Sharia Adjustments in Canadian Schools


By Cynthia Yacowar-Sweeney

Winnipeg’s Hasting School, presently at the centre of a controversy regarding the cancellation of this year’s Christmas and Halloween celebrations, is part of the very same school division where a dozen Muslim families who recently arrived in Canada, went to demand their children be excused for Islamic reasons, from the elementary school music and co-ed physical education programs, both compulsory, back in 2011.


In the end, the immigrant Muslim families finally accepted the physical education classes, but with stipulations: boys and girls would have separate classes. However, the Muslim parents would not allow their children to be exposed to singing or playing musical instruments, as this is not permitted in Islam.  The school division caved to Muslim demands by suggesting these students write a music project instead.

Well, so much for promoting Canadian values. The next thing to go is Canadian traditional holiday celebration. This is actually occurring at Winnipeg’s Hastings School, part of the Louis Riel School Division. Hastings School is not only cancelling Halloween and Christmas celebrations, but replacing them with possibly Islamic ones. Yes, Islamic ones. How so?

Hastings School has decided to go with African “drumming”. Why not African “music”, if anything, like beautiful Mali music that was outlawed by Islam when al Qaeda took control of northern Mali?

What’s interesting is that the “daf” drum from Islamic North Africa is the “only” instrument AND the only “kind” of drum allowed in Islam. Is this the drumming that Hastings school is offering in lieu of our traditional celebrations that have been celebrated for a few hundred years?

According to the Koran and Hadiths, musical instruments, including drums (such as the tabla drums that are not hollow as the daf drums) are all regarded as tools of Satan that lead man astray and away from Islam and the path of Allah (shirk). Musical instruments, as well as singing (especially for women) which is considered the voice of Satan, are against Sharia or Islamic law. They are all forbidden.

Sometimes the daf drum is forbidden in Islam because this drum might stir up human emotion, which is simply not allowed in Islam. The daf drum resembles the tambourine without the metal jingles, so the sound is not all that inspiring, and is therefore often sanctioned in Islam.

With more and more concessions and accommodations to Islam, Canada is beginning to resemble the UK, as Sun Media Ezra Levant writes: “In 2007, some schools (in the UK) stopped teaching the Holocaust because it contradicted the anti-Semitic views held by ‘adamant’ families there. The history of the Crusades was dropped too, because the ‘balanced’ approach taken by schools contradicted what the local mosques were teaching. And in 2008, schools in Bristol yanked gay-friendly books out of libraries when Muslim parents complained.”

There is still time for Hastings School to turn its back on Sharia and bring back the traditional holiday festivities to its students. Let’s see how things progress.

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36 Replies to “Sharia Adjustments in Canadian Schools”

  1. I hope the non-muslim parents will raise hell and demand to have the traditional celebrations restored. Why is a very sensitive minority allowed to dictate what a whole school should be allowed to do? Don’t give in, not an inch!

  2. I love Halloween. I take no stock in witchcraft or ancient Celtic traditions. I can have my kids trick or treat and still go to church. I do know a little about Celtic religion, very little. I also know about every Greek or Norse myth. I know of them, but would not think of one minute or praying to Thor or Odin

    If certain church congregations and most Muslims don’t like it, they can stuff it. The majority of us like it.

  3. This is Canada, go the hell back home. We love Christmas and Halloween and Easter and all the other things we grow to love. I have had enough of this crap. We are to no longer change how we do things in CANADA for Islam or any other religion.

  4. That’s called the “nose under the tent.” It will be followed by the whole sharia camel, and then Canada will start to look like a Muslim hellhole, like the one these fanatics left in the first place.

    O Canada! You are supposed to be a REFUGE FROM OPPRESSION, not to allow the oppressors to take over.

    Go ask the Muslim Canadian Congress what THEY think – and then follow THEIR advice, rather than pandering to those who would kill them as “apostates.”

  5. And even some of them have highly illiberal ideas. Raheel Reza for instance feels that people should not be allowed to call Mohamed a pedophile even though he was clearly a certifiable pedo by any standard. Even Koran is littered with references to rewards for ‘holy-warriors’ by young boys to service them in the afterlife.

    So while the MCC is the best of them with the leader pretty much a full on apostate, still we need to look at Islam as the enemy if we value Greek thought, freedom of conscience and so on.

  6. It’s pretty damn sad when the masses who make up the very culture of a country give way to the few who move from their home, insisting that we make OUR home more like their home. Either adjust to our way of life or take your sorry, pathetic ass back to rock you crawled out from under. If you want live like you’re in your Middle Eastern oppressive country, then stay the f*** there.

  7. I’m seriously considering taking on this issue in Winnipeg. I live nearby and went to grades one to three at this school. If you are interested in getting together for an informal meeting to discuss this, please e-mail me and I’ll keep you informed of when we meet and what can be done.

  8. to all the canadians i have spoken to, and who said no that won’t happen here…what now ? Are you going to stand up for yourselves or just bow down like England and America…i will be watching with interest in how this turns out!

  9. Belle:

    You have every right to say that. When I first started this site people used to attack the Europeans for their dhimmitude as if it could never happen here. Even back then I said it likely would and people shouldn’t be so quick to criticize. It has happened quietly in the background here and by the time it hits the surface it is deeply rooted in our systems. We have a problem. Now what are we gonna do about it.

  10. I am an American and as such it is my duty to insult islum, alluh and the great pedo-rapist-warmonger-murderer-thief-goat fucker Mohamad.

