This poster was in a British public school

Please read it carefully and send it out to all your liberal arts friends. Once again, a British public school

Thank you Pimpernel

 This poster hangs on the walls of the main corridor of Leicester’s Madini School.

Music is haraam UK school

The Baron at Gates of Vienna transcribed the poster for us:


Listening to Music is Haraam and a Sin

Stay away from evil acts such as listening to music and encourage others to do the same too!

Music is a tool of Shaytan (Satan)
The playing of musical instruments and listening to them is Haraam
According to the Law [of Allah] one who participates in music is regarded as a Fasiq  (Sinful person)
One of the harms of music is that it distracts one from his Creator.
The messages of today’s music follow a general theme of love, drugs, and freedom
Appearance of music and stringed instruments is [sic] a cause of Allah’s anger
It is a tool of Shaytan (Satan) by which he attracts people to commit wrongful acts

Music is Haraam

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8 Replies to “This poster was in a British public school”

  1. For good measure…

    20 Killed as Islamic Extremists Rampage in Nigeria (abcnews, Apr 16, 2014)
    “Suspected Islamic militants have struck for a fourth time in three days in Nigeria, killing 20 people including a traditional ruler in attacks in the northeast, local government and security officials said Wednesday. The unprecedented string of attacks, which started with a massive explosion in the capital that killed at least 75 people, has many questioning the ability of Nigeria’s military to contain the 5-year-old Islamic uprising….”

  2. I’m sorry Eeyor, but if AN Wilson, a well known British intellectual decides to write “you must not offend The Religion of Peace by making millions off a record-deal”; then like Salman Rushdi the author ought to be killed. Maybe this the path to Communism that will finally get their revolution they have been waiting for. Just stir up their created muppet-collectivists against each other’s throats. How things seem perfect when worked out in their heads.

  3. In a British school? No surprise. How much longer before stonings begin in Britain and Germany? Seriously this really upset me when I read it.

  4. Perfectchild that is the plan that the extreme left anarchist have, cause a total collapse of society and then the left can take over and create utopis.

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