Yesterday’s Corona Investigative Committee with Reiner Fuellmich

Legend below:

(Starts with German voice over then changes to English)

Sen. Malcolm Roberts (Australia) – beginning until 1 hour 16 minutes 30 seconds

Naomi Wolf straight after until 1 hour 58 minutes 45 seconds (She said all the Pfizer Info is at, nothing happens when I give that in)

in between Wolfgang Wodarg explains a couple of things – in English Freddy Ponton – 2 hours 7 minutes until 3 hours 12 minutes 14 seconds

Dr. Mark Trozzi directly afterwards until 3 hours 56 minutes Prof. Martin Schwab – about a few things, from the Court-case he’s fighting on behalf of the Soldiers, over the TAZ (Voelkischer Beobachter) smear-campaign to Chipping. Some Video-clips at the End

Thank you Hellequin GB for watching and writing the table of contents for us.

Naomi Wolf on Pfizer docs from April 5th. Its bad

Still waiting for an authoritative analysis of the most recent massive data dump from Pfizer. But lets have a look at what the last batch of 55,000 pages had. Naomi breaks some of it down.

And yes, we have posted this before. But to get a sense of scale of how much and easily these agencies tell massive lies, its good to be reminded. Especially when you hear people say, “They never said the vaccines would stop the spread or stop you from getting sick! They always said it would reduce the number of hospitalizations!”

UPDATE: There IS some analysis on the newest data dump. Please check this link. A small fraction is below.

Happy Cinco de Mayo kids! You might wanna grab a margarita or a Corona with a lime before you read this one.

This drop had 80,000 pages of data.  So I had to prioritize what needed to be read first.  Interesting findings.

OK first.  Remember how we discussed the vaccine likes to congregate in the liver?  Like, within HOURS of getting vaccinated?  I thought those poor Wistar Rats probably met their fate at the 48 hour mark.  But here we find a crumb of data that says nope, they now produced 300 hour post vaccine data comparing the lipid nano particles from the vaccine in the blood plasma versus in the liver.  THIS IS HORRID. Plasma levels peaked and dropped.  The liver?  Not so much.  It is still SEVERELY ELEVATED with mass nano particles at the 300 hour mark hanging out in the liver.  What does the liver do?  Metabolizes and excretes body waste.  Metabolizes medications.  Wonder if THIS is why we are seeing autoimmune hepatitis happening in kids right now?  You don’t suppose breastfeeding babies with moms full of lipid nano particles and spike proteins could possibly cause baby to have issues with THIER liver now, do you?