to help us subtitle videos and articles and documents.

We can show anyone how to translate for videos, which is quite easy. We do the technical work at this end. We just need a timed translation at roughly 4 second intervals.


If anyone is interested, please leave a comment under this post so I can email you.

Thank you.


Trudeau’s Canada and the trial of the truckers, and vanishing Covid: Links 2, March 4, 2022

As some of you may have noticed, Mastodon was down for a while, as in fact where/are a great number of sites. The reason can be easily deduced by anyone watching the news, but less easily is who did it. Thanks to our brilliant and kind technical people, it is now fixed and running again.

1. CDC Exposed: Pfizer ‘Vaccine’ Does Penetrate Liver Cells, Converts to DNA

The “vaccine’s” mRNA converting into DNA and being found inside the cell’s nucleus is something that the CDC said would not happen.

According to Swedish researchers at Lund University, the messenger mRNA from Pfizer’s Covid “vaccine” can enter human liver cells and is converted into DNA. It’s precisely what health experts and fact-checkers said for more than a year could not occur.

The mRNA is converted to DNA as early as six hours after exposure to the vaccine.

According to the study published in the journal current issue of Molecular Biology, researchers found that when the mRNA “vaccine” enters the human liver cells, it triggers the cell’s DNA, which is inside the nucleus, to increase the production of the LINE-1 gene expression to make mRNA.

2. Australian doctor gives indicators of exactly how much the government coerced doctors and others in the medical profession to force the Covid and vaxx narrative, as opposed to do actual medicine.

3. Natural immunity wins again

How Likely Is Reinfection Following Covid Recovery?

Public-health messaging from the beginning of this pandemic has had very little to say about immunity acquired following infection. But for most people, it is a real and pressing concern, and not only because of the vaccine mandates that have little or no regard for it. People want to know whether once recovered they can be confident of not getting it again.

Must everyone live in fear forever or is there a basis for the recovered to live with confidence?

We have looked at the published evidence and can conclude based on the existing body of evidence, that reinfections are very rare, if at all and based on typically a few instances with questionable confirmation of an actual case of re-infection (references 12345678910111213141516171819202122232425).

Colson et al. did publish a very interesting paper on evidence of a SARS-CoV-2 re-infection with a different genotype. They sought to show that the same patient was infected in April, cleared the virus, seroconverted, but was “re-infected four months later with a new viral variant. The two infections reflect the circulating strains in Marseille at the same time. It is the most comprehensive study as it documented seroconversion following the first infection, showed drastically different viral genomes with 34 nucleotide differences, and ruled out errors of samples by techniques commonly used for forensic identifications.”

4. Alex Berenson has put out an APB for Dr. Fauci who appears to be MIA

America’s Doctor (TM) has vanished!

He hasn’t been seen on a magazine cover or a Sunday morning talk show in weeks! No celebrity podcasts either. Nor has he been heard promising that this time another booster will DEFINITELY work or walking through a hospital pretending to treat patients, one of his favorite hobbies.

Something is very wrong.

Have you seen this man?

5. Appearing In Shackles, Trucker Protest Leader’s Treatment Defines Trudeau’s Canada

Welcome to the wonderful world of Canadian Liberalism. To comprehend its transformation from what it used to be to what it is today, we point to a definitive example. The treatment of Freedom Convoy organizer Tamara Lich is a political and legal outrage.

Appearing in court in shackles, Ms. Lich was brought in front of a judge who ran as a Liberal MP candidate in 2011.

R. vs McNeil, 1996:“No prisoner should be handcuffed in court unless there are reasonable grounds for the apprehending that he will be violent or will attempt to escape.” Not only was Tamara Lich non-violent throughout the Truckers Protest– so was every person who protested along with her.

Ontario Court Justice Julie Bourgeois denied Ms. Lich bail, having deemed the convoy organizer a risk to reoffend. Lich’s lawyer later filed an affidavit stating that had she known Bourgeois is a former Liberal MP candidate, she would have requested the justice to recuse herself from the case.

