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14 Replies to “Dedicated to all the liberal arts and humanities students who defend islam and accuse sites like this of being, ‘right wing’.”

  1. Poor brainwashed woman… “The world stands upon a precipice. A new dark age looms brought on by the enlightened nations’ own policies of extreme tolerance and indeed ignorance of the growing threat that has very cleverly exploited such policies over many decades.

    Is it now too late?” [Excerpt from “Get Emily”]

  2. “brought on by the enlightened nations’ own policies of extreme tolerance…

    Sorry, did I miss the Hate Crimes, imprisonment of single women speaking their opinions on public transport, the Democide of hundreds of millions of unarmed citizens for not thinking the correct way… Enlightened? Tolerance? To promote Diversity and the Minority-in-Power Agenda? The Human Rights Act written solely for their human lifestyles-rights?

    The Ruling Elite needed a new ideology of slavery, (Christianity is breaking apart in its deceits as the truth has come out), looking for another faith of self-subservience. In the video we are looking at The New Westerner. She will work in economic poverty and petition Allah with all her burdens, eager to fight a righteous war when required.

    Business as usual.

  3. She’s not a victim. She hasn’t been abducted into some whacko fringe cult, she has the affirmation and approbation of a gazillion cultists worldwide. She might be willing to work in poverty but she won’t have to. She’s getting Gulf oil money already one way or another to spew this nonsense. Casa Islamica is apparently based in Houston, Texas. When she grows up she’ll get a well-paid gig teaching the glorious history of Islam in Spain in the Islamic Studies department of some American university. Non-brainwashed kuffar she beats out for the job will be victims. We’re all her victims, being obligated out of self-defense to attend to her drivel.

  4. We do not wish to live together with dirty beasts like you.”
    Muslims in Norway are demanding that part of Oslo be declared a Muslim nation and Sharia law be implemented, if this is not done them a 9/11 action will take place but on a greater scale

    “If norwegian soldiers can take planes to Afghanistan, then Osama and Mohammed can also take planes to Norway, inshaAllah.

    Now, the government must wake up and assume responsibility, before this war spreads to Norway. Before the counterpart reacts. Before moslems take the step necessary.

    Do not confuse the moslems’ silence with weakness. Do not profit from the moslems’ patience. Do not force us to do something that can be avoided. This is not a threat, only the words of truth. The words of justice.

    A warning that the consequences can be fatal. A warning about a 9/11 on norwegian ground, or larger attacks than the one carried out on 22 july. This is for your own good and in your own best interest.’

    We do not want to be a part of norwegian society. And we do not consider it necessary either to move away from Norway, because we were born and grew up here. And Allah’s earth belongs to everybody.

    But let Grønland become ours. Bar this city quarter and let us control it the way we wish to do it. This is the best for both parts.

    We do not wish to live together with dirty beasts like you.”


  5. Re: “We do not wish to live together with dirty beasts like you.”
    Fine. Identify each signator to such a statement and immediately gather their entire extended family and DEPORT every single one of them to ANY Islamic paradise of Norway’s choosing.

  6. …”he gave me intelligence”,???…..if she knows there’s a chance of this tape going out to reach a much wider audience, she should have the “intelligence” to know the overwhelming amount of people who watches it are free from the shackles of shits-lam and their korky-cran, a Vile-VILE book.!!!

  7. Sorry, but I could only endure 2 minutes and 45 seconds of this adult-onset mohammedan’s narcissistic display. However, I imagine that most of us sussed her out in not time at all.

    I have to wonder, how would these self advertising creatures flaunt their all encompassing noble savage crush if the world wide web did not exist? After all, despite the mohammedan props this creature wants to be SEEN and HEARD. Don c’s comments above regarding a future in ‘some American university’, ‘teaching’ mohammedan apologetics (undoubtedly to bored, submissive little chomskyshites looking for a way to assange their white liberal guilt) seems very likely. I’m sure she’d tick all the boxes required by the diversity police.

    Having said all that, in my opinion, Oscar Wilde provides the most spitefully accurate put down of the female adult-onset mohammedan (from The Picture of Dorian Gray)

    ‘A woman will flirt with anyone in the world as long as other people are looking on’ – yes, even mohammed.


    ‘I am afraid that women appreciate cruelty, downright cruelty, more than anything else. They have wonderfully primitive instincts. We have emancipated them, but they remain slaves looking for their masters all the same.’

    Can’t better that so I’ll shut up.

  8. You know what I think is going to happen? I think that the next big thing is going to be our teenagers starting to convert to Islam in droves. Think about it. What could possibly bust Mom and Dad’s chops more than having their daughter come down to breakfast wearing a veil, saying, “Please don’t touch me, Father…Infidels are unclean.”

    If they thought declaring themselves “Vegan” was annoying, selfish, and disruptive, then converting to Islam will be the piece de resistance of teenage rebellion. Why get a nose ring and a tattoo on your face when you can go for the grand slam and convert to the religion of our enemy?

    We’ve already taught them that their lives are less than worthless because all they can ever accomplish by living is to spew out more CO2 and poison the planet a little more. We teach our children that they are a cancer upon the body of Mother Earth, Why would it surprise us if they convert to a religion that demands our utter destruction?

  9. IMHO most islamic countries are basically religious concentration camps, cleverly disguised as nations with civilian governments. One does not get out of line, least they be punished in a manner that is enforced by often harsh Sharia Law. Sadly most Westerners have yet to look past the end of their noses concerning the growth of Islam.

  10. Chris, I think you’re onto something here. It won’t just be the shock value to their parents that will drive these silly teenage girls into the arms of Islam. Islam is seen as inherently “exotic” with it’s language and clothing; what better way to reject Western culture, as teenagers are apt to do, than by embracing Islam?

    Sadly, these naive people will be for in the shock of their lives when they attempt to reach for a glass of alcohol, or any other teenage rites of passage. Islam is a demanding mistress, isn’t it? Whether they leave their newfound religion or subsume themselves into good little enslaved wives is the important question.

  11. I saw a video of Anjem Choudary and his pals converting a little white English boy to Islam. They got him to say, with sincerity, “There is no God but Allah, and Mohammed is His Messenger.”. That’s it. You’re in, Baby. They forgot to mention the Revelation that says apostates must be killed. They’re really into fooling people…

  12. The entire free world is rapidly becoming a pool of dictatorships, what is scary is the supposed intellectuals who support the entire agenda.

  13. I am astonished that there are still people out there who don’t know that Mohammud was tone deaf. For him, music was just white noise. Since he was supposedly ‘perfect’, anyone appreciating music cannot be tone deaf, and therefore can not be ‘perfect’.
    Why would a muslim not know this?

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