  11. The groveling lackeys, lapdogs and apologists of Islam still to this day have failed to realize , if you give them one inch they will take one mile.

  12. perhaps when muslims are being slaughtered on every street corner..the powers that be, just might admit that they were wrong. ffs history shows this is an evil religion that doesent live in harmony with anyone in the world..not to mention the rape of their own children…we are all idiots for allowing this filth to spread….its not like jesus will come back to save us again. vote UKIP

  13. The more the politically correct grovel to Islam the longer and bloodier the war to regain our freedom and rights will be.

  14. Its time we Canadians starting speaking out on this bullshit before its to late.We could maybe start by sendong nasty messages to Winnipeg’s Hasting School and also our Government.

  15. In order to continue the Jihad and submission of the dupes and fools who buy into their BS they need new batches of ”the faithful’ fully brainwashed devoid of any western thought or values. These ;Practitioners of The Religion Of Peace’ just like the devoted hardline Communists are in it for the very long haul.


    My email:
    I just learned how a CANADIAN school bends over backwards for demands of followers of a barbaric 7th century cult (a minority).

    Can I ask you just one favour?
    Learn who mohamed really was: a robber, murderer, rapist and paedophile ( his youngest wife was 6 [6] years).

    And then have a quick look in islamic’s current history:
    -Nairobi: muslims attack a kall, let others muslims go and torture, rape murder the others, mutilating the corpses
    -Peshawar: muslims attack a Christian church, killing 80 people, wounding even more
    -Nigeria: muslims attack a school, kill 50 students in their sleep
    -Sweden and Norway: Skandinavian women, raped by muslims
    -UK: vulnerable young girls, gang raped by muslims
    -UK: neighborhoods, declared sharia zones
    -UK: where a soldier is murdered by a muslim
    -France: more then 750 no-go zones (only muslims allowed)
    -Russia, Bezlan, where gruesome atrocities were committed by the muslims

    And this is only the top of the iceberg.

    If need be, you can ask me for links, but all my statements here can be verified on the internet.

    If you still believe, the school has to give in to demands of this cult, I fear the worst for the future of my country.

    Herman Van Keer

  17. Certain ultra-Orthodox Jews believe young men might be led astray listening to the voices of young women singing. [The ancient Siren thing is still prevalent among certain groups in India as well.]

    That’s one reason haredi in the U.S. send their kids to yeshiva & live in tight communities in New York & elsewhere. They wouldn’t dare make such demands on the public school system here. Israel, however, has no choice but to deal with them & subsidize such schools in haredi enclaves. It’s a major headache there, out of the question here.

  18. Canadian Anti Islamic Force : And another school now! NO Do not let this happen people. flood the schools lines with complaints. Flood the school boards lines with complaints. Pull your children out and picket the school and school board. These are our customs and our traditions. And they came here to better their life so better it instead of cultural jihading us.Or go back to where you came from.
    Join us on facebook. Stand up for YOUR rights and YOUR Values. SURRENDER IS NOT AN OPTION!

  19. And where are the rest of the true Canadians? get off your butts and start fighting back before you wake up and find yourselves with no country to call your own. Don’t let these primitive savages take over.

  20. Islam needs to be seen in its true light, that of an ideology cloaked in a religion. It imposes partied on the community wherever it is allowed to flourish. Islam must be stripped of its religious veneer because as soon as the religion becomes compulsion then it is reduced to a political organization, and a dangerous one at that!

  21. Re: “Islam needs to be seen in its true light, that of an ideology cloaked in a religion.”

    Exactly, and that makes organizations like the Muslim Canadian Congress another kind of threat from the Canadian Islamic Congress (“Judean People’s Front. We’re the People’s Front of Judea!”) but a threat all the same.

    Tarek Fatah says in a video on that site that the 5 requirements of Islam “do not require a political entity….The use of Islam a political tool is what makes a Muslim an Islamist.”

    That’s crap, sincere though Fatah may be in saying it.

    I would have more time for Tarek Fatah if he did apostatize.

  22. IF they (the islamists) do NOT like Canada and its tradtions, then they should leave and find someplace more islamfriendly…ie Saudi Arabia!
    They must NOT change, or even request a change for THEM!
    For the Canadians to give in to their demands was WRONG….they gave them an “inch” and now you watch, they’ll get ready to take a “mile”!!!!!!

  23. My questions are 1) Why did you come to Canada and …. 2) can we send them back?
    If you don’t like OUR way of doing things, and admittedly our system could use a bit of tweeking, just please go home to where things were as you like them.

  24. CANADA, CANADA, CANADA??? Today 10 October it was announced that CANADA will boycott the next Commonwealth meeting in Sri Lanka because CANADA has caved in to a militant TAMIL TIGER immigrant minority. SHAME SHAME SHAME!!! The funni thing is that I have a close TAMIL friend here in Australia and she does not give this meeting a hoot… WHAT is going on with the CANADIAN conservatives? Are they fools to be played with?

  25. This school is a shit hole and I would take my kids out. Those muslims people came to a NON muslim country, they are required to comply. Cancelling Christmas is and teaching islam instead is quiet some shit in the face. How many Christians parents put their kids to this school. Canada is NOT a muslim country. Muslims are simply stupid and bullies. Harass those bullies muslims until they go back to their SHIT muslim country.

  26. eeyore
    i am Australian, and we are starting to have problems here also, the difference is, we are aware of what is happening here, whereas Canadians seem to have their head in the sand, and refuse to believe the end of their culture is happening. The time to act is now.. not when the rioting starts, and sharia rears its ugly head!

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