We turn to comparisons. On March 31, 2021, Haleema Mustafa, a Toronto-area woman accused of leaving Canada to join the Islamic State, was released on bail.Mustafa and her husband have been charged with participating in the activities of a terrorist group. In August, 2021, Omar Mohamed, an Ontario man who travelled to Syria and called for attacks in Canada was released from prison on a terrorism peace bond.The Parole Board of Canada said it was concerned he might commit further terrorist offences, but he was released anyway. About a year later, police once again arrested Mohamed.

Please do read the rest of this article over at CapForCanada, linked above. But I would like to add a thought of my own they did not mention, and which I feel are important enough factors in this to offer predictive value well into the future.

It should be obvious to everyone by now, that leftists have managed to bypass all the machinery of state to enforce a Leftist or collectivist and destructive to individualism system of control.

For example, on multiple occasions since Trudeau took over, either provincially or federally, policies of the state have been enforced extra-legally, with no due process, and worse, retroactively. This means what you did or said yesterday will be not just a crime if they decide it was, but punished more directly rather than any kind of process that offers transparency and fairness. This is where groups like ANTIFA come in, who will attack people that say, contributed a small sum of money to people protesting for the recovery of their individual rights. No courts or other machinery that might let them off the hook. Just straight to the punishment portion of the process using ideological thugs. (What did the Soviets call them? Bolsheviks I think. I stand to be corrected on that point)

So people who contributed to a perfectly legal protest before any state agent spoke against it, suddenly found that their contribution was made public by theft of the data using hackers, and the government then used that data to punish those people who now committed a crime retroactively, by having their accounts frozen and some like Tamara, are in stocks just waiting for the vegetables to rot enough to be worth throwing at her.

This is not the first time something like this has happened in Canada. A Quebec man was punished for writing something on his facebook page about Islam before a law was written in Quebec against doing so, and he was arrested and fined a large sum if memory serves me. Something like $10,000.00 after the law went into effect.

He may have had the benefit of a trial, I don’t remember. But the 270 people I was told, still have their accounts frozen because of Trudeau’s complicity in theft and hacking, they did not. They are being punished, retroactively, and without any of the protections a democracy offers its citizens.

Lastly, it should be pointed out that communists have their own definition of democracy, just as Muslims have their own definition of freedom. With Islam, freedom means the right to implement the sharia, and freedom to subject others to it.

Lenin had the Social Democratic Party which became the Communist party in Russia, and the American communist branch of the Democrats is the Democratic Socialist of America, or the DSA. So when Trudeau talks about what is and is not democracy, remember what democracy means to him.

If in doubt, read this article about his chief advisor, Mark Carney. He is pretty clear in his book what he thinks Canada should be like to live in.




Capital T Vs. Small t truth

There are a couple of points I think may be worth keeping in the backs of our heads as issues become more directly important to our lives and liberty. Especially because one of the enemy’s chief tactics is the manipulation of language to cause you to miss the target. Quoting a friend who specializes in this, (but I don’t know if I can attribute), “if a sniper has a target a mile away, they only have to move the end of your barrel a millimetre to get you to miss the target by a wide margin.”

I think a great deal of propaganda we get both from the other side and a lot of what we see purporting to be on our side is of this exact nature. After all, if the guy next to you on your perch is on the other side in reality, its a lot easier for him to move your sight.

Let’s begin with being for or against things at entirely the wrong level of abstraction:


Being for or against war, is a fairly deceptive false dichotomy. Obviously everyone would prefer not to have a war. But the real issue is when is the cost of not having a war is higher than having one, and how do you determine cost? When a foreign entity wishes to take over your entire culture, property and legal system, then war is probably cheaper than surrender. Still an awful choice, but there you have it. It isn’t about being for or against war per se. One may notice that the left frames it as for or against war, whenever a Western country is fighting a totalitarian leftist one. Just watch a few episodes of MASH to see that in action. You can bet Alan Alda never spent a day in a North Korean gulag. Even before WW2 lots of leftist groups protested any potential involvement of the US getting involved because the National Socialist NAZIS where allied with the International Socialists in the Soviet Union. Probably the same equation applies to internal enemies as the US constitution specifies, but the tactics would be different.


