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6 Replies to “Katy Perry provokes religion of peace over banal iconography in new music vid”

  1. Nice legs, too.

    She’s got no brain, though. Muslims didn’t visit Ancient Egypt, there were no Pharaohs around when they started to invade the country, it belonged to the Christian Byzantine Empire at the time and most Egyptians would’ve been Coptic Christians. An dumb anachronism on the one hand, but a rather effective provocation on the other. She can claim stupidity as a mitigating factor, maybe ?

    Maybe this makes her smarter than I realized ? (or not ?)

    Respect !


  2. First if she ever had a cold cup of coffee and an original thought on the same morning the shock to her system would kill her.

    Second anyone who thinks this is anyway attacking Islam is even stupider then she is.

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