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5 Replies to “Islamic position on music. Just to be clear”

  1. I now know why they attacked the Kenyan Shopping Mall.

    It was the pipped music throughout the stores. Drove their tiny brains crazy. One sound beyond a stick whacking live skin and they’re confused. They weren’t asking WHO were Muslim and Kufar, but ‘ did you know the name of Mohammad’s mother?’ that halal song that starts with three cracks of gunfire and a rat-ta-tat-tat.

  2. Mohammed wanted Muslim men to be utilising their time by killing infidels instead of playing instruments. If they were out looting caravans then it brought him lots of booty to enjoy; perhaps gold, jewels, slaves or young girls to rape. That obviously meant more to him than music.

  3. I wonder why the intelligentsia have so much trouble seeing the massive barbarity of Islam? They are self proclaimed elites who are suppose to be so much smarter then us yet simple facts about Islam (like this one) escape them.

  4. I liked the bit when he said,..” I will tell you later about that “….that’s because he needs more time to make it up.

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