Being for or against Police is equally ludicrous. One should be pro police when they protect you, your individual rights and property and act fairly and use reality based evidence before exercising their now monopoly on force. But equally one may be inclined to be anti police when they are state thugs and act against human and individual rights on behalf of a state that has grown way past its democratic limits. As an easy contemporary example, we can see how the communist thugs of ANTIFA have major campaigns to eliminate the police altogether when the police are a line which protects individualism, but deploy them at every possibility when it is in their interests to do so. Once again, like the example of war, the issue is swapping level of abstraction to make us move the barrel of our rhetorical weapon just that millimetre needed to make us miss.


Being for or against vaccines. Now there is a fun one. Notice how much enemy propaganda refers to freedom protestors as “anti-vaxxers”? Its an informational bombardment. And our side tries to counter it by saying they are not anti-vaxxers. But that still reenforces their dialectic attack. (Dialectic in this case means using ideas and words as planned vectors of attack against classical liberalism in all forms) We explain that we are not anti-vaccine but anti-mandate. Doesn’t matter, the rhetorical weapon is framed that way dishonestly from the start after all. No one mentions that the Liberty side of this issue is not telling people they must not or may not take it. Just that they should be properly informed and make a real choice on real information and best of luck to all of us.

The facts are, vaccines are a concept. The first one was dried cow-pox viruses blown up the noses of people with a straw to immunize them against the more dangerous small pox. As far as I can tell, this was a brilliant strategy and worked very well and saved a lot of lives. But that does not mean that any concoction they call a “vaccine” must be supported, or even more traditional vaccines which turn out to have a higher cost than benefit. Once again, its cost benefit, or as doctors prefer, risk benefit of a given medication or vaccine that matters. Being against any or even all existing vaccines may not make one “anti-vaxx” as presumably if one that did what it was supposed to do without raising the all-cause deaths of the users, people would support it. And calling people “anti-vaxxers” for being against taking an experimental mRNA substance that has exactly none of the original definition of a vaccine, is a rhetorical weapon. And does not contain any useful information whatsoever. Those of you over 60 I would ask to try and remember when you where in early grade school, was there was anyone who had odd food allergies like peanut products or how many autistic/Aspergers kids there was in schools. And why there are so many now. And why there appear to be none in the Amish communities.

This brings us to the T Vs. t. 

Science is a small t set of truths. In fact, if a statement or theory cannot be falsified, it isn’t science. A theory must be falsifiable in order for it to be considered science, which is one of the powerful indicators that what we have been subjected to for the past few decades is in fact, scientism. Scientism being the leftist use of scientific sounding words to make utter nonsense seem credible. It is a large part of The Frankfurt School’s Discourse theory as it happens.

Science is always changing as its understanding of reality grows through new ideas and experimentation. It is very important that the environment for science allows all ideas to be considered and tried so long as it is actually conducted with scientific rigour.

But then we have capital T truths. These would be religious or philosophical ones. For example:

The right to free speech must not be impeded by government in any way.

This would be a capital T truth. A statement that irrespective of any study or theory, none of them must ever be able to supersede this. This is why our rights are said to be given to us by God. Because if any lower authority makes or grants them, it is only a matter of time before government and industry will remove these rights as inconvenient to them. And frankly, we have seen with our own eyes these past decades how the growth of authoritarianism and loss of rights is in direct proportion to the loss of authority of religious thought.

Some argue there is an intersection between these two truths.

How that looks, is if there is some kind of germ or plague that is a threat to the collective, than collective rights must supersede our individual choices once that point is reached Once the threat to the collective is serious enough, it justifies removing individual rights. Except it doesn’t. First of all, the problem arrises that governments, who have taken control of all mass comms in most ways, get to make up what constitutes a plague of that magnitude then act on it. A careful analysis of the history of the British computer modelling liar in chief, Neil Ferguson, will show you that many attempts to justify total state control have been tried before this one. And in each one he predicted mass deaths and a full on, Monty-Python like black plague scenario. All turned out to be roughly equivalent to seasonal flus. Just like Covid.

