An interesting bit of analysis from Egyptian TV from the Louvre attack

Thank you Sandra Solomon for finding and translating this clip for us.

The host of this Egyptian media TV, Mohamed Al-Ghiety, interviewed the father of the muslim who attacked the Louvre, and brought forth some worthwhile ideas on him.

That the jihadi was a regular guy, bribed by Al-Qaeda and or the Islamic State, but either way for certain the Muslim Brotherhood, with a fat job for a fake company, and a mysterious wife, a hijabi, who appeared out of the blue around the same time.

This would explain not just the attack, but why it was so feeble. One might imagine that this person actually didn’t;t want to succeed. That getting put in a French hospital for a while was the best possible outcome. Then again, there was his social media posts.

For more on the host of this show, clearly a decent guy and a good analyst, but look at what he has to endure at the video on this link. A shoe down between an imam in a black ball gown and a Santa hat, and another guy.

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3 Replies to “An interesting bit of analysis from Egyptian TV from the Louvre attack”

  1. This makes me wonder about the Quebec City guy. Bribed? Coerced? Our suspicions could be utterly misplaced, but the details of some of these events just seem to go down a rabbit hole sometimes never to re-emerge. Almost as if the propaganda value of such events cannot be permitted to be tainted by counter-narrative details.

    • Good point, they want us to forget what happened when they can’t spin all of the facts away.

      I don’t know about the attacker, he could have been coerced or he could have been a true believer that was a klutz.

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