Secondly, even if there really was that magnitude of disease or threat, it would be evident to everyone. The government’s job should be to inform everyone of the facts and best science known about the disease, and making solutions available, while keeping a robust debate going between various scientists about what it is, and how to treat it. We have many articles about the suppression of  Ivermectin, HCQ and other therapeutics on this site to belabour the point on how any possible treatment other than nothing till hospitalization, then dangerous and expensive drugs furnished by the government-media-pharmacuitical complex was the only options allowed. But for those that already get that, its the example needed here. EVEN if you think these things don’t work, the suppression of use of safe medicines while pushing untested and dangerous ones like Remdesivir makes the point.

The capital T truth must prevail. People have basic and fundamental and inalienable rights. And government must not remove them because of a germ, real or imagined, deadly or benign. When people have real information, most of them act responsibly. And those that do not get sorted out by Darwin. And no amount of regulations will change that.

I welcome any factual corrections at all and comments or arguments on this post in the comments.

Why fictions can sometimes bring people closer to their own truths and realities

In a conversation recently with a long time friend, we swapped war stories about how we managed to break the spell of what we viewed as an abusive partner at the time. What the stories had in common, was that in both cases we could not admit to ourselves what the evidence of our own eyes was telling us. We both simply could not believe these people for whom we felt a deep connection and had strong feelings for, would knowingly do the things we observed.

So what both of us did, we found out when trading stories, was create an artificial situation where the person in question would have the opportunity to take advantage of us in teh way we suspected they had been, but because it was fictions or scenarios we had each created, it didn’t carry any emotional weight, and the spell was broken the second each partner acted on the scenario in the way we thought they might. That is to say, in what would be abusive as all get-out if it had been a real situation.

Without going in to personal specifics, lets say that you had a close person in your life that always took advantage of you in a way you couldn’t let yourself believe, so you created a trap of sorts with the same sort of bait, but it had no emotional impact on you if they took it. When they do take the bait, it’s as clear to you what the partner’s motives are as it is to your friends who bravely try and warn you, or wish they had the courage to do so, from their own perspectives.

This is why I am so feverishly asking people to source the Hulu series, Dopesick and watch it. You must however, get past the first 20 minutes of compulsory anti-white, anti-rural, homosexual-as-victim propaganda which now must be front and centre in any series. But once you get past all the race and sexuality victim politics, a story plays out which can break the Pfizer-CDC spell on many many people for the same reason.

When they see a dramatic reenactment of an actual story about how a previous big-Pharma Co managed to con medical agencies, doctors by the thousands, the FDA and all the usual suspects in order to peddle essentially heroin as meds for moderate pain, and when you see the cons and special terms and syndromes they made up out of whole cloth to explain away reports that surfaced showing everything they said was a lie, (when people discovered that their pain returned way before the 12 hours promised, the company invented the term, “Breakthrough Pain”, a very “rare” case where an individual might not react as expected and the solution was MORE OPIOIDS) you might just wake up out of the stupor we are all in to one degree or another because we can see it happened before, we can see how these rhetorical tricks were created and field tested on Americans before, and they no longer have the impact they did when you thought they might be telling the truth.

So if you have Hulu, consider watching the series Dopesick. Just at the moment, it feels like it could be the alarm clock we have been waiting for, to wake up the people who are locking themselves up inside their homes, avoiding friends and family, getting boosters of the same drug that didn’t work before but may actually harm them, and still wearing masks even when no one tells them they have to.

99.6% effective

“It’s easier to fool someone than convince them they’ve been fooled” -Mark Twain

New Social Media platform with no shadow banning

This will be a sticky post for a few days. Newer content will be below this post.


A few people have asked how this forum works.

Its very much like Twitter from what I can see. 

The left arrow under a toot is for a reply. The two arrows in a square is essentially a retweet. To put that post on your own timeline to your own followers/ (Please everyone start following others!) and the three dots give you a new menu.

Once again, we are trying this idea. To start a version of Twitter or FB but that is not silicon valley, not controlled or even centrally based.

At the moment, this is ours, although the plan is to ‘federate’ this “pod” with many others, and we hope that many of our friends and colleagues will start their own pods and federate with us making this even more vibrant, robust and bulletproof.

The reason this has not taken in the past, is that people prefer playing on established social media sites, despite the fact that they are being highly abused by them in numerous ways, such as shadow banning, deleting your posts for you, suspending you for anti-narrative views etc.

But the criticality of our situation now is such, that people are willing to put a little bit of effort into making a new honest and censorship-free thing work.

So I am asking as many of my readers as are willing, to please follow this link and set up an account.

It is important to note that the reply email from the system WILL go to your junk mail so please look there for it.

I am also asking, and this is the hard part… follow some people there so its fun, and participate. I am happy to say that there is now some activity already with a few people who I asked to join and start. One of them is a Hungarian translator and tipster who sends in a lot of our news links. There are also our German translators there and a few others with good content and ideas.

You can find people just by using the search field and entering @V and enter and you will get me, or @ followed by any letter to find the people who’s names start with that letter.

Once you have followed a few, the chain reaction should start and we can have a fun, free and productive social media site where no one attenuates your likes or retweets, which Mastodon calls, “Boosts”.

It is an honest platform.

So PLEASE sign up for step one, and remember to actually USE it. My feeling is that after a few days of doing so, it will be fun and productive enough to keep you using it without my nagging.

And it is censorship free. But rational and natural rules apply, like if you are too offensive no one will follow you, and if you plan a crime, the police will investigate you. But it is censorship free.

Join us.

A quick note to all who visit this site

Ladies and Gentlemen:

As many of you will have noticed, we were down for maintenance yesterday. We are doing serious security upgrades given the size and power of enemies of this site and the interests they have in stopping free and open discussion of counter narratives.

As a result, some things aren’t working as well as they did yet. But we are working hard to get back to where we were at the user end, and even better and safer at the back end.

Thank you all for your patience and please don’t get discouraged. This is the cost of the fight for freedom. So please try now and again to post your comments and links and for the moment, maybe keep them in a doc or txt file for when everything works properly. Which should be later today.

Thank you again and so sorry for the inconvenience and frustration.

The dialectic replacement of law

One of the more clever and diabolical tactics of the left, was to replace rule of law with collectivism and thought crimes charges without the need to actually change the law exactly. Some changes, changes which should have been unacceptable to all of us did get made though. “hate crimes” laws got introduced but this is actually a hybrid issue to the one i want to address.

They managed to get hate crimes written into law, by using critical theory/Alinsky rule 13 against anyone who opposed it. If, for example, you felt that thought crimes should not be a thing and that government should not have the power to willy nilly decide from day to day what you had to hate (Donald Trump?) were allowed to hate (White people?) and was a crime to hate. (Islamic hatred of all else just for an example.)

But much of law now uses these extra-legal measures. If you go against a “consensus” view, consensus in the Frankfurt School, neo-Marxist sense, you do not get due process, you do not get to present your side of the issue, but instead, any institution you are associated with will destroy your ability to make a living, your ability to maintain your family or household, your social networks, and even your right to communicate in the only way left to us since the world got locked down and only left wing protests are allowed.

So what used to be sacred law, like right to medical privacy or not to be experimented on such as Nuremberg Code, now is undone, not by law, but that your ability to travel is subverted by airlines. Your right to ply your trade will be removed by large corporations you work with, or depend on in your supply chain or work flow.

Below, an example provided by Hellequin GB from PoliticsTube:

There is no compulsory vaccination Italy: 45,000 vaccination opponents before suspension

45,000 doctors, nurses and other health care workers are facing the suspension because they cannot be vaccinated against corona, reports

That is 2.3 percent of all paramedics, among doctors the percentage drops to 0.2 percent, reported the Italian Medical Association.

The region with the most unvaccinated paramedics is the northern Italian Emilia Romagna with seven percent of unvaccinated personnel.
Lawsuits from those who refuse to be vaccinated are expected.

A stark Black Mirror like reversal of all principles of individual rights to the ultimate in collective rights. We as individuals have no say in terms of our own bodies. The state may pump whatever malignant goo they want into us and we have no recourse to law, as it has been upended in an unjustifiable never ending Emergency Measures act.

Should we refuse, we might not be arrested, and certainly not see a court room. But our right to earn will be taken. Right to travel, and given a digital currency and the elimination of cash, the future may hold the loss of right to purchase needed supplies like food for the disobedient.

Think thats an exaggeration?

I am fully aware of what people did say to me years and years ago when I accurately predicted certain eventualities. And we can all remember what we might have said had we been told in 2018 that in the very near future, government would take it upon itself to determine what is and what is not essential and block us from what is non-essential and marijuana, booze, seeking sex with random strangers through a “glory hole” would be essential and buying new underwear would be forbidden. Except through Amazon. In which all the politicians seem to have bought stock.

Maybe its time to get to know a farmer while private small farms (Kulaks) are still permitted to exist and hope you do or make something of value to him.

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Using logical fallacies as weapons against all Western thought

There is a lot of material exposing the horror behind the stories, as well as the horror of the stories today.

Of course, one probably shouldn’t see the second without understanding the first, or else one becomes part of the stream of misdirected action which is likely the intention of these events, shaped by unnamed sources, which have shaped our world this year.

Most of the policies and events of the past many years, but most effectively 2020, seem to be a deliberate reversal of the use of logical fallacies.

For example, if one reads a book or website on what constitutes breaches of logic you might notice one called, “Argumentum ad hominem”.

This is where you attack the speaker rather than the idea in order to discredit the idea by ridiculing or otherwise devaluing the speaker.

In logic of course, this does not hold. Meaning if you seek a truth, that truth exists independently of the speaker, or even his credentials. Which is a related fallacy called, argumentum ab auctoritate.

In other words, if you meet a drunk on the street who gives you medical advice, the advice itself is independent of the fact that it came from a drunk on the street. In fact, he could be a top ranking surgeon on a bender, which again, doesn’t mean the advice is correct either. you have to analyze an argument on its own merits.

The modern left imputes layers upon layers onto that fallacy such that the gene pool of the speaker affects the weight the speaker brings to the argument.

And like true communists, if you object to an idiotic argument that may be brought by a black person for example, then your questioning of the argument will be made equivalent to your being a “racist” against the speaker and his entire race.

It feels very much like the Frankfurt school tacticians read a proper book on logical fallacies and created an entire set of anti-cognitive tools based on their opposites. Tools that let them destroy reason itself in order to apply a Hegelian/Marxist system on the world And it seems to have worked so far.

In fact it’s possible that Hegel, the source of all this crazy, did exactly that as he was a philosopher and was likely familiar with Greek thought and the pursuit of truth.The rest of them from Marx to the second generation school of Frankfurt school tacticians just refined these tactics. An example below on Habermas, the second generation Frankfurt School tactician who created the means to force a Marxist consensus on the majority, then make all opposition to that consensus, “hate speech”. Which goes a long way to explain Global warming, and the labels applied to anyone who uses real science to show why all the models concerning it are nonsense.

One of the main attack vectors of Hegelian/Marxist methods is “Critical theory”. Pretty much the weaponization of ad-hominem but in every possible way it can be used. The adjective, “Racist” being the tactical nuke of ad-hominem slanders.

For evidence of that look no farther than the death of George Floyd. There is not on scintilla of evidence that the police who is alleged to have caused his death had racist motivations. Not one person has come out and said he had issues with black people or other non-white groups. But the accusation that he did was enough to set off what looks more and more like a pre-planned communist insurgency based on the accusation alone.

For a great primer on Critical theory, check out this video by Bill Whittle when he was with Pyjamas Media. He does an excellent job of explaining the Frankfurt School and the basics of communism and critical theory in under 12 minutes.

Moral inversion, the idea that the person pointing out a horror is the bad one and the people perpetrating the horror are victims of the violence of your pointing it out is another kind of rhetorical nuke. Islamophobia is maybe the best example of that.

Notice the escalation also of moving from ‘words are violence’, meaning that saying something that goes against communist objectives, like stopping Islam from deconstructing Western freedoms, to “silence is violence’ meaning that now, you must openly agree with communist objectives or be part of the tactics required to achieve them, or your failure to do so justifies our violence in retribution against you.

And make no mistake, that is what silence = violence means.

There are many more logical fallacies that have been inverted, weaponized and launched on us to destroy logic and reason as our modus. We certainly see it in Black Lives Matters actions as it is meant to replace rule of law, due process and the presumption of innocence with identity-politics based accusations.

Which also explains why up until about now, BLM actions happened after an officer killed a black suspect in self defence or at least understandably and not when it really was a racist cop. The idea is to create fresh layers of outrage with each stage so that the system itself comes unglued. What good is an autopsy if everyone thinks that the results of it are rigged for political purposes? (Yet more damage the Epstein affair has done perhaps) Or a trial if all the evidence for the defence appears to be damage control to let a “racist white cop” off the hook for a “racist murder” of an “innocent black man”.

All these actions are meant to foment contempt and distrust and hatred for the system itself. Which is why, (as what was meant to ba a paragraph or two about links to be posted) has turned into this. Its critical that we understand what’s going on or we become the useful idiots of this well strategized attack on Western thought and civilization.

Here is a link to Stephen Coughlin’s paper, Re-remembering the Misremembered Left. A detailed analysis of the people and ideas that led us to where we are now. He and Richard Higgens have written more and newer papers which deal more directly with these events and can be found here.

Re-Remembering is especially interesting to me, because it was written before the pandemic and the riots. But help frame these events in a way that allows clarity.

Thank you to anyone who made it this far. Really this was meant to be an intro for some of today’s horrors. But it went a little long. Looking forward to any thoughts or rebuttals in the comments.

The Neo-Marxist 2-step get to authoritarian communism

Not that long ago, the left pushed the narrative that speech was violence.

The idea was, if you said anything Neo-Marxists did not agree with, it was the same as if you had applied physical violence to oppose their agenda, and therefore any sort of violent defensive action was justified.

Much like the Islamic idea of “Defending the Faith”. Where not allowing Muslims to impose their religious laws on you is grounds for jihad against you as you have attacked their religion/religious rights to impose Islam on you.

In Marxist terms, if you said anything they could reframe as “Racist, Sexist, Homophobic, Transphobic, and lets be clear, that includes saying things that are true, such as “biological sex is real“, they would use violence on you, even mob violence and whatever other means they could think of to destroy you, your career, family and relationships.

And now, like true communists do, they have deployed phase two:

(Also like the Islamic concept of “Hijra”, which means two things. A Muslim moving to a non-Muslim area in order to make it Islamic, or increasing the degree of Islamic adherence of an area by upping demands. Ottawa residents for example might remember a year around a decade ago where you simply never saw a Muslim head cloth and nearly never or never a face cloth and then all of a sudden, they were everywhere like Dandelions)

Phase two of the Marxist hijra is “Silence is Violence”

This means that it’s now, not enough to keep your non-Marxist opinions to yourself. You MUST speak out and support the never ending cycle of leftist negation of all things Western and if you don’t, you justify violence against you. They will hurt you, and it will be your own damn fault.

And we move closer and closer to the 1984, 3 minutes of mandatory state imposed hate. But 3 minutes will never be enough. And the demands on you to submit will never be enough until you submit that your life, your children, and all your efforts are the sole and total property of the state and any injustice you perceive is done to you by the state, including your death, you should consider to be an honour to have the chance to sacrifice to the state.

The Left will not stop until we are Aphids. And as we are not Aphids, they will not stop until we, and all we have built or accomplished, are destroyed, or we stop them.

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Catching up

Some fantastic stuff coming today but it looks like a slow start because some things have to be done away from the office.

While you wait for a fantastic interview coming soon with a brilliant Polish expat on Communism as it manifested in the old Soviet Union (behind the Iron Curtain) and now in Canada, this should be provide a moment or two of enjoyment.

Response to Ambush interview of AfD co-leader, Björn Höcke

This is a Guest post by Johnny U. with much thanks. Please take the time to read.

Bastard. This journalist is the spineless little tyrant who knows he will lose a fair fight of facts, so resorts to ambush. It’s like a buried roadside bomb, but not improvised. It is a calculated linguistic ambush.

This reminds me of another ambush.

In autumn, 1972 I was nine. So was my autumn heart. I’d come a little late to the game but finally I told my mother I wanted to play. My buddies had been into organized ice hockey for a couple of years already. Hockey was our oxygen back then as young boys, before this Dystopia came along.

I say Dystopia because back in 1972 it was called Canada. That was my home. Dystopia is the sarcastic name I give to where I now live. I never got to say good-bye to the country of my birth because I didn’t know I was leaving, or that it was leaving me. None of us did. This post-national, postmodern, allegedly amorphous, borderless non-entity in which I now reside emigrated from abroad and has been taking over ever since. It came by way of international communism, also known as globalism. It sculpts a weaponized narrative using clever language disguised as altruism. Our Dear Leader tells us it is part of a glorious global identity helping to save Mother Earth. It fools the common man by dictating false virtue This false virtue dresses up as truth using Hegelian dialectic mascara. This make-up is so you drop your guard. It looks pretty only to the soft-headed, or unwitting. Here in Dystopia all this really accelerated after debt restraints were removed from the U.S. dollar August 15, 1971. Fiat paved the way. But I digress.

Just listen as this neoMarxist forces his unwitting prey to disprove vague negatives of Hitlerian juxtaposition. The language battle space. Unless the target is ready and moving fast he’s sunk.

This language weapon seizes territory by negating, or cancelling out the common man’s common sense belief, bit by bit, until his original belief is doubted or utterly lost in the gunsmoke of wordplay, and time. This is how two-plus-two comes to be five. This is how the word “gay”, once meaning happy for example, lost its way. It is why this agent trots Mr. Hocke’s words onto the field of the Nazi verboten. Mission accomplished. Or like when Dr. Jordan Peterson was ambushed on the CBC by Wendy Mesley. Simple juxtaposition is enough. It doesn’t even have to be clever once the basic association is made.

So effective is this language machinery that the unwitting go to great lengths to project false virtues (now propaganda) upon each other. Lofty words can sanctify some absurd ideas. Dangerous ideas. One example is of the Dystopian high school teacher telling his students every morning that the school sits on land stolen from indigenous peoples. Such high-mindedness has yet to see a teacher quit in conscientious objection. Fat pay cheques do wonders. Chaos is the vector. Revolution is the target.

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The odd dilemma, the destruction of Trudeau by political correctness represents

Many people feel this most recent and third expose of Trudeau in black face makeup during his youth, means the destruction of Trudeau as a candidate for Prime Minister in the upcoming elections.

It is true that those of us that value individual rights and freedoms want Trudeau to lose the election and want it badly. But we should be clear about why we want him to lose.

Trudeau represents a massive leap forward for Neo-marxism, and multiculturalism as a tool for the total destruction, and even of the memory of all world cultures, to be replaced with one world culture of socialism. Which is to say with no culture at all.

We want Trudeau to lose this race because we want a restoration of real individual rights and the restoration of the nation state in order to have laws within our borders that guarantee the protection of those rights and without which, we cannot.

If Trudeau’s candidacy is destroyed because of a relatively trivial and unimportant set of events in his youth, events which actually should be protected under freedom of expression, no matter what others may think of them, then we win the battle and lose the war.

We must defeat Trudeau for the correct reasons.

The forces that are behind these pushes to world communism have no problems throwing their front men under the bus when it serves their actual purpose, and in fact, it is 100% in keeping with socialist thought to do so. It is, they fully accept, a great honour to be destroyed by the state for the glory of communism, just as it is to be killed in battle fighting for Allah’s way.

So having Trudeau destroyed because of his breaches of these Neo-Marxist non-laws but actually cultural nooses, is truly a loss for us unless we take the opportunity to move back to individualism and real Jeffersonian liberalism. And do so knowingly ideally.

Chances are, his destruction is affirmation to the indoctrinated left. And the move will be to the NDP, or perhaps a new, hail-Mary play for a far left Liberal leader.

There is a rather fashionable expression in pop culture these days.

“Don’t hate the player, hate the game”.

In this case the player is a genuine representative and key architect of the game. The game is indeed hateful and indeed a far more important thing than the player in this case. But both are repugnant. The player must be disenfranchised but not for the sake of the game. But in order to end the game.